Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A rose is a rose.....

Yesterday I published my first post on my brand new blog.....just typing that sentence blows me away, all those new words, published, post, blog..it's hard to keep this jargon straight. I recently read there are 75,000 blogs, well now there are 75,001.

I'd been mulling over this whole notion of creating my own blog for some time, not that I have anything earth shattering to add to society, but it's almost come to the point that you need a blog to communicate with other bloggers, with all this tagging and challenging that's popular, so I bought a book, studied my favorite blogs, and here I am.

I know I'm a late comer to this method of communication, some blogs have been going strong for years. It took me forever just to finally leave my first comment.

The first order of business, picking a name, sounded so easy, but that was until I selected my name, "Sew Sassy" ....taken...are you kidding me, I was REALLY wanting that name. My grandmother, whom I'm named after but who never went by Thelma a day in her life, instead went by the name Sassy. OK, so I'll go with my second choice, "Sew What"...taken. I really liked that name, oh well I'll go with my third choice, "Sew Much"...taken, "Sew Special"....taken, "Sew Unique"...taken. UGH!!

OK, I'll drop the "sew" and go with something with "sassy", "Sweet and Sassy"..taken, "Shamelessly Sassy"...taken, "Sassy Southern, Sassy Pink Pepper, Sassy Radish, Sassy Bean"....taken, taken, taken taken. OK, I really wasn't looking to be the Sassy Bean, but you get the message.

Stumped I dropped "sassy" and moved to "pink"...I like pink, as Julie Roberts once said, "Pink is my signature color." "Pink Paisley was not taken but I did not want to get confused with "Pink Paislee" which was...taken. "Pink Cupcake"..taken.

So I dropped pink and worked on something with my favorite flower...gerber or is it gerbera... daisies.....Oh my, what a mishmash of hits that got....anything flower related is popular, with all those flower shops out there.

While googling and searching I stumbled across an i-stock photo of the most adorable cupcake with daisies on top. What a happy little cupcake, who wouldn't like looking at that everyday. So even though my blog will never be about gardening or baking I went with "Cupcakes 'N Daisies", it was available and it had a cute picture ready to paste.

Now you blogless readers out there thinking about creating your own blog, get your name now, because all the good names are going, going, gone.

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  1. WOW! Who knew it was so difficult to come up with a name for a blog! Perhaps I will take your advice and name mine now!


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