Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trash or Scrap.........

What's the definition of a fabric scrap at your house?

At my house these are scraps and they become trash.

I think some quilters are not only able to save these little bits of fabric, but actually make something from them!  Not me, I'm not a saver, I'm a tosser.  I think that comes from moving 14 times in the 32 years I've been married.  The less you save, the less you have to pack,
 move, and unpack.

I do save leftovers, but I'm not happy about it. Here are all my leftovers.  I would say a leftover is fabric I used in a project, but had less than a yard left when all was said and done but more than a scrap.  If I have a yard or more I'll fold it and add it to my stash.  So that fabric becomes stash, not leftover.  Anything else gets stuck in a ziploc bag and put in this bin.

Here it is, spread out,  baggies from at least 15 different projects.

What am I ever going to do with these

                                                                    or these

          or these

Now this bin is full of leftover batiks, these I like, and think I may use.

I think I may also use these, all whites and beiges, so I happily save them too.

I've been told by other quilters not to throw these out, so I don't, but the bin is getting full and even though it's fall, I'm ready to do some spring cleaning.

What do you do?

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  1. I do things much the same way you do, Thelma. I don't save really small scraps, so those go in the trash, like yours. I often make more pieces for quilts than I intended, just because I like things very scrappy. So often if I have a bag of leftover strips or half square triangles, I take them to my guild's retreat each fall, where we can sell off things from our sewing room. I tell you, those bags of goodies that I'd probably have thrown out are always a big hit!

  2. Hmmm, some of those scraps look pretty big... check out for some free scrap patterns. But if you really need to part with them, you should offer them up as a blog "Giveaway." I'll bet you have many takers! Sign me as the first one!

  3. I keep anything over an inch square. I do lots of small piecing and paper piecing and dig through my scraps constantly. I agree with Amy...have a blog givaway with those bags of scraps. Alot of quilters would give their right arm for that.

  4. I know somebody who would use your scraps.... she's still having fun with the last package you gave her! In the name of all that is good and holy, PLEASE DON'T JUST TOSS THEM!! (If you insist on tossing them, let me know what day your trash man picks up, and don't be surprised if you see someone going through your trash!)

  5. I'll make a deal with you.... I'll get rid of all my old magazines if you'll give me your scraps! Substituting one thing for another!

  6. I will say that I think I could find them a good home with other fabric for company.


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