Sunday, October 24, 2010

3rd Cupcake Review - Gigi's Cupcakes

My third cupcake review is for Gigi's Cupcakes.

They currently have around 20 shops in 7 different states.

I visited the Gigi's Cupcakes in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I've learned a thing or two as I continue on my quest to find the best cupcake, I now take my own fork, knife, and plate. It's just not possible to eat these cupcakes with your hands, unless you're OK with icing all over your nose and chin. I've even bought special plastic silverware and pretty plastic plates, and carry them in my car, so that I'm prepared should the opportunity to review a cupcake presents itself!

So I was armed and ready the day I visited Gigi's.

Look at all those lovely cupcakes.

I know what you're thinking, "look at the icing on those cupcakes!!!" I had read about Gigi's before visiting the store, and was prepared for a cupcake with mounds of icing, but still, seeing them in person, WOW, they are something to behold!

It was very hard to decide which cupcake to try, but in the interest of my blog, and my duty to report back to you, I decided to order TWO!!

Top Hats,

"a dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate chips baked in and buttercream frosting dipped in chocolate ganache"

And Wedding Cake,

"white cake topped with a vanilla buttercream frosting sprinkled with white nonpareils.

It's been awhile since I reviewed a cupcake so here's a refresher on the 50 point system I created to judge all the cupcakes I try:

The Cupcakery - maximum points available - 5
Cupcake Selection - maximum points available - 5
Packaging of Cupcakes - maximum points available - 5
Cupcake's Appearance - maximum points available - 5
Cake Portion of Cupcake - maximum points available - 10
Frosting Portion of Cupcake - maximum points available - 10
Overall Cupcake Taste and Consistency - maximum points available - 10

So a cupcake awarded a point value of 50 would be, in my opinion, and according to my taste, a perfect cupcake.

So here's my rating of both cupcakes:

Cupcakery - the store was new, clean and pretty. The staff very helpful and fine with me taking pictures inside. There were stools and a bar by the front windows for dining in. - I give it a
5 out of 5
Cupcake Selection - The cupcake menu changes daily, with somewhere around 15 choices, I visited the shop at 11:30 am, the selection, amazing, I give it a
5 out of 5
Packaging of Cupcakes - There was nothing in the cupcake box to support that top heavy cupcake. Every customer was told the same thing by the staff, "be careful, the cupcakes tip easily" The box was cute but not serviceable for their product - I give it a
1 out of 5.
Cupcake's Appearance - The cupcakes looked amazing, each cupcake in the display case was perfect. Either they get to eat the mistakes or don't make mistakes. The cupcakes, all of them, lovely works of art. I give them a
5 out of 5.
Cake Portion of Cupcake - the cake was a medium texture, not as moist as I like, a nice portion, but sickeningly sweet. I give them a
2 out of 10.
Frosting Portion of Cupcake - The frosting did have some flavor, very nice consistency, but again I thought it was sickeningly sweet. I give it a
3 out of 10.
Overall Cupcake Taste and Consistency - I knew that Gigi's cupcakes were heavy on the icing, I think that may be their "thing". I'm OK with that, folks who love icing are happy and it's easy for folks who aren't over the top icing fans to scrape some icing off. The flavor combinations sounded good, and creative, but all I could taste was sugar. I give them a
2 out of 10.

So the cupcakes at Gigi's earned a total of 20 points.

The lowest score earned to date. I only took two bites of each cupcake.
I have been back to Indianapolis a couple of times since I visited Gigi's and thought about giving them another try, but just can't talk myself into it.

If you've had a Gigi's cupcake, I would be curious to know if you thought they were over the top sweet, because frankly, I didn't know I could ever think any food item was too sweet!!

So the Fleur de Sel at Kara's cupcakes in San Francisco, the first cupcake I reviewed, is still on top with 44 points.
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  1. If you ever get to Utah, there are two cupcake places I like: Sweet Fairy, and Dear Lizzie (actually just a little bistro in a boutique that has cupcakes). The Dear Lizzie cupcakes are the best I've ever had in my life. In fact, I had the girl who does them make my daughter's wedding cake. Best wedding cake I've ever had in my life.

  2. Your cupcake reviews remind me of the book Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich - you should read it.

  3. I live in a rural, farm area; and I don't expect we'll ever see a store that sells only cupcakes. I really enjoy your posts and just can't imagine a business that can support itself with cupcakes! Every post on the cakes has been fun to read.


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