Monday, November 30, 2009

Kara's Jungle . . . . . . .

Welcome Back!! How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was wonderful, my daughter really brings this house to life. Cooper keeps checking all the rooms wondering where she went. Happily for us all, she'll be back soon for Christmas.

I was so busy I did not even miss my sewing room, but now I'm eager to get back to it. It will be hard with the decorating and partying to be productive but my peace of mind depends on me getting in some sewing time.

Have you noticed, little by little, I'm blogging about all the quilts I've made, here's Quilt # 44.

This is a stack-n-whack quilt. I made this quilt this summer after attending a class taught by the the stack-n-whack queen herself, Bethany Reynolds.

I've named the quilt "Kara's Jungle" because I plan to give it to my niece Kara for Christmas. She currently has a jungle theme thing going on in her room.

Bethany Reynolds has created a clever way to make kaleidoscope looking blocks by stacking then cutting the fabric.

The pattern for this class was called "Check-er-board Tiles". She has several patterns, they all use this stack and whack method. I enjoyed the class, Bethany was an easy going and fun instructor.

The fabric is by Laurel Burch and is called Secret Jungle. Here's what the fabric looks like before it's cut.

This is how it looks once it's pieced. It's fun to see how each block turns out based on the cut fabric.

The pattern called for the blocks to be connected with no sashing, but my corner pieces did not match-up perfectly so I added the sashing and cornerstones. I think they look better this way!

Here's the back.

This was fun to try but I think this will be my one and only stack-n-whack quilt.


  1. That looks like a super fun quilt. Very cheerful, I think any girl would love that.

  2. I love the quilt for your niece! I'm sure it will be a treasure! I've never made a stack n whack quilt...but this post has really made me want to make one!

  3. Wow, that is a bright and fun quilt! I'm sure your niece will love it! I took a stack n whack class once upon a time. I don't even remember what I did with the blocks. Not one of my best efforts.

  4. That's a bright quilt! Definately good for a jungle themed room. I took a stack and whack class for a kaleidoscope quilt a few years ago, but we used a different method. I didn't really care for it. In fact, the quilt top is still sitting on the UFO shelf awaiting borders. Poor thing. May never see the light of day again.

    Glad you enjoyed your daughters visit and had a great Thanksgiving. Now it's officially Christmastime!

  5. I love stack n what quilts. Yours is gorgeous.

  6. Wow...what a really cool quilt. Hard to believe the finished blocks came from the original fabric. Sounds like a fun way of quilt piecing. So glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving visit with your daughter, and that you will see her again at Christmas. I had a similar experience with my older son who flew in from Washington state to meet us in Mississippi at my parents' for Thanksgiving and will fly home to Florida for Christmas and join us in Montana. Hard to believe, as Allyson pointed out, that it is officially Christmastime.


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