Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hallowe'en 1904 . . .

All Done!

I think that simple black and orange strip border is the perfect touch.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 96.
The pattern is Hallowe'en 1904 by Blackbird Designs.
I purchased the fabric as a kit at the Buggy Barn and added a few of  my own pieces. ( Buggy Barn has since sold out of the kits)
I used the Buggy Barn method to piece the stars
This quilt has approximately 1,501 pieces.
It's big and beautiful, this quilt finished at 90" x 90".

I love how this quilt turned out, I loved piecing every block, and I'm thrilled to discover I'm a capable machine appliquér.  That "C"/Moon block was a little scary but I'm happy we all agree the owl block was an improvement.  This is a very good beginner appliqué  project.  The pieces are large and easy to work with. The pattern instructions assume you are not a beginner so keep that in mind.  I think this project would look great in brown and orange too, for more of a fall feel instead of Halloween feel.  You've got 11 months to collect fabric before you start piecing your top next October, don't you want your own Hallowe'en 1904?

Sewing along with Nicole at Sister's Choice made this an extra fun project for me.  I think Nicole is almost done with her version too.  Be sure to check it out.  So Nicole, what's next, I'm always up for a sew-along with you.

What's a Halloween without Garfield Cooper?  

Trick or Treat!

Monday, October 29, 2012

BOM Rehab, MoP . . . .

I squeezed in two Memories of Provence blocks this week.

This is my Block 4

Here's what Block 4 looks like in the pattern.  Besides reminding me of a robot's head, it didn't have enough background fabric in the middle and had too much background fabric in the corners for me.

So I used the center of Block 5, made a few changes to the outer section of Block 9, and created my own Block 4.

Here are Blocks 4 and 9, I they look different enough yet have the same feel, a good fit for the overall look of the quilt.  Plus they aren't right next to each other in the quilt, I doubt anyone will notice the likeness.

And here is my Block 11, I went with a totally different block from a sampler book that I have.

And here is Block 11 from the pattern.

I just wasn't crazy about Block 11, I think it was the big chunks of green.

My Block 4 has 85 pieces and my Block 11 has 75 pieces, the blocks finish at 12" x 12".

I always enjoy working on at least one block in order to participate in Sinta's BOM Rehab, but with Hallowe'en done I figured this would be a good chance to make the two blocks that I wanted to change before starting on my next project.  One MoP block to go, Block 12, I'm not changing it at all, but I'm thinking about changing those setting blocks!

Thanks for all the well wishes and congratulations on reaching my 500th post.  I truly am humbled you think enough of my work and my blog to stop by.  I hope you hang in there for the next 500.

I need to draw the winners, I'll get that all wrapped up this week.

Stop back by on Halloween to see my finished Hallowe'en 1904.

Friday, October 26, 2012

500th Post!

It's unanimous, the owl is a hit! Hallowe'en 1904 is done, and I'll blog about it on, when else, Hallowe'en 2012.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my sew along buddy Nicole gets hers done by then too.  You can do it Nicole, I just know it!  If you've not followed Nicole's posts and mine while we've been working on Hallowe'en 1904 by Blackbird Designs, go get caught up.  click here  

My 500th post, who guessed I had so much to say.  For weeks I've been pondering what this post should be about, a list of my top 10 favorite posts, my top ten favorite quilts, then I came up with this idea, for my 500th post I thought I would answer the question I get asked most often, "Thelma, where do you store all your quilts!"  I don't know why I get that question, but it pretty much comes up with every quilt I finish, so today, you will find out where I store all my quilts.

I enjoy decorating with my quilts and it's not work but fun every month or every change of season when I put some up and get different ones out.  Each quilt is special and usually brings out fond memories of when I made it, or where I got the fabric, or something.

I'm getting close to 100 quilts, but I don't have all those quilts, about half of them live other places, but here's what I do with the quilts that do live at my house.

This is my daughter's bedroom. I love how this quilt looks with her white wicker furniture.  (My daughter hasn't lived with us in over 13 years, when do you suppose I'll call this room something else?)

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 24. (the thing I remember about this quilt, I made that center twice, to this day I'm so happy I spent a week of my life making a better center for that quilt!)

Underneath that quilt I store my Red and White Tribute Quilt and Bounce.  

I don't want to fold these quilts yet so they're staying on my daughter's bed.  She only makes it home a couple times of year so they're not disturbed very often. (Lifetime Quilts Number 73 and 84)

I store smaller or seasonal quilts in the closet in my daughter's bedroom on hangers.  It makes it easy to get to them when I'm wanting a decorating change somewhere in house.

From left to right, Lifetime Quilt Number 3, 74, 4, 69, 51, and 42. This closet is normally fuller, I have several fall quilts out right now.

I always keep a quilt on the back of  my couch in the family room, right now it's Lifetime Quilt Number 5.  The quilt rack holds 4 quilts but right now just has 3 fall quilts on it.  From top to bottom, Lifetime Quilt Number 18, 35, and 56.

On this couch my husband keeps his quilt, Lifetime Quilt Number 19.
 I really need to make him a new one, one that better matches decor, and not a baseball team.

This is my storage room, here I keep my kingsize and holiday quilts when they aren't on my bed.

From the top to bottom, Lifetime Quilt Number 39, 65, 54, 28 and 13.

These are the bags I use.

They're made of heavy plastic, zip close, and have an inch space around the top made with a  nylon web to allow air to flow.  I buy mine at Amazon, the ones in the storage shelves are the XXL size.

I always have a quilt on my bed.  I usually change it monthly. 

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 25.

This quilt is also in our bedroom.

Lifetime Quilt Number 43.

Right now I have 3 quilts in the living room.  I always have at least two, the one hanging on the wall, which I also change every month or so, is Lifetime Quilt Number 63.  Lifetime Quilt Number 67 is always folded and stored in the coffee table, and right now I have Lifetime Quilt Number 50 hanging over the bannister for fall.

This room gets a lot of sun so I change the quilts and refold the quilt in the coffee table often, so none of the quilts get damaged from the sun.

This quilt rack is in the sunroom.   These racks were made by someone in this general area, I have no idea who.

From top to bottom is Lifetime Quilt Number 80, 87, 57, and 20.

I also currently have Lifetime Quilt Number 11 and 70 on the red couches,

and number 61 in the tv stand.

And finally, Cooper's quilt is always on the floor, that's his place, meaning when I say, "Cooper go place", he runs to his quilt and sits.  

This room is nothing but windows so I'm swapping out these quilts and refolding them every month also.  I should call this room the quilt room, 8 quilts in one room, I think I've reached my limit.  This room has really high ceilings and an exposed beam, a quilt hanging from the rafters would be cool, hmmmm, something to think about, maybe 9 quilts would be ok.

I have two quilts in my sewing room, Lifetime Quilt Number 38 behind my design wall and 92 hanging on the wall. (I bet you didn't know that quilt was behind that gray fleece!)

In the guest room you see two quilts, Lifetime Quilt Number 82 on the wall and 68 on the bed.

Underneath the bed quilt  I store 9 quilts, quilts that will be hanging from a rod so I don't want them folded.

From top to bottom, Lifetime Quilt Number 60, 1, 81, 66, 30, 64, 53, and 79.  No one has ever slept in this bed, but if company would happen to show up I could just fold and stack them in another room for a day or two.  

Believe it not, I have some rooms with no quilts, but at the rate I'm going, I'm guessing they may have some soon.

So that's a total of 45 quilts. I have one in the mail, on the way home from the Machine Quilters Expo, 4 at quilters, and 4 waiting to be quilted for a total of 54 quilts.  All accounted for, yeah! I would hate to lose a quilt!!

So now you know where I store all my quilts, for the most part they are out and being enjoyed.

I can't believe I've reached this milestone, I started this blog to talk to quilters, since no one in my family quilts and there are just a few quilters in my area, I was looking to find someone to talk quilts with, I'm so happy I found plenty of  wonderful someones.  I've become a better, more creative, and happier quilter since I started my blog.  Thanks for helping me along the way.

One thing I did notice when I was going over some of my old posts, I'm always talking about my feelings regarding my projects.  There are 8 basic emotions, fear, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, trust, anticipation and surprise.  I cover them all on a regular basis, sometimes all on one project.  Have you ever noticed that,I just can't say, "here's a block", it's more like "here's a block that I'm afraid doesn't look right and I'm sorry I've spent so much time worrying about it but I trust some different fabric will result in a wonderful surprise that I will love".  Somedays I don't know how you stand it, thanks for hanging in there through all my quilt drama, real and imaginary.

What's a blog without comments, my favorite part of blogging and the way I communicate with fellow quilters, any time I want!  I've  had comments that made me laugh and some that were so sweet and thoughtful I nearly cried.  I also enjoy the emails I get.

Sometimes you learn more from the comments other folks leave than from reading my blog.  I also like how some folks are able to tell me why I don't like something, sometimes I can't find the words, but there's usually someone who can.

Here are a few funny comments that made me laugh out loud.

Regarding the post where Cooper was wearing his Colt's football helmet, Dianne said, "has that dog forgiven you yet for making him wear that helmet"

Nicole had this to say about my Snowman Wool project, "Your snow people look like voo doo dolls with all those pins"

And regarding my yoyo production, or lack there of, "Thelma, you're going to have a busy weekend making the 1,450 yoyo's you  need to meet my goal".

Creativity doesn't stop with quilts with you folks. Thank you for that.

I think a 500th post giveaway is in order, don't you?  Since I've been blogging 3 years I thought I would giveaway 3 layer cakes, to 3 different quilters, because what's a celebration without cake? Your choice, if you can find an online store that will deliver to your address you're eligible.  Just leave a comment on this blog, you have until end of day Sunday, October 28th.  If you can't leave a comment just send an email.

I love comments that make me laugh and I also like getting to know you better, so in your comment reveal your guilty pleasure, a TV show,  food, song, activity, whatever, it doesn't matter, just fess up, we won't tell a soul!  My guilty pleasures both occur on Friday night, my People magazine is delivered on Friday and I love to watch those "Say Yes to the Dress" bridal shows on TLC.  That's how I spend my Friday nights, "reading" my magazine, yes I know,  there's not much reading in People magazine, and watching TV. With the magazine  I like to drool over all the lovely gowns the stars are wearing and catch up on the latest Hollywood gossip like they are family.  I'm always  hoping for a Kate Middleton or Daniel Craig picture, a perfect issue has both.  While flipping through the pages of People magazine I'm watching girls from all over the world with the most interesting families try to find the perfect wedding gown.  There's always some dress drama but most brides go home with a dress, and a lot less money, goodness, what some folks spend on a dress you're going to wear once.  And now, TWO dresses are becoming popular, one for the ceremony and one for the reception! It's the biggest waste of time but the perfect way to wind down.  OK, that's my guilty pleasure, tell us yours.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hallowe'en 1904 Update . . .

So I played around with that moon block, turned it left, turned it right, looked at the quilt on the pattern cover, looked at my picture of the Buggy Barn's finished 1904, and decided that the moon block didn't really bother me in those projects so it probably wouldn't bother me in my project once it was all done.


I connected all the blocks and couldn't stop looking at that moon block! UGH!!  I think the problem came down to the fact that the moon block was a primitive looking block, and just not my style.

So another messy appliqué day later and this is what I came up with.

How about an owl?

I got the pattern here, from Stitchy Britches.  I played around with the size some and made a few minor changes but basically that owl pattern came from that blog.  The person who posted the pattern said it was free and that it was a late 60's crewelwork pattern.  I have no idea if I'm breaking any sort of copyright laws by using that pattern, that's the problem with the internet.  

So the blocks are all back together and I like the looks of my owl, I don't think it's a distraction, just a nice addition.

All that's left is to put on the outer border, which is pieced and ready to go.

This was my 499th post, next up, my 500th!  Sounds like something worth celebrating!

Monday, October 22, 2012

BOM Rehab, Memories of Provence . . .

I made my 9th block for my Memories of Provence BOM, which happens to also be Block 9.  I have Block 4, which I'm going to substitute with something else altogether, what I don't know, just something else,  Block 11 and Block 12 left to piece.  Then it will be on to the 20 setting blocks.

 I skipped this block last week because I didn't have much time and it looked hard.  And it did take me around an hour longer to piece this block than the other blocks in this project.

I also didn't like the looks of piecing this block.

This is one of those odd blocks where you sew some squares and rectangles together, then draw a 45 degree angle line and cut it into two odd shape pieces.   45 degree angles throw me, I don't work with them often enough to be comfortable with them.  But I followed the directions and everything came out just fine.

I think this may be my favorite block so far.  The blocks are all set on point, and I think this block looks even better set on point.

This is Block 9 of Memories of Provence and has 69 pieces.

Sinta, thanks again for hosting this BOM Rehab, you are keeping me motivated to complete at least one block a week!  

Friday, October 19, 2012

Hallowe'en 1904 Update . . .

Before I get to Hallowe'en 1904, yesterday I left Cindy's quilt out of the parade, after Cindy let me know her quilt was no where to be found, I added it to the post.  But for you folks who stop by everyday, and missed Cindy's quilt, here it is again, I think it deserves double billing! (Cindy I'm so sorry!!!)

Cindy's adorable, summery quilt  just got home from the quilter.

Here's what Cindy had to say about her Spools, "This quilt represented a lot of firsts for me.  It was the first time I used a Thimble Blossoms pattern and the first time I purchased a pdf pattern.  It was also the first time I used a coordinated line of fabric (Pam Kitty Morning), the first time I purchased fabric that wasn't on sale, and the first time I ordered from Shabby Fabrics.  Most importantly, this was the first time I started and finished a project so quickly (just over a week)."

Great job all around Cindy!

Also, I've heard my Star quilt that was beautifully quilted by Judi Madsen is at the Machine Quilters Expo in Portland Oregon with a ribbon on it! If you're attending that show would you please take a picture for me?  THANKS! (Life Time Quilt #62)

The Hallowe'en 1904 blocks are all done!

For this block I went with 3 different black and 3 different background fabrics for the hsts. 

Someone asked about the pin on the left hand side of all my blocks.  That pin identifies where each block goes in the layout.  This is block 15.  I identify each block because I've not pieced them in order, and after going to the trouble to select a specific combination of fabric for a specific block, I want to make sure that block ends up right where it's supposed to.

I also got all the hsts on my remaining blocks.  The hsts are scrappy for these blocks, scrappy black and scrappy background.

Do you like that moon and star block any better with the border added?  I'm still on the fence.

My pumpkin blocks are my favorite blocks!

So now I just need to make up my mind about that one block, whose popularity is fading each time I blog about it,  connect all the blocks and add a border.  It's looking good for a finish next week.

Spools-Along Sew-Along winners.  Annette and Cathy each won 2 charm packs for participating in the sew-along.  Thanks again to everyone who participated by sewing along or following along.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Spools-Along Sew-Along Parade . .

I just LOVE a parade, all kinds of parades.  Last weekend was homecoming weekend where I live which comes with the traditional homecoming parade.  What's better than cool weather, bands playing and marching down the middle of the street, kids on the back of flatbed trucks sitting on bales of hay, and football players and cheerleaders throwing candy to the crowd?  

Today you get our on-line Spools Parade,  you'll just have to picture me sitting on the back of a convertible wearing a crown and sash, smiling, and throwing you candy with a big banner that says, "Welcome to our Spools-Along Sew-Along.  

Just in case you were born yesterday, Spools is a pattern by Camille Roskelley for thimble blossoms and is available here.

This pattern is for the quilter in all of us!

I almost forgot Cindy's quilt! She moves up to the beginning of the parade with this adorable, summery quilt that she just got back from the quilter.

Here's what Cindy had to say about her Spools, "This quilt represented a lot of firsts for me.  It was the first time I used a Thimble Blossoms pattern and the first time I purchased a pdf pattern.  It was also the first time I used a coordinated line of fabric (Pam Kitty Morning), the first time I purchased fabric that wasn't on sale, and the first time I ordered from Shabby Fabrics.  Most importantly, this was the first time I started and finished a project so quickly (just over a week)."
Great job all around Cindy!

The next entry in this parade is mine!

My Spools is back from the quilter and hanging in my sewing room!  I  made a bigger version but it folds perfectly to hang and look like the smaller version!  Between my sewing machine cover and now my wall hanging, I sure have jazzed up my sewing room this year. My Spools is made using Marmalade and Bliss by Bonnie and Camille for Moda.

This entry is by Annette at Sunshine Yellow.

Annette made this quilt in no time flat using scraps.  It's quilted and hanging in her yellow and red sewing room, it's as cheerful as Annette is.

Here's Sherri's quilt from A Quilting Life, her Spools is  finished and brightening her sewing room too.  The fabric is Marmalade.

Sherri says this quilt puts a big smile on her face every time she sees it.  Sherri just announced yesterday that she will have a book out in March, her first, I'm guessing that's putting a big smile on her face too.  Congratulations Sherri, I could not be happier for you and look forward to hearing more about that book and hope it's the first of many.

Next up,  from Pink Pin Cushion, is Sinta's Spools made with Hideaway by Lauren and Jessi Jung for Moda.

My quilt was already done and at the quilter by the time Sinta finished her version.  After seeing hers I wished I had tossed in a checked inner border and lovely outer border, they add so much to this project.

The next entry in this parade is by Cathy at Quilting on Main Street.

It's hard to tell from this picture, but Cathy made a smaller version of Camille's pattern, this wall hanging is 28" x 30" and was made using one California Girl by Fig Tree charm pack!  ONE!!  Plus some background fabric and tan for the spool toppers and bottoms.  Very clever, and cute!

Darlene at Quilting Daze also used some Fig Tree fabric for her Spools,  California Girl with some Strawberry Fields.

Darlene just finished quilting her project this week.  Thanks for getting it done before the parade Darlene!  It looks great!  The quilting design reminds me of bobbins, all wound up and ready to play with the spools.

Next we have TWO Spools quilts from Susan at Cozy Little Quilts.  

This Spools is made from Fig and Plum by Fig Tree.

And this one from Petite Odile, by French General for Moda.

I love the looks of both of them and wonder how Sue decides which one to hang when.  Did you also notice that Sue went with the neat stacked spool blocks for both of her projects?  I'm guessing Sue is a very neat and very organized person.

And bringing up the rear of the parade is Lisa, Stashmaster, who also joined in the fun with this lovely Spools.

That Marmalade sure makes a pretty quilt top.

Nicole, Sister's Choice, has the other half of the parade at her blog, be sure to check it out.

A big thanks to everyone who participated in the Spools-Along Sew-Along, sewing is fun, but so much more fun when done with friends.  Thanks also to you for following along.  Every parade needs an enthusiastic crowd lining the streets, you did good!