Sunday, September 15, 2013

Winner Winner . . .

I received some great comments on my bag post that I thought I would share, 

Wendy suggested I quilt using a double needle!  I love that idea and will try that on the next item I quilt, you may want to try it too,

additionally, if you don't want to rip the cover off a book to keep from having a saggy bottom, Kathie recommended a product called foam core.

I also got a couple of questions about the handles.  For those of you wanting to buy these handles I've been told they are hard to find but sometimes are available on Etsy.

The leather handles do not come with instructions but the magazine did a nice job of explaining how to attach them to the bag.  The handles come in 6 pieces, two front/outside handles and 4 inside tabs.  There are little holes punched into the leather of the pieces which makes attaching them very easy.  The pattern directions tell you where to place the handles on the bag, that's easy too.   The directions say to attach the pieces using perle cotton.  I attached the front handle, in the appropriate place, using regular thread, I guess you could say I basted it into place.  

Once it was set I used the perle cotton to attach the back piece to the front piece through the quilted fabric.  The pieces are well manufactured, the front and back matched up perfectly, I had no trouble at all getting everything into place.

This is my only experience with handles and it could not have gone any easier.

Thanks to those who shared how they spent their summer in their comments.  It's so nice to get caught up with you!  Time spent with family was definitely the most popular pastime with home improvement projects coming in second, but some very lucky folks also took some amazing trips.

Finally, I have some great news, Carrie Nelson, of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co and the designer of this bag pattern has donated a kit to the giveaway, so I have two kits to giveaway.  Carrie is also supplying the magazines for the bag pattern for both kits.  Thanks so much Carrie!!

And the winners selected using Random Number Generator are:

Comment #43 - Sorcha Girl / Clara 
Comment #61 - Helen

Two last bag stories, I had my bag sitting out after taking pictures of my handles for this blog post and my  husband said, "that bag is adorable", which about made me faint, I don't think that man has ever used the world "adorable" but he's right, and that's what I'm calling it, "My Adorable Bag", and finally, I needed to carry a couple of items to an appointment on Thursday, the perfect opportunity to use my new bag for the first time, but it was raining, and I just didn't want it to get wet.  I'm sure the perfect day that I'll carry that bag is coming, sooner or later, but until then, it looks great hanging on my sewing room doorknob. 

Thanks to all who participated in the giveaway!


  1. Thanks for the instructions and congrat's to the winners.

  2. Thanks for explaining the handles. I have never played with handles on purses and it sounds real easy. Congrats to the winners.
    Karen M

  3. Hi Thelma, I bought this bag from Carrie also but haven't made it yet. Fig Tree Quilts carries the handles in 4 colors,red,green,brown and beige polka dots.Also in the same solid colors and 2 sizes. The price is $13.50 a set.

  4. I love the tote and sure wish I could have won. Oh, well, my luck never runs that way. Have you considered spraying the bag with Scotch Guard? I do that with anything like totes, wallets, change purses, etc. It won't help with the rain issue but it will help keep the tote clean!

  5. Congratulations to the winners and high praise from your hubby.

  6. I think that I'd fall over if my husband said anything was adorable! LOL But it is definitely an adorable bag.

  7. I agree, your bag is adorable. I want to make one someday. Probably will buy the kit from Miss Rosies web-site. The polka dot handles are part of what makes it so cute.

  8. Your bag looks great.....I have personal knowledge that making bags is addicting! As for bags on doorknobs, I have a friend who's husband once commented on the number of bags hanging on doorknobs in their home. He asked how many bags does one person need....her reply..."how many doorknobs do we have?"


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