Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Good Melon

"At that moment I knew.  I knew the way you know about a good melon".  

That quote is from the movie When Harry Met Sally, one of my all time favorite movies that I've watched countless times.  That line played through my head the last couple of weeks while I worked on this project, which I've named Good Melon.

Earlier this year Joanna from Fig Tree offered a curated bundle of fabric made up of melon color fabrics with a few tans.  The color combination really called to me, I rarely work with tan and thought it looked so nice with the melon toned fabric.  It reminded me of cantaloupe, thus the When Harry Met Sally line running through my head.  The fabric came with a split rail pattern that was fine but I thought I could do better.

While looking through my stack of patterns I ran across this one,

Scarlett Queen by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.  A pattern that's been on my to do list for ages.   I think's it's the red that always appealed to me, but thought maybe it would look great in melon too.

I did change it up just a tad.  My center blocks were all melon, with some 4 patches but more not.

 I thought those corners in the pattern were a little fussy but after piecing the blocks knew I needed something, so I went with this instead.

I didn't really have the fabric I needed for that pieced border and gave this a try.

But in the end went with this, again, less fuss, just cleaner and simpler.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 206 - Good Melon
It finished at 64 1/2" x 64 1/2"
The fabric is a mix of several different designers but all Moda
The pattern was inspired by Scarlett Queen by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co
It has approximately 895 pieces

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  1. I wasn't sure I would like this when I saw what you were doing on instagram, but once again you hit it outta the park! Love it, Thelma! You mentioned that your birthday is this month. I don't know what day, but happy birth month!!! (Mine is today and I'm a year ahead of you. It's just a number!!!)

  2. I really like what you have done with this pattern and color. You have such a good eye!

  3. I really, really like it! (And I'm not an orange or salmon person.) It's beautiful. I wonder...what are you planning for a binding?

    And I believe we have the same birth year, only I'm about 5 months after you, if your birthday is this month. (Glad to hear it's just a number...because...it feels a bit momentous. Not BAD momentous.)

  4. Good melon is indeed...good. Lovely in fact.

  5. That is really pretty! Great design adaptation.

  6. Also you should know that there might be something wrong with your photobucket settings. There are all sorts of messages on your blog that say "please update your settings". I don't use photobucket, so it is probably a message for you and not for me.

  7. I'm giggling about the When Harry Met Sally quote - I think it's my favorite all time movie, and I quote from it all the time.

    Such a pretty quilt!

  8. Like a few others I wasn't sure where you were headed on this one. It's quite terrific! Interested in what kind of quilting you are thinking about for it? And the melon comment made me laugh....oh so true!

  9. Beautiful color choice, beautiful quilt.

  10. Great quilt. The "grocery sack" brown was perfect. Fun pattern. Miss Rosie always has good ideas.

  11. Great quilt...but then I've never seen one of your that I didn't like. That brown was an inspired choice . Happy Birthday month 😊


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