Wednesday, October 11, 2017


This is the third time I've made Camille at Thimble Blossoms quilt pattern Summerville.  Although this time I went with more of a Fallville.  I just love this pattern, I think it's the houses, but it may also be how easily this quilt top goes together.  I've made it the same way each time, first I piece the stars, because those pieces use big chunks of fabric, then I piece the houses, because they use an assortment of fabric, then the 9 patches, because they use the scraps from the first two rounds of sewing, and finally the outer blocks.  Once all the blocks are done it's an easy afternoon of sewing putting it all together.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 214
The pattern is Summerville by Camille Roskelley for thimble blossoms (available here)
The fabric is just an assortment of oranges, grays, and blacks from my stash, not one family.  
It finished at 70" x 70" ( my favorite size and shape)
And has approximately 876 pieces.

I love this pattern so much I may have to make a Snowville to go with my Summerville and Fallville.

It appears as if October is the month for repeat patterns. Next up is Lucy,  which I made and loved but the quilt now happily lives in California with my favorite daughter and grandpup.  I think I need one too.

I hope you're squeezing in some fall sewing, theres' nothing like sewing with fall fabric in October especially when it feels like summer outside.

Sinta at Pink Pincushion sewed her own version of Fallville with me, I think I have more of a Booville compared to Sinta's beautiful fabric choices and pattern changes.  Check out her blog for her progress.