Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MBB Follow-up and winner

So on my last post,  for the Moda Modern Building Blocks pattern giveaway, I asked for you to share your favorite quilt block.  When I was writing the post I almost added that in addition to Goose in a Pond being my all time favorite block ( just barely above any basket block) my least favorite block is the churn dash.   There were a variety of blocks listed as favorites, some I knew, some I did not, that did not surprise me.  The fact that of the comments that did list a favorite block, Churn Dash was the most popular.  Nine commenters specified Churn Dash as their favorite.  The next most popular was 9 patch, and it got half as many shout outs.  Churn Dash, really??

Out of the 144 quilts that I've finished, I have one Churn Dash quilt in my list.  And it was a sample for market.  And then I remembered I had never blogged about this quilt!  Here's the one picture I have of that quilt. (upper left corner)

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 133
The pattern is Zoom by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co
The quilt finished at 71" x 71"
The fabric is Daydream by Kate Spain for Moda.
It has approximately 637 pieces.

This quilt was made using charm squares, but could also easily be used from scraps or jolly bars.  I enjoyed making the top and it went together easily.  I have no idea why I forgot to blog about it, maybe because it's not a top made from Goose in the Pond blocks, lol.    Whether or not you love churn dash blocks, you'll love the way these blocks are pieced.  The pattern is available here.

Kristy was the pattern winner, the Kristy that listed Tree of Life as her favorite block, I think there was more than one Kristy.

Some other blocks listed as favorites more than once were Swoon ( can't argue that one) Bear Paw and Log Cabin.  There were also some other traditional blocks mentioned, Wedding Ring, Flying Geese and Feathered Star.  I had to look up few favorites, Double Aster, Weathervane, Clays Choice, and New York Beauty. I liked them all, thanks for sharing an unusual choice.  I enjoyed seeing the new blocks.  Maybe I'll have to make another sampler top!

Monday, September 22, 2014

All Done . . . .

So when you get the top half of the Moda Modern Building Blocks quilt pieced,

And the bottom half of the Moda Building Blocks quilt pieced,

all that's left is to combine them,
 and then you're done.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 144
The pattern is Moda Modern Building Blocks
It finished at 84" x 96"
It has approximately 1,272 pieces

I used nothing  but polka-dot fabric.  It's hard to see all the dots in these pictures but I didn't cheat once.  A white dot on dot print was a real life saver.  I also think my use of varying polka dot sizes kept this top from being a hot mess.

I probably swapped out about a half dozen blocks in the pattern with blocks that are favorites of mine.  Camille at Simplify pieced an amazing Leftovers block quilt last year that I absolutely loved.  I had intended to create my own version of that quilt but once I saw the Moda pattern I decided to use their pattern, which has the same sort of feel as Camille's quilt, and thereby save me some time by not having to design my own.   As a thank you to Camille for the inspiration I decided to add her world famous Swoon block.

I also enjoyed seeing all the alphabet quilts made this year which inspired me to add one letter block of my own.

And my all-time favorite block is the Goose in the Pond block, so I added one of those too.

I loved working on this project and I think you'll love it too.  I have an extra Moda Modern Building Blocks pattern to share.  If you would like to make your version of this quilt just leave a message on this post.  Please leave a way for me to contact you and tell me your all-time favorite quilt block.   You  have until the end of day Wednesday to enter the giveaway.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Moda Modern Building Blocks Halfway Point

This is the halfway point for me.

Even though it's not obvious in the picture, I've been able to use nothing but polka-dot fabric for all the blocks.  Some of the smaller dot prints read as a solid, which is the only thing keeping this project from looking like a hot mess.  I don't think the dots slap you in the face, but then maybe that's just me, I do love my dots!

Not started your Moda Modern Building Blocks project yet,?  Primitive Gatherings is still offering patterns and three different BOM options here,  and the Fat Quarter Shop is offering the Bella Solid BOM version and the pattern here.

Don't miss out!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall Finish

Are you in the mood for a fall quilt?  I sure was.  This is Lucy.  This is what you get when you piece 61 twenty-five  patch blocks and 60 snowball blocks, using a variety of orange, black and gray fabric from a cadre of designers and fabric companies.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 142
The pattern is Lucy by Carrie Nelson for Miss Rosie's Quilt Co
It finished at 74" x 74"
It has approximately 1,889 pieces.

This quilt has already been quilted by the amazing Diane Tricka

If you would like to piece your own version of Lucy, the pdf pattern is available here, for only $3!

If you would like to piece your own Lucy, exactly like this Lucy,  you can, a limited number of kits are available here.  This quilt was made from the kits offered by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.

Even though I normally piece fall quilts in the fall, I was thrilled to piece this sample for Carrie, the variety of oranges alone put a smile on my face.  I think it will do the same for you!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Change of Scenery

My sewing room is looking pretty empty those days.  

This room is going to be an office for Mr. Cupcake.  (the wallpaper will be coming down, can you believe it, what kind of man doesn't want mint green floral wallpaper)

As a matter of fact, I'm tired of that wallpaper myself, lol.  (to see what my sewing room looked like before I hauled most everything out click here and here)

I'm moving to this space, my old office, which I used daily until I retired 7 years ago.  

I much prefer the lighting and view out the window from my old space, but my new space has two more feet in width and 4 more feet in length .  I'm thinking about replacing the light fixture with some sort of fluorescent lighting to improve things.  This room also has a walk in closet, a nice improvement over my small reach in closet in the old space.

So while those rooms get painted and new flooring I'm hanging out here, in this little loft office space at the top of the stairs.  The natural light in this space is amazing.  It's a little tight, and I had to lower the leaf on my table to get it to fit, but it's enabling me to sew every day, which is the only thing keeping me sane as we continue with our tasks of updating this house.

And here's what I have to show for my time.  

My Moda Modern Building Blocks.

These blocks have been a great diversion.  They go together perfectly therefore I'm enjoying this pattern immensely.  With everything around me in an uproar, and not going perfectly, how great that one aspect of my life is going smoothly. Aaaah quilting, you complete me.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Parade Day!

I think when Lisa, Nicole and I came up with our idea for a Quick Curve Ruler Sew-Along, we promised a parade at the end of the summer.  I think September 1st constitutes the end of summer, so hurray, it's parade day!

First up is Dawn's Dancing Churndash pattern, which she has named Good Day Sunshine.

I think Dawn was the last one to start the sew-along but the first one to have a totally finished quilt.  Click here to read and see more.  Great Job Dawn!  I love the pattern and your choice of fabrics.  I've added this one to my To Do List.

Here's another finished top, this Metro Rings was made by Ramona.

Ramona is leaving the borders wide to try her hand at scalloped borders.  This is another beautifully pieced top made with some of my favorite colors.  Great Job Ramona!!

Here is Mickey's top, Metro Lattice

Mickey enjoyed working on Metro Lattice so much she plans to make Metro Rings next.

Here's a little sample of how Mickey plans to quilt her Metro Lattice, good luck Mickey, your quilting is fabulous and perfect for this quilt.  Great Job Mickey!!

Kristen also made a Metro Lattice.

Kristen has yet to blog about how she got along quilting this top, but be sure to check her blog, Meadowbrook, for updates, I will.  Great Job Kristen!

Vicky has all her Metro Scope blocks pieced, they just need to be connected.

Vicky, finish this up, there's a bed in LA just waiting for this quilt!  Click here to read about Vicky's experiences while piecing this top.  Great Job Vicky!

Here is Diana's Metro Rings, that she name Disappearing Rings. 

Diana is also playing around with a smaller Metro Rings block for a baby quilt that she's named Teething Rings!  HAHAHA good one.  Click here to read all about it!  Great Job Diana!

And here's one more Metro Rings quilt, queen size!

Susan made this quilt as a blessing quilt for her son and his bride to be.  Friends and family will write words of blessing for their marriage in the background fabric! Great Job Susan!  But I think this quilt will get even better!

And here's what I made for the sew along!

One Metro Scope block.

This block was easy to piece and came together perfectly.  I think this is a good first block if you're still undecided which pattern you want to try. I hope to make this block into a pillow.

And my Metro Hold the Lattice, using Persimmon by BasicGrey.

I need to get this quilt top to a quilter,  it will look great in my sunroom this fall, wait, it's September 1st, it IS fall.

And finally, remember this?  This was the project I made from Jenny's misfit blocks.  I named my project Round About.

Jenny has created a free tutorial on piecing this block on her blog here.  And she's named it Cupcake! Thanks Jenny, love the block, love the name!!

Thanks to all who took time out of their busy summer to sew along with us.  I had fun, I hope you did!  Nicole has some parade pictures too, be sure to check them out as well.

And if you would like to see even more amazing Sew Kind of Wonderful QCR quilts, check out Jenny's linky party here.

If I missed your finished project send an email and I'll add it! Thanks!