Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inspi - red . . . . .

I hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend.

I woke up early Saturday morning with the urge to take every item out of my kitchen cabinets, spread it all over my countertops, then put it all back in, nice and neat. Luckily that urge passed as quickly as it came.

One thing I did do was swap out the quilt that hangs in my living room. I've been meaning to change that quilt for a couple of weeks but I just hate climbing that ladder. I don't like to climb it when I'm home alone, but I also don't want to be messing around on it when my husband is watching, it's all about the timing. (there's just something about someone watching me and saying, "be careful, don't fall" that makes me nervous!)

I was going to go with A Mazing Abundance, but at the very last minute I decided to go with Father's Fancy. I've been thinking about the Infinite Variety of Red and White quilt show and maybe making a tribute quilt, and thought that maybe hanging that quilt would motivate me.

Out of all the great pictures I've seen of the quilt show, this one is my favorite.

So, I was thinking about doing some sort of tribute quilt sometime, but now I have a great reason to not only get going on a tribute quilt but to finish it by the first of September!

The Temecula Quilt Company, in Temecula, California is hosting a Red and White Quilt Challenge in honor of the Red and White Quilt Show.

If you live in the area, your quilt will be displayed in the shop, but if you live far away, like me, you can just send a picture of your finished quilt and still participate!

(This picture is courtesy of the Temecuala Quilt Company)

Click here for all the details. Everyone who enters gets a gift plus there will be a grand prize giveaway.

I'm in! Why don't you join in on the fun!

I'm going with Moda's Bella Solids in Country Red and White for my fabric. At first I was thinking of going with the antique white, but decided it was too yellow. I'm still working on the details of the pattern.

Cooper's getting into the Red & White spirit of things too, every time I put food in his red food bowl he eats it.

I'm guessing Cooper's saying, "please, can I just eat in peace"

Whenever I blog about swapping my living room quit, someone always wants to know how I do it. . . .

All it takes is a very tall ladder.

I enjoyed all your comments about your favorite quilt color. Not surprisingly, red was by far the most popular color. But when the giveaway is for a pattern with a gorgeous red quilt on the cover, I figured I would attract some fans of red.

Blue was the second most popular, that didn't surprise me either, blue is a very popular color. The color that came in third and that was really close to blue was a surprise to me, GREEN!

I have green in a few quilts, not because I like green, I find green hard to match and coordinate, but because the green is just part of a family of fabrics. I have a few green fat quarters but no yardage to speak of.

The next most popular color was brown and autumn colors. I'm with you there, I love fall colors too, I don't have near enough fall colored quilts.

After fall, pink and purple tied. I think everyone should own at least one purple quilt, and I do have one quilt with a lot of purple. The funny thing, the person who said they put purple in almost every quilt thought they should own at least one red quilt. My bizarro world twin!

For as crazy as I am about pink, I'm surprised I don't have any quilts with pink, but Long Tall Sally will fix that.

And now, for the winner of the Scarlett Queen pattern by Carrie Nelson for Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.

I agree, this is an amazing pattern, thanks to all 100 of you who left comments or sent an email, I wish I had 100 patterns to give out. (What's up with blogger, I've been having trouble leaving comments on blogs and several folks had trouble leaving comments on this post, hopefully all the kinks got worked out over the weekend. )

And the winner is Pat V from Snohomish Washington who said,

"This is a great quilt! I've been wanting to make something in red and white, as I haven't yet. I don't think I have a favorite color quilt; looking at the ones I've made, they're all very different. This could be due to the fact that I've only been quilting 2 years and am still trying out different styles & techniques. I may be close to finding my voice, though..."

Congratulations Pat!

Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm Ready for Christmas . . . .

While I was out of town, the final block for the Fat Quarter Shop Kate Spain 2010 Designer Mystery Block of the Month project came. Hurray! I was so happy to be all caught up with blocks one through eleven and ready to wrap up this project. It seems like I've been working on it forever, even if it was only one block a month.

The block, The Final Touch, is designed by Sherri Falls of This and That Patterns.

I thought the pattern company sounded familiar, and when I went to check out her website I discovered that I own a few of her patterns, Wagon Wheels, Just Before Dawn, and Butter Churn. Another funny coincidence, a friend on Monday showed me a quilt she was planning to hand quilt for her Mom, and the pattern was Posie Patch, another Sherri Falls pattern that's a log cabin quilt with adorable applique posies in the setting triangles.

So here it is, Block Twelve - The Final Touch

A perfect name for the last block I think.

I changed the fabric for this block because it used the same fabric that I used on another block that I changed when it came. As a matter of fact, I changed, swapped or tweaked every block but one, the wreath block. And now that it's all done, I wish I would have thought to frame that block with the background fabric so it didn't meet the sashing. I like white space, I added some when I could but I think it could have stood some more.

So here's my final block placement, I think I had those blocks in every possible combination before deciding on this one, the perfect one!

The finishing kit used the red fabric that's also used in the hat, stocking, basket and mitten. I thought that was a little too much red too close to those blocks so I switched to the green.

Plus the green complimented the poinsettia fabric I was going to use for the outer border (not part of the finishing kit).

When I auditioned the green sashing and the poinsettia fabric on my design wall I thought "Eew". A little to wild for me, and even though this quilt is going to live in LA with my daughter, I thought that combination was a little too loud and distracting for her too.

Step One, I toned down the volume on that green by adding a 1/2" strip of the background fabric down the middle of those sashing strips. I stayed with the cornerstones from the finishing kit, which was designed by Brenda Riddle of the Acorn Quilt & Gift Company.

(Speaking of Brenda Riddle and the Acorn Quilt Co, I ordered the pattern Frosted Windowpanes from them, which was the inspiration for the wonderful quilt at the AQS show in Paducah called Fleur de Lis, that I blogged about here, anyway, the Acorn Quilt Co sent a booklet with about 5 or 6 patterns in it as a Thank You gift for buying ONE pattern! How's that for customer service!)

I pretty much went with the outer border designed by Brenda Riddle, except she used the blue snowflake fabric and I went with the red.

Also, the finishing kit finishes at 64" x 78", and the space where this quilt will be hanging is 59 inches wide, so I made my outer border a little narrower.

I thought the pattern in the finishing kit was perfect, a little personality but not so much as to compete with the blocks in the center.

I was so proud to have the quilt all done, put it on my design wall to take that last photo to share with you when I noticed, no . . . surely I didn't . . . I DID, I put that bottom sashing strip on upside down!! UGH!! It's supposed to have two stars in the lower left hand column, not three!!

So here's the conversation I had in my head, "Who cares, it's not like it even matters, it looks OK, it doesn't look unbalanced, really, just leave it, Favorite Daughter will not know the difference, the top fourth of the quilt will probably be on the other side of the rod, no one will even know, just leave it . . ."

You know me, I couldn't leave it. . . .

This if Lifetime Quilt Number 71.
It finished at 57" x 70",
is named, 2011 The Year of Ashley,
and has approximately 772 pieces.

This was my first official block of the month, I signed up for one from another shop once, but the fabric that came was so horrible I never made it, I just tossed the ugly fabric and saved the pattern. Now that it's all said and done, I think I've decided I'm not a mystery block of the month person. I enjoyed getting and making the blocks each month, Kimberly and the folks at the Fat Quarter Shop are very generous with the fabric and the instructions were marvelous, and I thought the patterns were just adorable, but this quilt would look very different if I were making all the blocks at once. You know me and changing up patterns (I think it's a middle child syndrome, wanting to be different) and it's hard to change up patterns when you don't know how it's all gong to come together until the end.

All in all, I think this is a very cute quilt that suits my daughter and her condo perfectly.

I'm hoping to see your finished 2010 DMBOM quilt, be sure to drop me a line when you finish yours!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Best For Last . . . . .

I've always got a thing going for the color red, particularly red in my quilts. The last 12 quilts that I've finished have red in them, of the 70 or so quilts I've finished half have red or are primarily red.

The Infinite Variety Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts show in New York earlier this year only added to my passion for red quilts.

I recently bought a binder to hold just my red quilt patterns. (Yes I know I can make any pattern a red quilt and any red pattern a different color quilt, but that doesn't stop me from buying patterns specifically with a red quilt on the cover, it's a sickness.)

What else would this binder store?

Even the inside is red!

And how could I pass up this red lined legal pad?

So imagine my excitement, when not only did Carrie have Wild Air and Long Tally Sally quilts for show and tell for the Corn Wagon Quilt Co classes, she also brought this beauty . .

Scarlett Queen by Carrie Nelson for Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. !

The third full size quilt pattern she made for Market. I think it should have been named Thelma Scarlett, it's all me.

I just love the detail in those corners. From looking at the pattern, Carrie's developed a clever, easy and fool proof way to make this quilt come together perfectly.

Here's the same pattern in Jo Morton fabrics, lovely, but I think you know which one is my favorite!

Scarlett Queen is 6 foot square, but can be made smaller or larger. Any style or color of fabric would work for this pattern, a real stash buster.

I've got my Scarlett Queen pattern in that binder, just waiting to make its way to the top of my To Do List.

I also have a spare pattern to give away, and I won't hold it against you if you don't use red fabric to make this quilt.

To win this pattern just leave a comment on this post. I would love to know your favorite quilt color, but any comment will do! I'll announce the winner sometime over the weekend.

Official C n D disclaimer; I purchased the pattern Scarlett Queen, Carrie Nelson did not ask me to blog about this pattern or promote this pattern. If I never blogged about a Carrie Nelson pattern she would not see a difference in pattern sales, she does just fine without any help from me.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Corn Wagon Quilt Co . . . . . . .

The shop that sponsored the two Carrie Nelson classes that I took was the Corn Wagon Quilt Co in Springville, Utah, just south of Salt Lake City. Our classes were held in a wonderful facility in the local Museum, but I still made time to stop by the shop. I've not had the opportunity to shop in many quilt stores, but this is easily one of the nicest I've ever been in, I thought perhaps you would enjoy a tour.

I always ask if it's OK to take pictures inside a shop, I'm OK with whatever the shop owner's policy is regarding pictures, luckily for you, the friendly folks as the Corn Wagon Quilt Co have a "feel free to take as many pictures as you want" policy.

Hello, here I am, all set to do some shopping . . .

Here's the front desk, the first thing to left when you come in the door.

The shop specializes in quilting supplies, custom quilting, hemstitching and stitchery.

One thing I like to see when I do get inside a quilt shop are some quilts on display, the Corn Wagon had plenty.

Lookie, it's American Pie by Carrie Nelson for Miss Rosie's Quilt Co! This is the pattern I used as a border on my basket quilt, aka Al A Mode (which, by they way, is currently at the quilter's!)

Look at the wonderful border they added to the pattern. Carrie thought they used the corners cut off the center blocks to make that border, how clever is that!

The store had some wonderful wool patterns,

and wall hangings.

They also had tons of that wide rick rack that I'm wild about now but have no idea how to use it.

Besides the all the quilty eye candy, the furniture and fixtures in the store were amazing too.

They carry just about any type of fabric you're looking for.

And patterns by all types of designers.

I really liked the saying above this quilt.

Isn't this as cute as it can be?

From Kaffe Fassett to Civil War Reproduction prints and everything in between, they have it all.

The shop was friendly, open and welcoming. I think this pretty much sums up their philosophy.

I really liked how easy it was to look at everything, there was plenty of stock but also plenty of room. I've been in some shops where it's actually work locating and pulling fabric from a shelf they are so full.

Thanks Marsha for hosting the classes, I just love your shop and hope to be back soon, you were a very gracious host. Thanks also MaryAnn, it was wonderful to meet you too.

If you're lucky enough to have a shop in your area as nice as this one, I hope you visit it often, it's a treat that should not be taken for granted. If you're ever in Springville, Utah, be sure to allow some time to stop in the Corn Wagon Quilt Co.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

As Promised . . A Couple of Wieners . . Winners . . .

How's your weekend going? After being out of town the last two weekends, being home this weekend feels great. I just love my regular routine and regular food and regular life. No doubt about it, I'm a homebody.

I have two Carrie Nelson for Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. patterns to giveaway, first up Wild Air . . .

Thanks for sharing what made you giggle, several stories made me giggle too, especially the "marshmallows on the loose" line. The Wild Air winner is Marian, who said,

"I flew all the way to Calgary (I live in Toronto) to take a class on Cracked Pots with Carrie, and I loved every minute of it. I'm still working on the top - there are a zillion pieces!

In the past I would have shied away from a pattern with so many flying geese, but thanks to someone showing how she used the Fit to be Geese ruler on her blog, I purchased one and am now the queen of geese! That is one reason why I read blogs - to learn things from other people without having to try everything myself.

Something that made me smile in the past 10 days was finally watching the movie "The Blind Side" and remembering that there are still a lot of people with good hearts."

Marian, I love Cracked Pots, I sure hope you finish it so you can start on Wild Air!!

When it comes to classes, we are all pretty much in agreement, a going at your own pace class is what suits us. To you folks that have never taken a class or haven't taken a class in years, I hope you get the opportunity to do so, soon. Several folks mentioned something that hadn't occurred to me but I totally agreed with, having a prepared instructor! I may waste time talking and fussing, but that's my choice, I have no patience for someone else wasting my time.

The background fabric I'm using for my Long Tall Sally is Miniatures By Julie Hendricksen for Windham Fabrics, Pattern No 31528, sorry I didn't mention it in my earlier post.

The winner of the second Carrie Nelson for Miss Rosie's Quilt Co pattern, Long Tall Sally, is LynCC of What a Hoot, Quilts from the Heart who said,

"really enjoyed the class I took a few months ago with Judy Niemeyer. It was a hybrid lecture/go at your pace. She did a lecture up front showing the initial technique ideas to get us started, then for the next 4 hours she traveled the room, helping those who had trouble with the paper piecing, and visiting with those who were fine. Then she did another lecture for those who were ready for the next stage, and the next 4 hours were spent with her meandering the room again, doing the same - chatting with the speedy rabbits, and re-showing the next stage to the turtles who got to that point later. It was a lot of fun."

I had two Long Tall Sallies leave comments, I'm sorry you didn't win, but if there was ever a quilt pattern calling your name it 's this one, I hope you make it!

Enjoy what's left of your weekend, I'll be back on Monday with a tour of the Corn Wagon Quilt Company and another pattern giveaway.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Second Class . . . . .

The second class sponsored by the Corn Wagon Quilt Co was Long Tall Sally designed by Carrie Nelson for Miss Rosie's Quilt Company. We pretty much had the same fun group of quilters for Long Tall Sally that we had for Wild Air. We lost the girls from Idaho but picked up a few new ladies.

The pattern provides directions for two quilt sizes, 53" x 67 1/2 " and 63" x 72".

Here's Carrie telling us how easy this quilt is to piece, and she was right! You just cut it out, lay it out and start sewing.

I was immediately taken with the custom quilting job on this quilt,

the dark prints have three flowers quilted in each rectangle,

and the light prints have a feather. I just love how the quilting expands into each area of each fabric.

I've had a stack of civil war reproduction fabrics in pink and brown for a couple of years, just waiting for the perfect project.

I think Long Tall Sally is the project I've been waiting for.

So my dark fabric choice came easily, the light fabric not so much.

I bought this fabric, cut it out and could have lived with it, but then I found this fabric,

a much better choice I think.

Now I'm trying to decide if I should go scrappy or alternate my browns and pinks to create a secondary pattern.....I'll just have to try out both on my design wall, stay tuned for a picture.

Some of the other fabrics selected for Long Tall Sally were Sweet Water, Lilly and Will and Sophia.

I'm thinking of making my Long Tall Sally even taller, I would like it to stretch across the end of my king size bed, more of bed runner than an actual lap or bed quilt size.

Several ladies completed the first two rows of their quilt in class. I was a little slower. But that's one of the many things I enjoy about a Carrie Nelson class. It's not the type of class where someone shows you step one, then everyone sews step one, and one person gets done lickity split and another person takes forever and a day, and everyone in the middle sits and wonders how one person can be so fast and how another can be so slow. In Carrie's classes everyone just works at their own speed. Got a question, Carrie is quick to to help, and if no one needs help, Carrie still stops by just to make sure you're on track. Some folks are really speedy, I've noticed I tend to piddle. I over pin, fuss with my fabric, and sew at turtle speed, really there's a turtle and rabbit on the speed button of my class machine and I'm all turtle! I'm a big believer in "It's the journey not the destination" and "It's a hobby not a race", but really, I could easily accomplish so much more by loosening up a bit.

How would you like to own a personalized Long Tall Sally pattern?

Just leave a comment letting us know what type of class appeals to you.

I've participated in lecture classes, step by step classes and go at your pace classes. I've taken some wonderful lecture classes from Libby Lehman, Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson. But once I got home, my efforts looked nothing like what those experts had made look so easy in class. And since I'm slow, I really dislike the step by step classes, I'm always the one holding up the entire class. Yes, a Carrie Nelson class is just my type of class.

I'll announce the winner on Saturday.

So two classes down, one day of shop hopping, Market and French General posts to go, I hope you stop back by.

Official C n D disclaimer; I purchased the pattern Long Tall Sally, Carrie Nelson did not ask me to blog about this pattern or promote this pattern. If I never blogged about a Carrie Nelson pattern she would not see a difference in pattern sales, she does just fine without any help from me.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Baaaaack . . . , Again . . .

I'm back, does it seem like I've been gone for just forever? It sure seems that way to me, I don't think I've ever spent so many consecutive days away from home, ever!

Where to begin, how about the beginning . . . .

My first stop was in Indianapolis for a little 13.1 mile race around town.

Here I am with 30,647 of my nearest and dearest running buddies.

13,945 folks crossed the finish line before me, but 16,702 finished behind me, so I think that's pretty good. Additionally, I had a new personal best record of 2:16:34. I was hoping for a time closer to 2:10, maybe next time.

Following the race I accepted my finishers medal, took a shower and jumped on a plane for Salt Lake City, Utah.

I never tired of looking up and seeing these beautiful mountains. Where I live, it's flat, very flat, which made me appreciate this view all the more.

So this is why I flew to Salt Lake City,

Wild Air.

Isn't she a beauty! Those little flying geese surrounding the center squares and in the border are my favorite part of the quilt, I just love all 656 of them.

This is a new pattern by Carrie Nelson for Miss Rosie's Quilt Company.

The Corn Wagon Quilt Company in Springville, Utah hosted two Carrie Nelson classes, I took them both and had the best time.

Here's Carrie with a block from a fellow student who's using Bliss, I think it will make a wonderful Wild Air. There was also an Eventide version, Fig Tree version, French General version and 16 other versions that escape me now.

I'm going with Annandale by Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics.

Here's the flying geese block. The pattern calls for the outer corner squares to be a different fabric from the center, but I'm thinking about going with the same fabric for the center and outer squares. Several other folks in the class were thinking the same thing. I'll just have to make a few blocks each way, then decide.

Yes, I only made the one flying geese block in class! It was a social group, by the time we got set up, introduced ourselves, and listened to Carrie's instructions and information regarding Wild Air, it was time for lunch, which was delicious. This was the most friendly group of quilters I've ever had the pleasure of taking a class with. The majority of the quilters knew each other and participate in BOM or other classes regularly. There were a few of us new to the group, be we were all warmly welcomed.

I decided I would take advantage of meeting new quilters and spent the majority of my time socializing. I have a whole summer ahead of me of alone time in my sewing room, it felt great to chat and visit with fellow quilters while I had the opportunity.

Here's my one class block with my alternate blocks. This color is a real change of pace for me. My first fabric choice for Wild Air was Barbara Brackman's Civil War Reunion, but after I cut it all out, I just felt the colors didn't work my alternate blocks, so two days before class I changed to Annandale. I'm still not 100% confident this is a good fabric selection either, time will tell. It sure is different from the look and feel of the pattern quilt.

Here are a few ladies who drove from Idaho for the class!!

Wild Air is one of 3 new full size patterns that Carrie designed for market. It finishes at 76" x 76". This pattern is just now making its way to quilt shops near you but I have one that I'm giving away, plus Carrie was kind enough to personalize it.

I haven't blogged for 10 days so to be eligible to win this pattern leave a comment telling us something that made you giggle over the last ten days. I'll announce the winner Saturday.

For tomorrow, class two and another pattern giveaway, don't miss it!

Official C n D disclaimer; I purchased the pattern Wild Air, Carrie Nelson did not ask me to blog about this pattern or promote this pattern. If I never blogged about a Carrie Nelson pattern she would not see a difference in pattern sales, she does just fine without any help from me.