Friday, May 30, 2014

One Last Market Post

I was fortunate enough to get to wonder through Spring Market for one day.  There was so much to see and take in, and the atmosphere was like a big celebration or festival.  I had the best time.  

The Moda area was by far my favorite.  They had a huge amount of space, inspiring decor, and I think most every Moda designer was there.  I easily spent the biggest part of my day going through their booth.  Moda has done a much better job of photographing and blogging about market than I ever could, and if you've not  seen their videos check them out here.   Moda market pictures are everywhere and I'm sure you've seen all their new designs multiple times by now, I won't make you look at all of my pictures too, but I do want to share my top 3 Moda pics.

This is Atelier by 3 Sisters.  This quilt is red and circular, and perfect, I love it.

This is a jellyroll pattern and it's called Fine China.   The fabric line is by Sandy Gervais and is called Rambling Rose.    I think it's a little different look for Sandy, and I love it too.

This fabric is "My Best Day Ever" by Prairie Grass.   I'm embarrassed to say it wasn't my best day ever when I met the designer, April Rosenthal.   I was immediately drawn to this fabric because it's my favorite happy starburst candy colorway and I was really excited to see blueberry added to the mix.  So I'm looking over the fabric, checking out the patterns, and I ask some person loitering in the booth if it was OK to take a few pictures and post them to instagram.  The loiterer said that would be fine and would I mind adding @amrosenthol to my post.  I said sure and probably asked 3 times how to spell it and wondered who AM Rosenthal was.  Well now I know, and I must confess that April was the sweetest most unassuming person and I regret that I didn't know who she was so I could tell her how much I loved her new fabric line.  Although she might have picked up on that based on the number of pictures I took and how long I stood and looked at everything.   To make it up to her I hope you'll stop by April's blog here and check out her patterns here, she has several.  The patterns in the picture above are Modern Hex on the left and Dahlia on the right, they are available 6/1 and the fabric should be in stores this October.  April, I enjoyed meeting you, even if I didn't know it was you!   ( I really need to get out more, how embarrassing!)  I plan to buy this line of fabric, it's the least I can do! (smile)
Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts also had a very inspiring booth.

That quilt on the ladder is going to be in her next book.  I wrote down the name of the book but lost it before I got home.  But I'm sure once it's released we'll all know the name.  I've always wanted to make a quilt using that Virginia Reel block.  I think this one looks like Virginia Reel on steroids or Medusa's head.  And I don't mean that in a negative way, I love it. I think it could have several different looks depending on the fabric and the placement of the fabric.

Edyta did some great demo's and the one she did to make this star block inspired me to buy the pattern, and it comes with a template.  I hope to give it a try soon.  It sure looked easy when Edyta made it.

Now for some pictures of some things that maybe you've not seen before.

This is Lucy in a Hurry by Cherry Pie Designs.  You can check out all their patterns here.  This pattern is based on the Lucy Boston pattern but is supposed to be made easier using their method.

These cute stockings are 6 inches wide by 14 inches long.

This pattern is for a wall hanging.  During the majority of the year it looks like a normal patchwork quilt, but for Christmas it turns into an advent calendar!

Somerset Patchwork, they are probably most known for their Mrs. Billings pattern.

This pattern is Star a Day.  These stars are hand pieced and finish at 3 inches.  I guess you would only want to make one a day!

Two booths had great patterns but did not allow pictures, and I respect that, and I won't copy their website pictures here.  But I hope you'll go check out Esch House Quilts, Holiday Sweater was my favorite pattern, and Under the Garden Moon, where I liked Simply Dashing and Cobblestones. Cobblestones will be available sometime in June.

A couple of other areas where I spent a great deal of time were the Martingale and C&T Publishing booths.  They each had all their latest quilt books out where you browse to your heart's content.  Since I don't have a local quilt shop I'm usually looking at books through Amazon.  It was such a treat to get to see what was available and drool over every page in the book, not just a few.  I made a list of books that I would like to add to my library.

Being able to attend market reminded me how vast and varied our quilting community is.  I'm so happy I got to see familiar products up close and personal and be introduced to new ones.

The big buzz at market was the new fabric lines being introduced by Cotton and Steel.  They are a division of RJR Fabrics and consists of a group of 5 designers.  It is my understanding that each designer has their own fabric line, but that all of the fabrics from Cotton and Steel and each designer play well together and also share a common solid line of fabrics.

I heard the Cotton and Steel fabric at sample spree was gone in an instant.  And while I, like  most of you, will be waiting for this fabric to start hitting store shelves before I can own any, I was at least able to pick up a Cotton and Steel tote bag.

So this is my final market giveaway.  To enter please leave a comment on this post telling me what quilt is on the top of your To Do List, pattern and or fabric.  I always love hearing what you're planning to make next.  This giveaway will run through the end of day Saturday, May 31st.  Please leave a way for me to contact you if your name is drawn.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dresden Doilies Finish

Dresden Doilies is done, finally!  I started this quilt July of 2013.  I had no trouble piecing the Dresden blocks, and no trouble machine appliquéing the 16 large blocks, but when the large blocks were connected I had a horrible time machine appliquéing the smaller blocks.  I just could not navigate all that bulk around and through my machine.  I was so unhappy with my machine appliqué effort I decided to hand appliqué the smaller blocks.  Every now and then I would stitch a few blocks down but I wasn't very happy with how they looked either.  Finally I decided this top was too cute not to be quilted and done so I decided to try the machine appliqué again.  My second try was more successful, probably because the blocks were stitched down by hand.  It took 4 days and I felt like I was wresting an elephant, but they're on and they look good, or good enough, lol!

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 136
The pattern is Dresden Doilies by Gerri Robinson and was in the September/October 2011 McCalls Quilting magazine.
It finished at 60" x 60"
It has approximately 971pieces

It's been so long since you've seen it,  I thought you would be interested in seeing the original pattern.  I still like the look of this low volume version but like my happy version too.

So at the beginning of the year I had six UFO's.  Now that I've finished Dresden Doilies  I only have 3 UFO's remaining,

Temecula mini basket sew along,

mini churn dash blocks,

and Clown Pants.

Now that Dresden Doilies is done I think I'm going to start working on Clown Pants.

Miss Rosie Quilt Co Giveaway Recap - I thought you would like to know which MRQ Co patterns were the crowd favorites.  We all agreed on one thing, picking a favorite was a hard decision.
Here are the totals for the Little Bites:
Slice - 27
Whit - 25
Sample - 16
Ort - 13
Trace - 9
Grain - 8
Scintilla - 6
Titch - 5

Here are the totals for the big quilts:
Crop Circles - 22
Seven Letters - 15
Harvey - 12
Double Dutch - 4
Sugarboo - 3
Zoom - 2

Personally I am shocked that Harvey didn't get 153 comments!

Sandy at Textile House won the Little Bites prize package.

Sew Kind of Wonderful Giveaway - I loved reading all about your summer plans, and am downright green with envy over some of the trips you are planning.  But even the few of you who are staying home this summer have home decorating, reorganizing, or cleaning plans, so far I do not, but that is a really good idea.  I still have plenty of time to get a few things done around this house that need to be done, so thanks for the motivation.  Vicky at LA Quilter is the winner of the Quick Curve ruler.

I have one more Market post and giveaway coming, look for it later in the week.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Stalking my favorite designers at market . .

So the first thing I did when I got my market directory was to locate the booths of some of my favorite quilting folks.  After thoroughly checking out the Miss Rosie Quilt Co booth I went on the hunt for the Sew Kind of Wonderful booth.

Sew Kind of Wonderful is run by sisters Jenny Pedigo and Helen Robinson.  They developed the Quick Curve Ruler and have over 25 pattern designs that use their ruler.

I become acquainted with Jenny a few years ago when she quilted my Belle Meade top.  It's one of my favorite quilts that is out year round, either on a quilt rack, the middle of my bed, or on a red couch. 

I follow the Sew Kind of Wonderful blog and even got to block test a couple of blocks for their BOM, I was eager to see first hand the wonderful new projects that I had seen online.  I was not disappointed.

This was another booth that was filled to capacity with wonderful inspiration.  As is the case with most quilts, they looked so much better in person, which I found impressive since they look very attractive online.

This block is from the Deco Shimmer pattern, one block finishes at 22 inches.  I love the quilt but think this pillow would look great in my living room too.

Besides all the single patterns available (click here) for the ruler, Jenny and Helen also have a book out, Contemporary Curved Quilts.

Here's a picture of the Fun Poinsettia table runner that is a free tutorial here.  These blocks are 20 inches square.  As pretty as it looks on their blog it looks so much prettier in person.  Additionally, I don't have good feel for sizes when they are listed online, but a 20 inch block is a good size block, I really liked seeing all the big blocks.

Here's another big block that caught my eye.

Jenny was kind enough to give me a Quick Curve Ruler as a giveaway.

And I'm adding one of these patterns, your choice, Deco Shimmer, Metro Hoops, Metro Scope, Urban Nine Patch, or Metro Rings.

The last time I blogged about the Quick Curve Ruler I received several comments from folks afraid to  give it a try.  I'm a big fan of specialty rulers and templates, they usually make my projects go faster and always make my blocks more accurate.  That's why I use them.  The Quick Curve Ruler does make accurate blocks, but what I really like about it is its versatility, it makes all sorts of blocks, unusual blocks that you can't make with any other ruler.  You have several options when it comes to flying geese rulers, pineapple rulers, hst rulers, but this is the only ruler that I'm aware of that will give you these great curved blocks.

Additionally, the pattern directions are very clear, you will have no difficulty understanding how to use the Quick Curve Ruler.  Here's a diagram from one of their patterns that shows you exactly where and how to cut your fabric.  Believe me when I tell you that you will not struggle with this ruler!

This is another freebie on the Sew Kind of Wonderful site, its called Spring Fling, click here.  It's on my To Do list too.   Each petal block is 22 inches.

So to be eligible to win the Quick Curve Ruler donated by Jenny and one of the five patterns that I bought at market, your choice, please leave a comment telling me what your big summer plans are. Last summer I went to Paris, this summer I'm taking it easy and staying home, I'll have to live vicariously through you and your summer adventures.  You have through today, May 23rd,  to leave a comment.  If the USPS will deliver to your address you can be a winner.

There are even more market pictures and giveaways to come, please stop back by.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

To Market To Market . . . .

One of my favorite booths at quilt market was the Miss Rosie's Quilt Co booth.  If they gave an award for the most quilts displayed in a small area, this booth would be the winner.  I think there were a total of 31 finished projects on display, all new, all lovely.

This quilt is Crop Circles.  I love the happy life saver blocks.

This is Freddy.  That Ansonia fabric makes a pretty top, but that quilting design in the center is amazing.

The top quilt is Sugarboo, the bottom quilt is Double Dutch.

Here's what Double Dutch looks like in its entirety.  I can already picture a version of this quilt hanging in my living room!

Quilts on hanging rack, top - Zoom, middle - 7 Letters, bottom - Happy 7 Letters.

This is my favorite pattern at market and the top spot on my To Do List, 

All you need to make this wonderful huge basket quilt is 3 charm packs or a layer cake and around 4 yards of background fabric.  You know me and basket blocks, I love them all, but this big basket block is awesome.

The patterns for these big quilts are currently not available, but as soon as they are I'm making a big basket quilt.  The big quilt patterns should be available sometime in June, that gives us a few weeks to pick our focus fabric and order some background fabric!

While the big basket quilt was my favorite pattern at market, this wall was my favorite display.

Nothing but Little Bites!

And more Little Bites.   These little quilts make great pillows, table toppers, wall hangings, or a myriad of other home decor items.  They all are made using two mini charm packs, 2 1/2 inch squares of fabric, and some background fabric.

Out of all the Little Bites I like this one the best, Slice #3.

Probably because that's the one I pieced!
This is Lifetime Quilt Number 125
The pattern is Slice, a Little Bites pattern by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
The fabric is Potluck by American Jane for Moda
It finished at 21 1/2" x 26"
It has approximately 342 pieces.

So even though all the large quilt patterns are not quite ready for prime time, all the Little Bites patterns are!  Eight patterns that make a total of 23 different projects, ranging in size from 28" x 28" to 17" x 20". Paper or PDF patterns are available from Miss Rosie's online shop here.  There's even a special rate if you want to buy all 8 patterns.

Additionally, I'm giving away one set of new Little Bites patterns.  If the USPS will deliver to your address, you're eligible to win.  Just leave a comment saying which new MRQ Co pattern is your favorite (big or little)!  You have until the end of day today, Thursday, May 22, to leave your comment.

I have more market pics and another giveaway, stop back by!

Miss Rosie's Quilt Company is not sponsoring this post or providing the patterns for this giveaway.  I purchased these patterns for this giveaway.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I'm home!  I had a visit with my favorite daughter over Mothers Day weekend, then came home, unpacked, repacked, and headed to Quilt Market in Pittsburgh.  But now I'm back home and ready for some quiet time, some Cooper time, and some sewing time.

Besides me being home, look what else is too,  Mesmerize is back in the house.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 131, if you would like more information click here.  The pattern is by Basic Grey.  I noticed the quilt on the pattern cover was quilted using the Baptist Fan pattern so when I finished piecing my top I also wanted it quilted using that same pattern.  When it comes to quilting Baptist Fan quilts I thought of Abby at Latimer Lane Quilting.  Abby can quilt a myriad of patterns, but I think she's become somewhat famous for her Baptist Fan quilting, she has quilted dozens of quilts using that pattern, mainly Swoon quilts made from Camille's thimble blossoms pattern.

I could not be happier with how it looks.

Abby has quilted several other quilt tops for me, she's very fast, charges reasonable fees, (and sometimes runs sales) and is very easy to work with.  If you're like me, and don't like fussing with the binding on a quilt, Abby has someone who will do that for  you too, and that's what I did with this quilt.  So Mesermize went from the box directly to the red couch.  Perfect for summer.

When I was at quilt market I saw this Mesrmize quilt in the Basic Grey booth made from their new line.  I took a good look at the quilting because I was curious if they went with the Baptist Fan design for this version of that pattern and noticed they did not. The pattern they did use looked very familiar to me, it was an orange peel design that Abby also frequently uses.  It wasn't until I posted this picture on Instagram that I found out that Abby quilted all three of these quilts for the Basic Grey team for market.

Here is Abby's contact information if you would like to have her do some quilting for you.

I had the best time at Spring Quilt Market and have much more to share.  I also picked up a few items and was given a ruler for some giveaways.  The giveaways will be short and sweet so this is your notice.  I know I haven't been blogging as frequently as of late, but you may want to check in every day this week if you're interested in my market posts and some freebies.

See ya tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pineapple Quilt Finish!

I finished my pineapple quilt.  I started this quilt in February of 2013.  I think I had around 40 finished blocks the start of this year.  Every now and then, in between projects, I would finish 10 more blocks.  It would take me a good two or three days to finish 10 blocks.

Cathy at Quilting on Main Street made a beautiful pineapple quilt using French General fabrics, Nicole at Sister's Choice liked it so much she started one too.  In May of last year,  Carrie at La Vie En Rosie, finished her pineapple quilt.  With all this wonderful pineapple inspiration I moved making this quilt to the top of my To Do List, and now, finally, it's done.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 135
There are 10 rows of 10 blocks for a total of 100 blocks
The blocks finish at 6 inches.
It finished at 60" x 60"
It has approximately 3,700 pieces.

There are a lot of options when it comes to pineapple quilts.  I collected pineapple rulers and books for years.  In the end I decided to paper piece my blocks. When it came to connecting all my blocks the seams matched up perfectly.  I'm happy I went with this method over some pineapple specific rulers, I have read where those seams do not always line up.

I selected my pattern from EQ7.  I printed one master block using Carol Doak foundation paper.

I then circled the sections with a red ink pin that were to be pieced using red fabric.  Using this master and a copy machine I printed the blocks I needed. 

Here is one finished 6 inch block.

A pineapple quilt had been on my To Do List since I first started quilting, I am so happy that I now have one and am very happy with the look and size of it.