Thursday, October 31, 2019

October Themed Finishes

To say I'm a little bit behind on documenting my finishes on my blog is a gross understatement, but here are some October themed finishes, a start on getting caught up.   I like to piece a Halloween themed project each year, this year I'll be adding 3 new finishes to my collection.

This is Lifetime Quilt  #262
The pattern and fabric is All Hallow's Eve by Fig Tree
It finished at 72" x 72", my favorite size
It has approximately 977 pieces
This quilt pattern reminds of Toulouse by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co, LQ# 55, that I finished in February of 2010, always loved, but only get to see once a year, because it's a Christmas quilt.

This is Lifetime Quilt #263 
I've named it Ghoulie Girls 
The pattern is Boo by The Pattern Basket
I used miscellaneous fabric from my stash, some Halloween themed some not.
It finished at 54" x 64"
It has approximately 721 pieces 

The ghosts in the floral prints are my favorite.   I studied this pattern for weeks before attempting a ghost block, there are around 40 pieces in each ghost!  It took me an entire afternoon to piece my first ghost, but once I understood how all the pieces fit together my speed improved.  It's a very clever pattern, don't let the details scare you off, just follow the step by step instructions and pay attention to the illustrations and you'll get it.

This is Lifetime Quilt # 264
It's just a mini version of the Boo quilt I pieced above.
It finished at 45" x 50"
It has approximately 414 pieces.

When my daughter saw my finished Boo quilt she ordered a smaller version.  She also requested a white ghost with a black background. I hadn't thought of reversing the fabric but I think it was a very clever idea.

This is Lifetime Quilt #265
The pattern is Happy Harvest by Primrose Cottage Quilts
The fabric is All Hallow's Eve by Fig Tree for Moda
It finished at 34" x34"
It has approximately 173 pieces

I whipped this table topper together in an afternoon using scraps from my All Hallow's Eve medallion kit.  I've heard Moda is reprinting this family of fabric and I'm thrilled with the news.  I've seen several finishes using All Hallow's Eve that I love, I've started my October 2020 to do list already.

Monday, August 5, 2019

A Little Fabric Play . . . . .

Earlier this summer Gerri Robinson asked me if I would be interested in playing with a new fabric line she had designed.  Gerri said she would send the fabric my way and I could make anything I liked.  Who would turn down that offer?  Plus I had pieced several patterns designed by Gerri in the past so I felt good about liking the fabric she would send.

The fabric is Gem Stones by Planted Seeds Designs for Riley Blake.  There are 30 different pieces with this line.  The design is a gradient strip with a small diamond design in an alternate color.

There's a variety of color schemes, like  lovely neutrals  that run dark to light or dark to light to dark, in the same color.
Bold gradient colors in the same color way, 

and other pieces that changed gradient and color.

My favorite piece is named Multi Blue Raspberry.  

I decided a pattern that would show off the different pieces and the gradients would be the best use of the fabric.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 255
The fabric is Gem Stones by Gerri Robinson for Riley Blake
The top finished at 55" x 73"
It has approximately 269 pieces.

Here are a couple of closeup pics to give you a better look at the fabric detail.

The fabric is very rich looking and has a wonderful feel.

This is the type of fabric that does all the work, this is a very simple pattern that really comes to life using this fabric.  I don't think this fabric could make an ugly quilt.

To get a better look at all the pieces in this line click here.

Gerri has designed a sampler quilt and 4 other quilts using this line of fabric, click here to view.

This fabric is available in the usual precuts and yardage now.  Look for it at your favorite quilt shop or online.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Ho Ho Ho, My First Christmas in July Finish . . . . .

I'm off to a great start on my Christmas in July sewing.  

I've had a quilt with nothing but Santa hats floating around in my head ever since I pieced Bonnie's Christmas Cheer quilt pattern.  (LTQ # 235). 

I didn't have a good idea of what I was going for when I started, so I just pieced Santa hats and threw them on my design wall until inspiration hit.

I thought the hats needed some separation so I added the "Ho Ho Ho" and thought I was done.  I liked the nice clean look, but the size bothered me.  It was too long for the width for my taste.  And I thought adding a hat to create rows of 5 hats would overpower the Ho Ho Ho.

So I decided to add some little presents to each side to increase the width.  

And thought it would be fun if the presents danced.  I pieced enough presents to dance down both sides, but decided I liked the look of just the presents on the left, and called it done.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 254
I've named it Ho Ho Ho
It finished at 62 1/2" x 75 1/2"
It has approximately 546 pieces
The red fabric is Sno by Northern Quilts for Moda
The silver stripe fabric is Bonnie and Camille Vintage Holiday for Moda
The Santa hat pattern is by Bonnie at Cotton Way
The present pattern is a freebie from Moda Bake Shop called "Christmas Present" designed by Kristina Brinkerhoff.
The "H' is 11" x 7", the "o" is 6" x 5".  It's just a font I copied from my computer.  

Feel free to copy my idea and make your own Ho Ho Ho quilt, you'll just need Bonnie's pattern for the Santa hat block. 

I'm really motivated to piece as many Christmas tops as possible this month, the more I make the more I have to giveaway.  I have a long list of family and friends waiting for a Christmas quilt, but I'm keeping this one!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Latest Finish

I've had this pattern in my to do pile for ages.  It's by Emma Coutancier and the pattern was in the Simply Modern magazine.

The pattern used templates and was in centimeters so I substituted 3" x 5 1/2" fit to be geese and it all worked out fine.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 253
It finished at 54" x 60"
It has approximately 593 pieces
The pattern is from Simply Modern and is by Emma Coutancier
I didn't see a name on the pattern so I'm going with "Geese a Go Go"
The fabric is by V and Co for Moda

A nice start to my summer sewing.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Loving the red, white and blue . . . .

This spring @redrainbootshandmade started a Stars and Stripes sew-along.  I pieced this quilt designed by Camille for Thimble Blossoms two years ago, Lifetime Quilt # 204.  I enjoyed piecing the quilt and loved having such a patriotic quilt on display for holidays, like the 4th of July, Labor Day and Memorial Day.

Since I had some time to spare before my annual mother/daughter vacation, I decided to sew along, knowing several friends and family members who would also enjoy this quit.  And remembering how easy it was to piece my first Stars and Stripes quilt, a perfect fun and easy diversion.

In the rush of packing and errand running I forgot to take pics of my finishes before sending them off to the quilter.  But today they came back home, thanks Abby at Latimer Lane Quilting, you're the queen of wavy lines and fast service.

Here are Lifetime Quilts 250, 251, and 252.
Each quit finished at 56" x 71", has approximately 138 pieces,  and is made from fabric by Bonnie and Camille for Moda.  The pattern is Stars and Stripes by Thimble Blossoms and available here.  Back just in time to pass along to their new homes before the 4th of July.

Besides my quits arriving home I just got home myself.  If you're a longtime reader of my blog you know that I take an annual vacation with my daughter.  Over the years we've  seen some amazing sights, eaten some delicious food, and laughed our way all over the globe.   This year we visited Peru, a first for both of us.

We saw llamas, alphachas, and lambs aplenty.  We hiked every day and went white water rafting, a first for me.

The weather was absolutely perfect.  Cool in the mornings and pleasant throughout the day.   This was my morning breakfast view at the Sol and Luna Lodge in Sacred Valley.

We could not have picked a better day to visit Machu Picchu.  We had the place to ourselves, which really surprised me.  I had read about and was dreading the reported crowds visiting this amazing lost city.

 This is my favorite pic of the over 1,000 pics we took.  If you've not visited Peru add it to your list.  The people, food, landscape, and history of this country make it worth your time.  We traveled with Adventures by Disney.

When I got home my clothes dryer died on the 2nd load of the 19 waiting to be cleaned and the sewer decided to back up in the basement, real life, real quick.  But things are back to normal now and I'm happy to be home and back in my sewing room with the memories of another wonderful adventure with my daughter, making me appreciate how lucky I really am.