Monday, November 2, 2009

Goodbye Halloween, Hello Thanksgiving . . .

I got all my Halloween decorations packed up over the weekend.

Goodbye Halloween..........and

Hello Thanksgiving...........

I don't really have much in the way of Thanksgiving decorations.

I start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, so I don't really want my decorations battling for space during the month of November.

This was pretty much it.

Until now!!!!! Look what I got back from the quilter last week!!!

Eat More Pie, my September Schnibbles made from Gobble Gobble!

I went with an overall swirling leaves design. I'm not usually an overall pattern type of girl, but the quilter thought this would fit the style of this quilt. Plus, this quilt will only be out one month a year, so why spend the extra on a custom quilting job?

Here it is, all done and hanging over the bannister!!

Every time I finish a quilt top I call my quilter to get on her list, so it's pretty random when I get a call that my turn is up. Technically, this time slot was for a quilt I finished in April, but I got it quilted in July, which was the time slot for a quilt I made in February. So I have a quilt I made in February patiently waiting its turn. That's OK, I'm so glad I get to enjoy Eat More Pie this year!


  1. What a smart idea getting in like that. And the quilt looks great! That is a great place to show off your wonderful work.

  2. I love your Eat More Pie quilt. I didn't notice that part of the quilt when you posted it before. The entire quilt turned out beautifully.

    I don't have too many Thanksgiving decorations either as we are usually at my parents for that holiday. Plus, fall just doesn't work here in Florida. Kind of hard to get excited about the fall colors when we don't get to see the leaves change color. No problem taking down Halloween decorations either as I didn't really have any. Christmas is my favorite.

  3. I love when they come back from the quilter and it gives them a whole new dimension! Your quilt looks (even more) fabulous!

  4. I love this time of year with the seasonal decorations, my mother really gets into it and has Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations that go up as soon as the season starts.

  5. What a great new addition to your Thanksgiving decorations. It's beautiful. Hope you had a safe Halloween!

  6. Love the way your Gobble Gobble quilt turned out. And did you ever have a fast turn around with that quilting job!


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