Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Celebration Continues . . . . .

Wow, thank you all so much for all the lovely comments regarding my first year of blogging. I'm blushing, but am also thrilled to know you've enjoyed my blog and that you look forward to seeing what's going on in my little world.

You know how I said I continue to learn more about this blogging thing as I go, Rachel left me an interesting comment about how I have over 200 Followers on Google Reader! Oh my!! I don't know if I should be flattered or worried, I sure hope I continue to meet your expectations!! If I knew more about Google Reader, I would have a giveaway for all those followers too.....if anyone can clue me in, send me an email. THANKS!!

Lee, my Blogger Follower Winner, has picked these charms packs,

Saltbox Harvest.
I'll get these in the mail to you soon, Thanks Lee!

So, the first order of business when starting a blog is deciding on a name, that is so much easier than it sounds as I found out first hand!!

I had my blog name all picked out and ready to go, "Sew Sassy" but then I found out it was taken.....are you kidding me, I was REALLY wanting that name. My grandmother, whom I'm named after but who never went by Thelma a day in her life, instead went by the name Sassy. OK, so I'll go with my second choice, "Sew What"...taken. I really liked that name, oh well I'll go with my third choice, "Sew Much"...taken, "Sew Special"....taken, "Sew Unique"...taken. UGH!!

OK, I'll drop the "sew" and go with something with "sassy", "Sweet and Sassy"..taken, "Shamelessly Sassy"...taken, "Sassy Southern, Sassy Pink Pepper, Sassy Radish, Sassy Bean"....taken, taken, taken taken. OK, I really wasn't looking to be the Sassy Bean, but you get the message.

Stumped I dropped "sassy" and moved to "pink"...I like pink, as Julie Roberts once said, "Pink is my signature color." "Pink Paisley was not taken but I did not want to get confused with "Pink Paislee" which was...taken. "Pink Cupcake"..taken.

So I dropped pink and worked on something with my favorite flower, gerber or is it gerbera... daisies.....Oh my, what a mishmash of hits that got....anything flower related is popular, with all those flower shops out there.

While googling and searching I stumbled across an i-stock photo of the most adorable cupcake with daisies on top. What a happy little cupcake, who wouldn't like looking at that everyday. So even though my blog will never be about gardening or baking I went with "Cupcakes 'n' 'Daisies", it was available and it had a cute picture ready to paste.

This picture.....

Yes, it was this picture that lead me to pick the name Cupcakes n Daisies!!

In addition to being available, it really is a good fit for me.

I had liked daisies for ages, and everyone knows I like daisies, but when it comes to daisies, what's not to like? I got these flowers for my birthday in July...

And this is the cover of a birthday card I me....

Additionally, I've always really liked cupcakes, and they seem to be very popular right now, the edible kind, with all the cupcake shops popping up everywhere, and the non-edible kind....I've been getting some great ones since I started my blog....

Here are a couple of felt ones, the one with the daisies is perfect.

And this cute cupcake,

is also a pincushion.

So in the end, cupcakes and daisies are cheerful and make me happy, it's just as simple as that. And looking back on it, I'm not really a "Sew Sassy" kind of girl, I'm more of a "Sew Shy" kind of girl, so I guess it all worked out for the best.

Regarding yesterday's post . . .
Throws are by far the most popular quilt size you like to make, not surprising to me, I like that size also and for the same reasons you mentioned, easy to work with, easy to throw over the back of a couch, less expensive to make and quilt. All great reasons. The second most popular size is Queen Size with Baby/Schnibble size coming in third. I totally understand the queen size choice, nothing says "Welcome Home" like a quilt on your bed. But in the end, we all make a quilt because we like it, the size sometimes is just not all that important.

And the winner is.....

Random Number Generator selected # 38 - Melinda at Melinda Quilts Etc.
Congratulations Melinda, let me know what you prefer, the two Stars and Coxcombs charm packs

or the layer cake!

Now for today's giveaway,

Leave a comment letting me know what you like best about your favorite blogs, is it the writing style, the you prefer short and to the point or like the more wordy blogs? What keeps you coming back? Or maybe more importantly, what keeps you away? For me, it's the writing first and the pictures a close second. Two areas I always want to improve on.

Leave a comment by Thursday, August 26th, 5 am, CST to be eligible to win the layer cake of your choice;

Remembrance by Brannock and Patek for Moda

A Simpler Time by Holly Taylor for Moda

or Prayer Flag by April Cornell for Moda.

Thanks for stopping by, for Thursday, another giveaway and a few of my favorite things from the last year!!


  1. Great story about the name of the blog! i had that problem with my reading blog.. everything was taken! ARGGG! I didn't have to give it so many tries as you but it was still upsetting that I couldn't get my first choice. My favorite flowers are daisies too! They are just simple, beautiful and strong. My favorite is the traditional white but yellow daisies come in close 2nd.

    I love blogs with pictures. I'm a very visual person so I tend to skim over long posts but if you break it up with pictures I have an easier time following.

    I just recently stopped following a blog because she had really moved away from talking about things I was interested in (quilting, decorating, reading, and life in general). She mostly talked about her preschoolers and swaps. So after much deliberation I unsubscribed to her feed (I'm one of the google followers). Don't regret it but felt guilty for weeks! LOL!

  2. I love the story of how you got your blog name!! Frustrating but in the end, it all worked out beautifully!! Very fitting. Pictures are the obvious choice, but I also love to read for content. It helps us to learn and really gives a great glimpse of how that individual works. Congratulations, Melinda!

  3. I like the writing & the pictures. I'm new to quilting & especially like the how to tutorials, the what went wrong & how it was corrected & I am really enjoying the many color possibilities. It is fun to read how quilters fit the art into their busy schedules.

  4. Loved your story about choosing your blog name. I really enjoy reading blogs that are written as though you might be talking to a best friend sitting next to you...casual and chatty, and of course pictures too!

  5. Love the story about your blog name. I too love daisies. Love your cupcake pincushions. I'd have to say the blogs I continue to visit and read are those that the blogger reveals things about themself. I love people. I love learning thing about what makes them "tick." That said, I tend to like blogs with large photos. It's so frustrating to try to read a blog with small print and small photos. Ok, it's my middle age eyes, but I hate to strain to see the screen. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us! Your blog is easy to read:)

  6. Writing first and then pictures. I always like to see photos of techniques and new tools and to read about how people came to various decisions in making their projects. I like to hear about the everyday lives of bloggers, as well, because it makes them real people I know better, but I come primarily for the quilting.

  7. I feel famous being mentioned in your blog!! :) I tried to see if there was a way to list the people that followed you through google reader, and I couldn’t see one :( But at least you know your audience is far and wide!

    I love blogs that show pictures of their quilts, I find a lot of inspiration in other people’s finished projects. I also find I enjoy the occasional story about someone’s life. I find I feel more connected to the person. This is something I actually need t work on with my blog, but I think it’s a fine balance. I don’t want to know everything about your life, but bots here and there about the quilting I find very fascinating. It’s nice to know there are real people behind the quilts so to speak. :) I do find if a post is too long, I won’t read the whole thing as I don’t usually have time to, unless the story is really really compelling if it’s longer than 2-3 paragraphs I probably won’t read it word for word.


  8. I enjoy blogs that posts are to the point and yes love those pictures.
    if it gets too wordy and drawn out I find myself skipping it if it didn't hold my interest. I love blogs that are well written and share freely their techniques, sewing tips, and projects on the go
    I don't like having to wait to the quilt is done for someone to share it
    i want to enjoy the process along with the quiltmaker!!!!
    I love the story behind your blog name, thanks for sharing.
    oh and I LOVE cupcakes and well daisies are always my favorite flowers to buy , they last a long time too
    just fresh and make me smile
    Have a great day

  9. Great post! I love blogs with lots of pictures - both in progress and finished quilts. I especially like when posts include decision-making (like the border dilemma you had last week). I love seeing the process of going through the options and then seeing the final result. I'm looking forward to seeing how you finish your quilt (which I really want to make now).

    Deb S.

  10. I love to read blogs that have pictures and is about quilitng, families.... I love reading about the start of your blog-wondered about that! I also love to see pictures of other people's houses!

  11. Fun post...loved hearing about how you got your blog first name choices were taken too...but now I really like what I came up with. I also love the writing in's what first drew me to quilting and inspiration are also wonderful...and I had no idea how many wonderful quilters there were...always willing to share where they found fabric or ideas!

  12. LOL! That was determination to blog!! I am a daisy lover too and chocolate cupcakes...well, we won't go there! The name of your blog is what first brought you to my attention and boy, am I glad it did because I love hanging out with you in blog land:) Pictures are nice but it's the writing that really helps bloggers to make that connection to one a world where we don't have time to socialize in person like in days gone by, making blogging friends and connecting with them serves a vital need in women. I always enjoy reading you, Thelma and I never would have guessed you were shy! And, Shy can be Sassy too! LOL

  13. Thelma, Just a note to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! A year of blogging...Wow, this year went by (as my adorable, prim and proper grandmother would have said) "Like a 'toot' in the wind!" didn't it? As for what keeps me coming to a's mainly that I expect a quilt blog to be about QUILTS!!! I also love to get to know the person and hear about things going on in their life, but the 'quilt speak' and pictures are what really keep me coming back, even if I'm just lurking! It doesn't matter if it's long or short as long as it's fun to read. If it makes me smile, well, that's just an added bonus! Thanks for this fun giveaway week. Hugs coming your way!

  14. I loved reading how you got your blog name. I love it! And I love your blog too - so bright and cheery to come to and your projects are always inspiring. I love the writing in blogs but I also love the pictures. Some days I could spend all day reading but if I'm pressed for time, I just go with the pictures. The pictures are what keeps me coming back I think.

  15. Congratulations Thelma for an excellent blog!!! You and Nicole of Sister's Choice are favorites because you share your quilting expertise and style in picking fabrics, patterns, and tools. Your blog is like an appealing quilt, with excellent writing and attractive pictures that pop! Many thanks!

  16. Your blog name is what got my attention in the first place, Daisies being my favorite flower, and who doesn't love a good cupcake! What kept me coming back was great pictures of the quilt making process, humor and just a little glimpse into your life. If a blog gets too wordy or too personal I lose interest.

  17. Cute story about naming your blog! I visit a variety of blogs for a variety of reasons. That being said I really enjoy those that provide inspiration - lots of quilt related pictures. I don't mind a wordy blog but like it littered with pictures and such.

  18. Happy Anniversary!! I have been following your blog for the last couple of months. You have me inspired! I really like how you approach your quilting in a very thoughtful manner. Your blog is adorable with lots of great ideas. Keep it up!!

  19. I like the "homeyness" (is that really a word) of your blog. Sister's Choice is one I read consistently as well. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  20. What a great story! I am new to blogging and I started reading your blog when you were working on the Toulouse quilt. I have used the same fabric several times and loved how you used it to interpret the Toulouse quilt. You have a great blog site! Happy Anniversary!

  21. I won! Thank you so much. I will send you an email with my address. I would love the have the layer cake!

    I enjoy your blog! I like blogs with photos and love to hear about progress on projects and enjoy insights into people's lives besides their crafting.

  22. thanks again Thelma or should we be calling you Sassy now? I love reading blogs that are quirky, great pictures, easy reading etc. I love blogs that help me with tutorials or ideas. without blogging I don't think I would be back into quilting as much as I am now. It is such a great reference tool and friend finding you and your always so cheery blog!

  23. I had to laugh when I read about your naming troubles--I can sympathize! But, your name is great, and your cupcake pincushion is too wonderful! I come back to blogs that teach me something--either with great pictures showing me a different way of doing something I've tried or wanted to do, a new idea or a new technique. I just like to learn and see how the rest of the world outside my sewing room does things, I guess.

  24. I liked your post! It is hard coming up with a blog name that somebody can actually remember and that says who you are too :) For me a good blog has to have content I am interested in, a good explanation, and mostly it's pictures for me, I get inspired by them :)

  25. Love your name, sorry it took so long to find one. In reading blogs, I love the pictures.

    Marie in Oregon

  26. I am drawn to blogs for the inspiration they give me, whether by pictures or tutorials or how one works out ideas...sort of like how you chose your blog name. That was a very interesting story that I can relate to. Also for a feeling of unity in a common interest. Blogging is great...quilt blogging is even better.

  27. Thelma, I enjoyed hearing the background story of how you came up with your blog name. Who knew it could be so complicated?! but I went through similar issues ;-) I don't know how you find out the number of followers versus google readers or even what the difference is...if you find out, let us know. I love your blog because it has a great balance of words, pictures and personal information...not too much or too little of each. Congratulations again on your anniversary!

  28. I enjoy reading blogs because I like to see what other people are doing. Blogs are like quilt shops, each one is just a little bit different and usually has something you've never seen before, that you just have to do.

    Being a very visual person I like to the point posts that are short/medium and picture heavy.

  29. Thelma, I started reading your blog thanks to a link from Sister's choise. Hmm seems like a few people found you that way. Happy anniversary!

    I like reading blogs that have pictures yes, but what really sucks me in is the writting stile. You are a great writter and really draw your audience in.


  30. Thanks for sharing your story about getting a name for your blog.
    I like blogs that gives inspiration to me and others, so both writing and photos/pictures goes for me...
    About the LC... love the April Cornell one!!

  31. I like to read creatively written blogs, but often it is the photos that make me stop and give the writing a closer inspection, aren't most of us like that? Thank you, sweetie, for keeping the celebration coming!

  32. I LOVE quilt pictures and it's why I started "reading" blogs! Then I got into the stories and now I love reading about everybodies life and why they make what they make- it's fascinating! In the world of facebook and twitter it's nice to know there are still people who have something to say! I love your blog's name- I was lazy with mine!! It's my name- very original!

  33. The first blog I started reading was an air traffic control one (my profession) and the writer was really witty. And then I discovered The Pioneer Woman, also very witty. With those two introductions, I've come to expect good writing. I love seeing pictures of quilts too but I come back for the writing, be it short and sweet or long and complicated, as long as it's interesting and well written, I'm hooked.

  34. First, Happy Bloggiversary, Thelma!

    What I love about blogs are the relationships with the people who write them and the people who read them. It's like reading a book with a favorite character, and the book doesn't end!

  35. I like the blogs that let me get to know about the blogger. Great pictures help. I like ones from really remote places where the reader gets to share that experience.

  36. Congrats on blogging for a year. I wish I could blog more, but I love all your stories. The pictures are great. I like the pictures the most because it help to see fabrics and patterns in maybe something I would never have thought about. It's also nice because sometimes you think wow that person & I should hang out together, because she has my same taste in fabrics.

  37. The overall personality of the blog is what keeps me coming. The pictures pull me in but I don't read much unless I find I usually enjoy the blogger's writing. I enjoy "reading" your blog plus you have great photos of your quilt projects.

  38. I especially like blogs for the inspiration I get from them. I am really inspired lately with your pieced borders and know I'll be trying that soon. I like decorating blogs too and get a lot of ideas from them. So many creative women out there!

  39. I like the process writing and the pictures, bot in process and complete!

  40. I'm a nurse-way too busy to Blog, but really enjoy occasionally reading good Blogs like yours! I think it's all about the ideas+content. Love photos too! I really appreciate all the work most Bloggers go to.

  41. What keeps me coming back to a blog is if the person sounds like a nice person. The world is so full of uglies that if a person sounds nice, talks about quilting, food and pets, then they have my attention! I like someone who doesn't go too long between posts too!

    What a combination, huh?

  42. I keep coming back to your blog and the others I read for inspiration and ideas. I also like the writing style. Wordy ones are fine if you have something to say.

  43. Celebrate good times, come on! Your post just made me want to sing that song!

  44. I like someone who tells a story in their blog--about their quilts or about their life. Pictures are great, too, and often give me inspiration although they sometimes lead to another fabric purchase! I recently unsubscribed to a blog because the person who writes it makes the same quilt over and over. She really likes a certain fabric line and uses it in every quilt--just in different settings. I didn't feel as I was learning anything new about her. And athough it won't necessarily make me unsubscribe, I don't like music on blogs and will always mute my computer if music starts playing while I read.

  45. I like blogs that are positive, inspirational and upbeat. Most of the blogs I read are quilt/craft related, but I also read a few teachers, self improvement and other misc things.
    I DO hate when music automatically starts to play. Usually it is quiet when I am reading and that just startles the heck out of me

    I loved the story of how your blog was named... when I named mine I was thinking along the line of an empty nest.... cat lady..... quilting... and my name just seemed to pop into my head. Guess my muse was whispering to me!!
    Thanks for the wonderful give away.

  46. Loved reading your post Thelma! I like posts where I get to know the blogger better, and I like photo's and quilt stories or posts about the project someone is working on. I guess I like both photo's and reading! LOL Love the layer cakes!

  47. I love the story of how you came up with your blog name. I really enjoyed hearing about your grandmother.

    What attracts me to a blog? Content. Photos. I like blogs that have a little bit of everything. I enjoy reading a bit about their personal lives as it helps me to get to know someone. Not a requirement though as I understand that's simply not what some want to talk about. I particularly like your photos. Always so crisp and sharp.

    What I don't like? Loads of self promotion. Music on blogs (but I can use the mute button for that).

  48. That is a great question! What I like about my favorite blogs:

    Not always the same topics. I like when the blogger lets you in on their life a little. Their humanity and quirks. What it is like in their part of the world. Their plans. Humor.

    I love when someone shares a brilliant new sewing idea - especially quilt or kid related. And if it is a tutorial or free pattern, even better!

    The best blogs are also the ones that aren't just trying to get you to buy their stuff.

  49. Happy Anniversary! I love hearing your stories.

    I would say what draws me to a blog is the writing and the pictures - depends on the type of blog. Many quilting blogs I follow I started out liking because of all the pictures of their projects, but once you start reading and getting to know the person I love the writing. It is always fun to hear a personal story, see what is going on in their life etc. Makes me feel more like we're friends then just browsing a site!

    I have to say I love the pictures of all your projects. So inspiring that you get so much done! I am constantly in awe over what you've got going on and I especially enjoy how you change patterns up. You should be writing your own!

    Congrats again on your anniversary! Great giveaways!

  50. Sorry I'm late in the celebration, but it's been a great year. I read your blog faithfully, and I absolutely love it. Your quilts are the best, and I've said all this so many times! Thank you for all the inspiration. I've mentioned you and your blog today in my post on the Fons & Porter watermelon quilt.

    Looking forward to more great quilts from you!

  51. Happy anniversary (again!). I love to read blog posts with pictures and decisions about quilts and new acquisitions and learning a little bit about the author. I especially like to see new patterns that probably don't make it everywhere in the U.S. I don't much care for the posting-20-times-a-day blogs. And I don't care to be *SURPRISED* by music, but I've learned to keep the button on mute permanently.

  52. That was interesting to read people's comments about what they like in a blog. The blogs I visit most often are a combination of mostly quilting content, updated frequently, well written, some humour and life stories, informative and inspiring, and I really like good photography.

  53. Some interesting answers about what draw people to a blog. I like ones with good pictures and where the writing reveals the authors personality. I want to feel like I'm making a friend when I follow their blog and that I'm getting to know them better. Just my 2 cents.


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