Friday, January 20, 2012

First Finish for 2012 . . . . .

My Starry Eyed quilt is done. Although, I'm not calling my project Starry Eyed, mine is called Countdown to Christmas. That's just what I've always called it in my head, I know, that's the fabric name not the pattern name, but when this quilt is out, I'll be counting down to Christmas so I think it suits.

The last time I blogged about this quilt someone left a comment about my wonky stars not being so wonky! I followed the directions to a "t" but somehow mine all came out looking the same!! I'm a neat freak even when I'm not trying to be a neat freak!

Just in case you missed my earlier posts regarding this project here's the lowdown:
I used Angela from Fussy Cut's Moda Bake Shop pattern, Starry Eyed. The pattern called for 16 inch finished blocks, 4 across by 5 down. I increased my block size to 18 inches and went 5 blocks across by 5 blocks down. My quilt finished at 90" x 90".

The fabric is Countdown to Christmas by Sweetwater for Moda. It took an entire fat quarter bundle plus almost 4 yards of background fabric to make this quilt.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 78 and my first finish for 2012.

This quilt has exactly 999 pieces.

I usually come up with some change for most patterns I sew, sometimes just a little tweaking, other times a complete overhaul. I felt that this pattern was perfect just the way it was, so other than changing up the size a little, my quilt pretty much looks like everyone else's, which drove me crazy. So I made one little change, just to be different, but I won't tell you what it is, see if you can spot it.

I made my quilt bigger to fit my guest room bed, once it's quilted I think it will be a near perfect fit.

One of the reasons I bought this bed was the interesting feature of being able to change the fabric in the headboard. I bought additional yardage to cover the headboard when I have this quilt out.

I decided to go with this piece of fabric.

I looked forward to making this project from the first time I saw it, last summer. It was a fun project and went together quickly and easily. I asked Angela about creating a site where we can see all the quilts made using her pattern, a popular request according to Angela. She plans to share the photos as soon as she has time and will blog about it when it's ready. I can hardly wait to see some projects made with fabric other than Countdown to Christmas.


  1. beautiful quilt and I love the headboard.
    I found the surprise but emailed you so others can find it on their own
    Have a great weekend

  2. Thelma, this quilt is drop- dead gorgeous! Absolutely stunning! I think if I were you, I'd sleep in the spare room counting down to Christmas all year long!

  3. Very successful !
    My quilted Eventide is in the mail to my house, yeah !!! Blogged soon...

  4. I love it! I've got no idea what the surprise is but as yours is the only one I've seen it's not a pattern I know well...

  5. I Love it Thelma!! I'm glad it doesn't look too wonky.

  6. What a wonderful guest room and the quilt really makes it special.

  7. Including a light-dolor square piece in each of the "square blocks" - as if there was an "opening" in each block, is very unique looking - not sure if intentional, but I sure like it. Very beautiful quilt and especially with a red headboard. Judy C

  8. I love your quilt Thelma! It's been on my wish list too but it's not going to happen anytime soon:(

  9. Thelma,
    It is beautiful!! I wouldn't want to wait until Christmas to display it! I wonder how many quilts you will make this year :) I still think you sew in your sleep!
    The headboard is fabulous! Changing the fabric is a wonderful idea. I love the fabric you chose for it ... perfect!
    You are a perfectionist ... wish I was!

  10. I love this top and can't wait to see it quilted. I would love to make this design myself but it will just have to go on the list for later.

  11. oh wow its so wonderful love your top, and great fabric, bad christmas is over lol


  12. It's a great countdown to Christmas it!

  13. Oh, golly, Thelma, it is terrific! I'm still in the early cutting-out stages, having had to be out every single night this week. Hoping tomorrow to put in some time on this quilt. Congratulations on a gorgeous finish!

  14. Great job Thelma! I see your surprise but I do not want to ruin it for everyone ;-) I finished my just Finished my Starry eyed quilt too a couple of days ago and posted it on my blog

  15. Ok, I give. I have compared and I just can't see it. This is driving me crazy!!!

  16. That quilt absolutely sparkles!! It's eye catching and beautiful - thanks for sharing.

  17. I love it! The bigger blocks really work well too...I think much better than if you left the blocks the same size and added even more rows. Did you go with a white white for your background?

    Great job! And...your piece count always makes me smile!

  18. What I like most about your quilt compared to original is that you made it symmetrical and balanced with five stars across the top instead of four. To me it looks evenly weighted, if that makes any sense at all. I am a girl who loves symmetry and balance! Way to go. Oh yeah, you need to tell us what your change is and soon so I can quit trying to find it! :-)

  19. I really love your quilt. Your blog caught my eye when I saw you had mentioned Quilts Plus...that is my closest quilt shop.

  20. Another beautiful quilt to add to your collection Thelma! It's going to look great on the bed in your guest room. BTW, love that bed! When Christmas rolls around again, maybe you could show this quilt again with the new fabric on the head board?


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