Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Book Tour - Day Two

Welcome to day two of my book tour for Monique Dillard's latest book, "Traditional Fat Quarter Quilts".

Of the eleven projects in the book, I picked Pyramid for my project. Monique named all the projects in the book after solitaire card games. Growing up, we weren't really a card playing family, Yahtzee yes, cards, maybe some Crazy Eights but that was about it. While I was working on Pyramid the quilt I got to thinking about Pyramid the card game and looked it up. It's fun!

It's a fairly simple game, goes fast, and I win more than I don't. I found the rules at Wickepedia, click here if you're in the mood for a little Pyramid solitaire!

So here's a nice close-up view of Monique's blocks for her Pyramid.

She chose 4 different blue fabrics, 4 different brown fabrics, and 4 different red fabrics for her blocks. I changed mine up a little.

I went with one green, one brown and one red fabric for the outer pieces of the block but went scrappy for the center block.

Here's what my block looks like!

The response to yesterday's book tour post was wonderful, thanks so much for stopping by and talking about your vacation, or lack of vacation, plans. Talking about vacation reminded me of the time I asked a co-worker if they had a nice vacation after he'd been out of the office for a week, he said, "we left town with the kids, there's nothing about that that's a vacation"! Some of you are in the same boat. Deb shared that not only is she gong to Ireland, she's attending a quilt show there! That's pretty much my definition of a perfect vacation. Several folks are looking forward to vacations with family. I take a vacation every year with just my daughter, we've yet to pick a place or a date but I'm counting the days!

- Contest now closed - 

Yesterday's response was so good I decided to give another book away for today. So if you've not done so, leave a comment on yesterday's blog for an entry for one book and leave a comment today for a chance to win the another book.

For today's comment I would love to know how much time you get to spend on quilting, what's your weekly average? I don't spend much time in my sewing room on the weekends, my daily goal is two hours, and I get that most days, some days more, so I would say I get to spend 15 hours a week working on a project. I'm retired so my days are pretty much mine to do as I please. Some weeks I get in more time if my husband is traveling and Cooper cooperates. So what's your number?

Today, Lisa/Stashmaster is blogging about her project, Spider, and also giving away a book, be sure to stop by!

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