Thursday, April 5, 2012

Moving Right Along . . .

So what's a quilter to do after finishing one quilt, move on to the next!
I usually sit down the first of each year and plan out my quilt projects for the entire year, as of yet I've not gotten around to doing that, instead I'm just going with what suites me when it's time to start another project, so far it seems to working out great, and here's the project I picked for April.

This is Settler's Trail, designed by Kathy Borgardt, for Primitive Gatherings.
I probably wouldn't have looked twice at this pattern if it was hanging on a wall with all the other patterns. But I saw the quilt at Primitive Gatherings when I was in the shop last fall, and it really grabs your attention. After I seeing the quilt I went looking for the pattern.

This quilt finishes at 50" x 59", and is made using, are you ready, 6,523 one inch squares. This will be a new personal record for me. "Oh Christmas Tree" has my current record of 4950 pieces.

My one inch strips are cut, I went with an assortment of civil war fabrics that have small prints. I used my Go Cutter to cut these strips, it went fast and the strips are accurate. I'm hoping the accurate strips at the beginning of this project pays off down the road.

Besides this project I'm planning to make "Summer Day", Sinta and Sherri's Schnibbles of the month, plus crank out a few blocks for my "Memories of Provence" BOM. That's enough to keep me busy and out of trouble, I think!

I was so happy that 145 folks were interested in my Simple Abundance leftovers. That fabric is too pretty to be on my shelf and not in your quilt. As far as the food goes, desserts, sweets, and chocolate were very popular, so was pizza. Enough folks left comments about rhubarb pie that I plan to try it one more time. But Rennie, your favorite food, raw haring and raw onions, there's nothing that would convince me to give that a try!

The winner is Bonnie, Institches with Bonnie. Bonnie's favorite food is cookies, who doesn't love a good cookie, not me!

If you've not done so, go check out Bonnie's blog and read about her behind the scenes quilt tour at the Smithsonian Institute. It's very fascinating. There's a quilt there by Martha Washington, and it's a UFO!! Unfinished quilt projects from the 1700's, some things never change!

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