Friday, May 11, 2012

More Boring Settler's Trial Update Blocks . . .

It's going to take these . . . 

to make boat load of these!

I probably should have used strip sets to make these blocks, but I wanted to make sure they were super scrappy, and now they will be.

While in Paducah at the AQS quilt show I signed up for a couple of classes.  One class was "Tid Bits of Handowrk" with Pat Sloan.

Here's Pat with one of her amazing quilts.  It was a wonderful and relaxed class.  I'm always happy if I learn one new thing at a class,  I learned several things in this class.   We tried different types of appliqué, different size needles, different widths of thread and discussed all kinds of interesting quilty topics.

It's a perfect class to sign up for at a show, where things are hectic and your time is limited.  No big project to start and not finish, just a few new tid bits of techniques.  When I described my class to a friend she called it a "toolbox class".  Where you learn new things to add to your toolbox, a perfect description.

So this is what we played with,

the outer heart is stitched with the seam finger pressed under, 
the inner heart is stitched with a raw edge.

Here's a close-up of my different stitches using different threads.

That little wool circle, that's the first time I've ever messed with wool.  I cut it out and stitched it down.  How fun, just enough of a taste to convince me that I need to learn more.

Pat has a wonderful book that pretty much covers everything I learned in class and more. 

I bought one for me and one to giveaway to you.  Pat was even nice enough to sign it.   I think you'll enjoy the fun patterns and projects in the book.

With my 100th quilt project just around the corner, I've been wondering if there is a certain pattern or style of quilt that a quilter should have on their resume, especially a resume with 100 quilts.  What do you think, is there a quilt we all should make, and if so , what do you think it is?

- Contest Now Closed -

Just leave a comment on this blog or send me an email ( before Monday with your thoughts on this subject to be eligible to win.  

I'm spending Mothers Day weekend with my daughter, my idea of a perfect weekend anytime of year but particularly fun this weekend.  

Best wishes to all the Mothers out there.

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