Friday, January 10, 2014

2013 Summary

I finished 23 quilt tops in 2013.  I like to average one finish a month and I sure exceeded that goal, but last year I made more smaller projects than ever before, which I think is a good thing, more opportunities to experiment and play.

I have an eclectic mix of finishes, I can't say that I really have a style, but I love them all, the traditional prints and patterns, the traditional patterns made from more modern fabric, and all the bright colors that really spoke to me this year.

I won't talk about all 23 finishes, but if you're  curious just go to "My Second 100 Quilts" tab, I started the year with 100 and finished with 122.

Something else that I made, that is not on my official list, is my bag.  Yes, I made my first bag in 2013.

I keep patterns, quilt books, and quilt magazines that I want to read in this bag and leave it hanging on the doorknob on my sewing room door.  Anytime I'm heading someplace where I may have a spare minute, like the beauty shop or dentist office, I grab this purse, throw in my iPad, and I'm good to go.  I carry it somewhere at least once a week.  I've gotten several compliments on it and I'm pleased with the handles, they're showing no signs of wear.

Out of my 23 finishes I made pattern changes to 12 of them and created my own pattern for 4.  That leaves 7 finishes that are exactly like the pattern.

While I do enjoy changing a pattern, to  make it more mine, sometimes it's just hard to improve on perfection, I feel that way about these quilts in particular.

Carolina Lily

and Coastal Lily.

Additionally, of the 23 quilts I finished, twelve were sew-alongs, more than half.  I love sewing along with other quilters and really got into the spirit of it in 2013.  Here are a few of my favorite sew along quilts.

Autumn in my Garden

Summer Wind


Christmas Round and Round

Shower Shuffle.

I pieced my first quit using a black background last year and loved it.

Morning Joe

Of the quilts that I designed myself, these are my favorites, 

Happy HST 

and Hocuspocusville.

Although for Hocuspocusville, I have several reasons to love this quilt besides its design, the stitched blocks were a gift from a friend and it's very different from any other quilt I have.  The only downside to this quilt is that it's a seasonal quilt and not out on display year round.

Of quilts that I changed the pattern on, these are a couple of  my favorites, 


where I added the geese and pinwheel stems, 
and Canasta, 

where I changed the center of the blocks and made a few extras, the "bikini basket block" is still my favorite.

So on my last post I talked about how I started but didn't finish 6 projects last year.  When I started reviewing my blog, and counting the projects that I did finish in 2013, I didn't feel so bad about not finishing 6.

And now for the numbers of 2013.  My finished quilts had a total of approximately 21,849 pieces and if you connected all the quilts you would have a top that finished at 1,363" x 1,446".  If you lined them up on a football field you would almost get to the 40 yard line.

Of all the the things that I remember from my 2013 quilting year, the thing I remember the most, I had a fun year, who could ask for more than that.  That's what I'm shooting for this year too, because as I have frequently said, it's not my job, it's my hobby.


  1. Thelma all your quilts are so beautiful I have also had a fun sewing year you have helped to get me out of my comfort zone and I think i am a better piecer now thanks so much for your help ii am putting together the hst now and hope to blog about them soon but blogger wont let me post pic for some reason
    have a great day

  2. Nantucket is my favorite in this batch. Keep on rolling!

  3. I've never gone back and looked at all of your quilts until this morning. Such amazing quilts. I challenged myself to pick a favorite and couldn't decide on just one, so I picked Oh, Christmas Tree and Victory Garden. It was a tough choice because there were about 121 others that were also favorites! Happy quilting in 2014 as you're heading toward that touchdown!!

  4. They are all great! Wow you were busy! Gotta say I love that pinwheel quilt! Stunning!

  5. What a fantastically fun quilty year!

  6. Wonderful year-in-review post. I love going back and looking at all your quilts. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  7. What a stunning year's worth of work! You are such an inspiration and you make it look so easy!
    Karen L.

  8. INSPIRATIONAL! Thanks for all the eye candy! Wow! Love the year in review! Was much fun to see the quilts! And of course I want to make all of them now too! :O) Way to go!!! And I am coveting that bag! Carrie ran out of kits and I was so bummed!

  9. I love mathematical statistics like that, although I probably wouldn't have compared it to a football field. How funny! Thanks for the reminder that for many of us, quilting is a hobby. Sometimes I feel pressured to get a quilt done and move on to the next one and I needed the reminder.

  10. Wow...some very wonderful quilts done this year and those are great are right about the joy of quilting compared to being a job. Love every minute of it!....and now on to 2014 and can't wait to see your projects this year!!!

  11. You had a terrific 2013!! Couple of my favorites from your batch - your tote (love it and bought handles to make my own. Just need to get some FQs) and your version of Morning Joe with the black background. So striking! Happy 2014! Here's to 23 more finishes this year.

  12. You accomplished so much and love all your projects! I can only imagine what 2014 holds for you. You are so inspiring!

  13. What a wonderfully creative year you had - I can't wait to see what you make this year! I love your bag, I'm off to see if Carrie sells the pattern...

  14. All gorgeous, beautiful and creative!!! An amazing year of quilts! And that's a lot of math and numbers!! lol. You are such a numbers gal! Brings a smile to my face!!

  15. I especially loved your setting for the 2013 Blogger Girls quilt. I have that design earmarked to 'steal' for a quilt finish of my own - hopefully soon. Your blog is eye candy and I look forward to your posts every week! Thank you! Jennifer Gwyn

  16. Nice following along with what your sewing. You are such an inspiration.

  17. Wow-thats all I can say. You are amazing. Love your quilts.

  18. As always, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! I have to remind myself too sometimes, that this is my hobby :-)

  19. WOWSER !!!! What a wonderful of year of quilts you had ! I enjoyed watching you make all of them and can not wait to see what you have planned for 2014 :-D

  20. Wow! What recap of a fabulous year!! I really enjoyed following along and thank you for sharing each one. I wish they were all in my collection!!

  21. You had a great year with beautiful finishes! Dulcinea was a favorite with the addition of the stems. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2014!

  22. Love them all! Funny that the bikini block is the first one I think of when I see canasta...too cute!

  23. You accomplished ALOT in 2013 Thelma. Congratulations and best wishes for an equally successful 2014.

  24. Wow, your 2013 quilts are outstanding- I love the eye candy, especially Nantucket and Hocuspocusville (I'm a sucker for Halloween quilts). I always enjoy visiting your blog to see what's next; rock on for 2014!


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