Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dresden Doilies Finish

Dresden Doilies is done, finally!  I started this quilt July of 2013.  I had no trouble piecing the Dresden blocks, and no trouble machine appliquéing the 16 large blocks, but when the large blocks were connected I had a horrible time machine appliquéing the smaller blocks.  I just could not navigate all that bulk around and through my machine.  I was so unhappy with my machine appliqué effort I decided to hand appliqué the smaller blocks.  Every now and then I would stitch a few blocks down but I wasn't very happy with how they looked either.  Finally I decided this top was too cute not to be quilted and done so I decided to try the machine appliqué again.  My second try was more successful, probably because the blocks were stitched down by hand.  It took 4 days and I felt like I was wresting an elephant, but they're on and they look good, or good enough, lol!

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 136
The pattern is Dresden Doilies by Gerri Robinson and was in the September/October 2011 McCalls Quilting magazine.
It finished at 60" x 60"
It has approximately 971pieces

It's been so long since you've seen it,  I thought you would be interested in seeing the original pattern.  I still like the look of this low volume version but like my happy version too.

So at the beginning of the year I had six UFO's.  Now that I've finished Dresden Doilies  I only have 3 UFO's remaining,

Temecula mini basket sew along,

mini churn dash blocks,

and Clown Pants.

Now that Dresden Doilies is done I think I'm going to start working on Clown Pants.

Miss Rosie Quilt Co Giveaway Recap - I thought you would like to know which MRQ Co patterns were the crowd favorites.  We all agreed on one thing, picking a favorite was a hard decision.
Here are the totals for the Little Bites:
Slice - 27
Whit - 25
Sample - 16
Ort - 13
Trace - 9
Grain - 8
Scintilla - 6
Titch - 5

Here are the totals for the big quilts:
Crop Circles - 22
Seven Letters - 15
Harvey - 12
Double Dutch - 4
Sugarboo - 3
Zoom - 2

Personally I am shocked that Harvey didn't get 153 comments!

Sandy at Textile House won the Little Bites prize package.

Sew Kind of Wonderful Giveaway - I loved reading all about your summer plans, and am downright green with envy over some of the trips you are planning.  But even the few of you who are staying home this summer have home decorating, reorganizing, or cleaning plans, so far I do not, but that is a really good idea.  I still have plenty of time to get a few things done around this house that need to be done, so thanks for the motivation.  Vicky at LA Quilter is the winner of the Quick Curve ruler.

I have one more Market post and giveaway coming, look for it later in the week.


  1. I made a dot quilt top years ago; your Clown Pants reminds me of it. When I was working at a CPA firm this past tax season, every time I got paperwork with colored plastic-covered paperclips, I set them aside in a pile. Someone asked me why I didn't use them. I told her they remind me of clown pants.

    How many Churn Dash blocks do you need to make? I love this block as well as the red/white combo, but I don't dare start another UFO.

  2. What a great finish to Dresden Doilies and looks fabulous. You really are making progress in your to do list of UFO's and looks like you will get there by the end of the year.
    Spectacular finish and congrats on a GREAT finish!

  3. Oh, wow! Thelma, thank you! I was just telling someone how fearless you are about trying new techniques and that I wanted to follow you into the curved piecing arena! Oh, my goodness, I'm so excited! Thank you so much!

  4. Congratulations to your winners and congrats to you for completing a UFO.

    I love your dresden doilies and you must be proud that you didn't give up. The quilt turned out beautifully!

  5. Congratulations on finishing your Dresden Doilies Quilt ! It is AMAZING and a true labor of love quilt :-D

  6. Your happy version of Dresden Doilies is fantastic! I feel for your struggling to machine the applique down, I once broke a needle on my machine because of the bulk. Congrats to the giveaway winners!

  7. I love your Happy Doilies... so glad you stuck with it and finished!
    One thing I know for sure from today's post is that you love red :)
    Not that it was ever a secret! LOL

  8. I love the way the red background really brings out the colors in the Dresden Doilies. And how you designed the larger ones to have more of a pinwheel effect. It's really lovely.

  9. That quilt really must have been hard to wrestle under your machine. Do you applique with an open toe foot? It made all the difference in the world for me. It makes it so much easier to see. I see I've missed a great giveaway! I want to add my two cents in...Seven Letters is my favorite pattern and this summer we are putting sprinklers, sod and an above ground pool. I'm looking forward to cutting grass again! :-) Have a great day!

  10. Congratulations on the finish of your Dresden doilies. As they say, sometimes finished is better than perfect! Looking at your remaining UFO's, it occurs to me that you could knock out two at once by combining the Churn Dash blocks with the Clown Pants blocks and another red or black fabric into one quilt top. That frees you up sooner for a new quilt!


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