Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Metro Scope And QCR Sew Along Update

So I've started making  my Metro Scope.  So far so good.

Right off I'm changing my version up a little.  I'm going through a square quilt phase and if I add one more row of blocks I"ll get a quilt that finishes at 76" x 76", my favorite and perfect size.

Since I'm making 16 Metro Scope blocks, I paired up 32 pieces of my Persimmon fabric for the outer ring and corner squares.

This is my first block.  Before I cut all the pieces of a pattern I make one inspiration block to make sure all the sizes and instructions are correct.  This block is 19 inches, a big block.  But it went together perfectly.  You need to carefully read and follow the pattern directions, but there's nothing tricky about this block, it  was a piece of cake.

So I've picked up several quilt along followers, (what's a parade without some parade watchers?) and some quilt along joiners.  Here are the folks I've heard from that are joining, Lisa and Nicole have heard from some quilters too, let me know if you would like to be added to our list.

Vicky at LA Quilter is starting her project next weekend.
Kristen at Meadowbrook is going to start Metro Lattice as soon as her ruler arrives.
Diana is going to be sewing Metro Rings with a twist which is her third QCR quilt (Diana, send me a link to  your blog or email address, Thanks!)
Dawn is going to start Dancing Churndash just as soon as the pattern is available. (Dawn, keep me posted, I don't have your email address.)


  1. You made this look so easy! Crossed fingers here!

  2. Love your fabrics! Block looks awesome! I think it will be such a pretty quilt when it is done.

  3. Such a cool block! You may tempt me yet to start another project!!

  4. I'm going to join the quilt along too! I'm going to be starting Metro Rings as soon as the rest of my fabric arrives. This will be my first QCR project!

  5. Your block is amazing!! Can't wait to get started!!!!

  6. I am doing Metro Rings too with a twist on mine. Thinking I will make the curved piece stringy and see how that works out. Have the fabric, have the ruler, have the pattern, now just need the time!

  7. I'm still searching where to buy this ruler...nothing in France, one quiltshop in UK and other in US, but I hope it will be send without breakage...

  8. Your block is beautiful! Great inspiration. I can't wait to see more blocks/quilts finished with this ruler.


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