Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Quick Curve Ruler Sew Along Update

So here's my Metro with no Lattice.  I think I  may be done.  A friend suggested I add side borders, but right now I like having the border on the top and bottom only.  There's just something about the simplicity of this top that appeals to me.  I wonder sometimes if our quilts don't reflect what's going on in our lives.  Right now I'm juggling some home improvement projects and wonder if my desire for calm is coming out in my quilt.  I'll think about it and let me know what you think too.

But for right now this is Lifetime Quilt Number 140
It finished at 65" x 71"
I made 41 blocks
The pattern is Metro Lattice by Sew Kind of Wonderful.  I did not add the sashing and set the blocks on point.
The fabric is Persimmon by BasicGrey for Moda
It has approximately 514 pieces.

Diana Young sent me several photos of her Metro Rings.

Diana is going with a fractured Metro Rings look  that I'm really loving.

And here is Mickey's progress.

Which I think is looking great.

Nicole is going to town on several QCR projects, I hope you're following her blog, I think she had the first official finish.  Check out Sister's Choice in my blog list if you've missed her progress.

Vicky/LA Quilter and Kristen/Meadowbrook also posted some updates on their blogs this week of their progress.  They are also in my blog list so check them out if you happened to miss their updates on Monday.


  1. I love how you made this quilt your own. its beautiful , can't wait to see how you choose to quilt it. Kathie

  2. Love this one, Thelma! So stunningly simple! And, yes, I think our making does reflect our needs and life!

  3. Fabulous Thelma!!! I love how they look circular and then you can see the petals too! I may just have to try another one that way!

  4. The clean, simple look of your quilt is appealing to me, too, right now. My Metro Scope is still out on my sewing table. I decided that I'm going to tackle the wayward beast this weekend!

  5. I like what you did with the "no lattice" as well as the border on top and bottom only. Thinking outside the box! I want to give this ruler another try, after I finish my current monster project.

  6. It is your quilt - if you think it is done - IT'S DONE!!!!

    Personally, I like the simplicity of it - and it is a calming quilt, nice and, well, I can just see a person reading a book, having a hot tea or a coffee, enjoying a nice soft breeze and possible sitting under it outside in a comfy lawn chair, but that is just me!! ;)

    Now, go finish it up and enjoy it!!!!

  7. Wow. I love the cathedral look that comes out with this setting. Applause!

  8. I'm just loving all the different versions! Yours has a cathedral window look to it, love it! Thanks for sharing everyone's progress, it's so fun to watch!

  9. It's amazing how each of these quilts look so different! I am studying them trying to see how they work... so fun!

  10. Beautiful quilt Thelma ! Another great finish :-D


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