Friday, August 1, 2014

Super Nova - Failure to Finish

So this is the pattern that has been occupying my time and thoughts, day and night, for the last week.

As you may recall, I was a little worried about my background, I knew I wanted something different, but probably not as different as what was used in the pattern.

So I decided to use Terra Australis by Emma Jean Jansen for my print fabric and Peppered Cotton Fog for my background fabric.  

This is the first block I pieced.  And while I think this bock is very pretty, and I feel confident that Terra Australis would make a very pretty Super Nova, I wasn't going for pretty, I was wanting something with more energy. 

So I tried something different.

This fabric is by Alison Glass for Andover.  Not only are these prints more vibrant, the background fabric is more of what I had in mind when I started.  (The background fabric is snow globe, had 19 yards the last time I checked. (click here)

Once I was happy with my fabric choice the top went together like a dream.  Although there is a learning curve to working with such large pieces.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 143
The pattern is Super Nova from Kathy Doughty's book Adding Layers
The fabric is by Alison Glass for Andover.
It finished at 72" x 84"
It has approximately 143 pieces.

Next up, Harvey!  I've been waiting since Market for this pattern to be available, and now it is. (click here).   I see a great big basket quilt in my future!  I think you need one too!


  1. Your final fabric choices are phenomenal! I especially love your background print.

  2. I love the type of fabric you are using in the background on this.... I always try to have about 5 yards of that type of yardage because you can do so much with it.

  3. I think I would feel like Alice in Wonderland sewing such large pieces when I am so used to little pieces! Great job!

  4. Love the Supernova quilt...your fabric choices are spot on. Thanks for the heads up on Harvey...I've been waiting not so patiently for this one. Off to download.

  5. That is an awesome quilt and the background fabric is a perfect fit. Great finish.

  6. Love it! That is such a perfect background, really perked it up :)

  7. You have set the bar for Super Nova with your rendition. This is marvelous.

  8. I love this! It is vibrant and interesting without being too 'out there' ( which Kathy Doughty's quilts often are!) great job!!!

  9. would love to hear your insights on constructing large blocks. my biggest ruler is 15" square; i usually have to square up my blocks (inaccurate piecing and cutting--oh well :-) but if the block finishes larger than 15" square, i'm not sure what to do. thanks--as always, i look forward to reading your blog!

  10. Great pattern, and I like the colors you chose and the background fabric! It looks like one of those patterns you have to sew and layout as you go so you can see the interplay of the fabrics and different sizes as you go?!

  11. This looks great! I love the background you ended up using! It's perfect for those fabrics!!!!!

  12. the quilt is lovely as usual you got me thinking about a big star
    andim on thatpattern like white on rice !
    right now im still on qcr baby hoops should go quickly and the binding on my braid obsession is back from the quilters be up on my blog sood

  13. This quilt is so pretty and fresh! I love the fabric and the huge blocks! Gorgeous :-)

  14. beautiful - much prettier than the cover of the pattern. I noticed Alison's fabric a couple of weeks ago - love the colors and this is probably the prettiest thing I've seen done with the fabric!


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