Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MBB Follow-up and winner

So on my last post,  for the Moda Modern Building Blocks pattern giveaway, I asked for you to share your favorite quilt block.  When I was writing the post I almost added that in addition to Goose in a Pond being my all time favorite block ( just barely above any basket block) my least favorite block is the churn dash.   There were a variety of blocks listed as favorites, some I knew, some I did not, that did not surprise me.  The fact that of the comments that did list a favorite block, Churn Dash was the most popular.  Nine commenters specified Churn Dash as their favorite.  The next most popular was 9 patch, and it got half as many shout outs.  Churn Dash, really??

Out of the 144 quilts that I've finished, I have one Churn Dash quilt in my list.  And it was a sample for market.  And then I remembered I had never blogged about this quilt!  Here's the one picture I have of that quilt. (upper left corner)

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 133
The pattern is Zoom by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co
The quilt finished at 71" x 71"
The fabric is Daydream by Kate Spain for Moda.
It has approximately 637 pieces.

This quilt was made using charm squares, but could also easily be used from scraps or jolly bars.  I enjoyed making the top and it went together easily.  I have no idea why I forgot to blog about it, maybe because it's not a top made from Goose in the Pond blocks, lol.    Whether or not you love churn dash blocks, you'll love the way these blocks are pieced.  The pattern is available here.

Kristy was the pattern winner, the Kristy that listed Tree of Life as her favorite block, I think there was more than one Kristy.

Some other blocks listed as favorites more than once were Swoon ( can't argue that one) Bear Paw and Log Cabin.  There were also some other traditional blocks mentioned, Wedding Ring, Flying Geese and Feathered Star.  I had to look up few favorites, Double Aster, Weathervane, Clays Choice, and New York Beauty. I liked them all, thanks for sharing an unusual choice.  I enjoyed seeing the new blocks.  Maybe I'll have to make another sampler top!


  1. oh how I do love a churn dash they are so easy and made from precuts a breeze I made a baby quilt for a cleaning lady at my husbands work and wanted to keep it I am going to make a king from a dots layer cake

  2. I'm working on the Nested Churn Dash and I love it.

  3. I happen to like churn dash blocks too! great quilt
    congrats to Kristy…

  4. I look at Churn Dash as a basic simple quilt or a frame around little stitcheries or a filler row in a medallion quilt but still an old recognizable block. I think nothing says "Quilt" like the Ohio Star block.

  5. hmmmmm ... something ate my comment again ... what did i say? let's see...

    FINALLY!!! Someone Else who isn't crazy about the Churn Dash block ... i think you just might be my Sister from another Mister ... and i THINK that i wrote that your MBB quilt is as Fabulous as i thought it would be with all those Polka Dots ... i LURVE polka dots ... hmmm i think that is all ... but, just in case THIS comment disappears, too, i'm gonna copy it so i can remember what i said...

  6. I don't dislike Churn Dash blocks but I do like them on point better. Or with another Churn Dash nestled inside.

  7. I have never, ever made a churn dash block. I'm thinking there is a reason why!!! If I ever get my farmers wife started, I'll make one for that.

  8. I am looking forward to making the Moda quilt. Thanks again Thelma. Always enjoy your blog and your generous giveaways. K-

  9. The Churn Dash block is a great beginning quilter's block. Also, I asked the members of my small quilt group to make 12" scrappy Churn Dash blocks for a queen sized charity quilt. Easy for everyone to make and it used up a lot of scraps. BTW, the blue/green and pink/brown blocks in your above picture look like a variation of the Churn Dash block.

  10. I've never made a churn dash block but do like the look of it. It looks pretty simple to make.

    Swoon is still one of my favorites :)


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