Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Noticeable Progress - Woo Hoo

So while I've been spending my days getting my house clean and back in order, for the most part I've just felt like I was moving dust and boxes with little noticeable progress, until now.

As soon as my design wall was up I cut and hung the borders for my Autumn Woods project.   

The tree print is the top and bottom border and the sides are the background print with the floating leaves.  My idea has always been to piece geese blocks that look like the geese flying between the trees.  I couldn't exactly see it in my mind so getting the borders on my design wall was a big help to me. 

Now I'm just filling in the space between the borders with geese.  Seeing the geese blocks on my design wall makes me feel like I'm finally making progress.

I have almost everything unpacked from my old sewing room.  I'm down to two boxes, boxes I filled when I didn't know what to do with the item when I unpacked the original boxes.  My goal is to find a place for at least 6 items in the boxes everyday until they are also empty.

The shelves aren't exactly how I want them organized, but at least they're neat, a great start.

I'm gaining a lot of space in my new room but lost a light of natural light.  This room only has one small window and the view isn't all that good either.  With the yellow walls and great light fixture I'm not missing the sunshine, however I know I will miss watching the snow fall this winter.   But if that is my only complaint, I think I'm a very lucky quilter to not only have a designated sewing studio, but such a nice one.

I've yet to hang anything on any walls in the whole house other than two rods to hold two quilts.  The place still feels and looks bare, but it's so hard to drive nails into my perfectly painted and neat walls. I have some great things for my walls in my sewing room so I'm just going to have to get over it, maybe tomorrow!


  1. Thelma, Command strips are wonderful for hanging objects. Come in different sizes for different weights. Very secure but come right off the wall without leaving any residue. Fabulous to protect your pristine walls. Love your design wall and your shelves!

  2. Oh my...very nice and you have made great progress in you new room. Everything looks so neat and clean and organized. Love your tree fabric and bet this is going to be another fantastic quilt ....

  3. It looks beautiful! What a great space to create more Thelma quilts!

  4. Love how your geese are coming along! Maybe you can get some track lighting to brighten up the room if it's still too dark.

  5. LOVE your sewing room!! It looks like such a fun place to create things in. Everything looks so neat and tidy - makes me want to re-organize my sewing room. Anxious to see how your quilt turns out! Anne D.

  6. your new room is amazing~ so pretty! always SEW nice to get to SEW in a new space. i LOVE your sewing table that your machine sits in.... can you tell me about it...where you got it...brand name, etc? i love that it's more of 'just' a table and not a cabinet per se. looks 'IKEA'-ish. enjoy your new room! happy holidays! deb

  7. Love your shelves and new Sewing room ! I am sure you will be moving things around on the shelves till you are happy. I think it looks good already :-D
    Your fall quilt is going to be gorgeous ! Looking forward to seeing this one when you finish !

  8. Looks like you will be very happy in your new room. Your shelf unit holds many treasures, I see! Wonderful quilt being built block by block!


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