Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Goals

I made two resolutions for 2015,

this is the first one . . .

And I intend to remind myself to do just that.

The second resolution is to unsubscribe to one email solicitor every day. I go to bed thinking I'm caught up on reading email and then wake up to over 30 new emails the next morning.  I hear from some businesses every day, and I've had enough.  There are so many it's overwhelming.  That's why I've decided to unsubscribe to one a day, instead of spending an hour or two trying to get rid of all  of them all at once.  So far it's been painless.

On a quilting front, I don't have resolutions per se,  but I do have a few projects that I think would make me happy to work on.

I am participating in the FQS Snapshots Quilt Along.  It's a fund raiser for St Judes, uses adorable fabric, and has the cutest blocks I've ever seen.  It's a win, win, win.  I hope you'll join the fun.

I have a new space between the kitchen and living room where I'm now hanging quilts.  I could use some quilts for that space, something around a 52" x 52" size.

This quilt by Cindy Lammon finishes at 42" x 42" and is high on my list of projects to finish this year. The pattern is in the November/December 2014 McCall's Quilting magazine.  The majority of the fabric in my stash is fat quarters and this pattern needs some yardage, I'll need to do some shopping before I can start this one.

This year I'm going to piece a pattern designed by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts.

I follow Edyta on Instagram, every day she posts a picture of one of her quilts, I love them all and am hoping this is the year I make one.

I think Brigitte Heitland's Zen Chic patterns X's and O's and Write on White are amazing.

I think Write on White would work with any style and color of fabric, X's and O's is made using Reel Time by Zen Chic for Moda and should be available in April, I'm not sure I can wait that long, I may go with something else.

There are several patterns in this book by Amber Johnson that I like.

And I saw this quilt hanging in a shop, no Y seams are used to piece these large wedge blocks.

The Flying Falcons quilt is by Violet Craft.  I have no idea what fabric I would use, something to think about for sure.

And I've fallen behind on my Thimble blossoms patterns.  I hope I get a few of these done before Camille cranks out a dozen more.

So that's whats floating around in my head for projects, but I'm very flexible and always open for a sew along or something new and different.

What are your plans for 2015, maybe I'll join you?


  1. I hear ya on the emails. I've been whittling away at the ones coming to my inbox, too. Once or twice a month wouldn't be so bad, but many are every day or a few a week and it's just too much. I delete most without ever reading them, so I may as well not be getting them in the first place.

  2. Edyta and Kim Dielh are two designers who have never made a quilt that I don't like. That being said, why haven't I made many of theirs? I've done one Laundry Basket quilt: Eldon, and maybe one or 2 Kim Diehl quilts and that surely isn't enough. Maybe I can change that this year. It looks like you have several fun things on the horizon!

  3. What a great idea for unsubscribing from emails! I'm going to start today.

  4. I don't understand why we get daily emails from companies we have supported in the past. I, too, have unsubscribed because I am overwhelmed with emails. You would think that they would catch on??!! Anyways...Edyta is one of my favorite designers and I have a huge stash of her fabric, but I haven't used her fabric nor made one of her patterns. Maybe this year. I'd also love to make Norway one day, but I need to scratch a few items off my already purchased list. The only item on my 2015 list is to get started on my Bali Wedding Star quilt which I already have my batiks bought for.
    Also, I've looked for the Door County Baskets pattern, but I can't seem to find it online. Where did you get yours? Thanks.

  5. You have some great work in store here. I'm with you on the emails, especially bad for me as I use one email address for personal and work purposes. Occasionally, important stuff gets lost in all the junk. I'll follow your suggestion and unsubscribe to one a day until more manageable. Thanks for the tip.

  6. What no basket quilt? I'm with you on Edytas patterns and totally need to catch up on ThibleBlossom and Miss Rosie's quilts. Looking forwRd to following along :)

  7. I also bought vintage vibe and plan to make the Dresden on the cover im working on point me
    by denyse schmidt the pattern make baby to king
    and I got a great !!! deal on a connecting thread kit Clara's journey its greys and white might be my raffle quilt this year also got a layer cake horizon and a free pattern
    also I mark emails as junk and never see them they go straight in junk folder and every month I delete all have a great week

  8. Love your manta for this year! Am also working on getting rid of scraps this year. And Thimbleblossom's, oh my, they are at the top of my list! I am also on the Snapshots Quilt Along and am looking forward to doing that. So it will be a busy year but a fun year! Love following your blog everyday. Laura V.

  9. My plan is to actually get things completed. I have so much fabric with patterns earmarked that I need to wade through.

  10. i like that mine is enjoy and have fun

  11. One of my goals is to make one of Edyta's quilts this year, too. And I LOVE your idea of unsubscribing from one email a day...I've been meaning to unsubscribe from so many but never take the hours...

  12. I've made several of Edyta's quilts and her patterns are superb, you would not be disappointed!

  13. Two very good resolutions Thelma. I desperately need to do some unsubscribing myself. My emails are so bad that I finally removed my email account from my iPad until I can get things under control. I'll turn on the laptop for this task.

    You have some lovely and very ambitious ideas for quilts this year. However, I have no doubt you will have much success.

    I'm just hoping to get through my guilt is overwhelming when I start something new.

  14. Love the unsubscribing idea and think the is next up on my "to do" this week. Just finished up my "Coastal Lilies" and had it quilted by Natalia Bonner and love, love this quilt. I am starting some scrappy quilts next and want to get to a few minis big project is starting a "Log Cabin" that I have wanted to do for a few years....this is the year! Thanks for all the inspiration Thelma ;)))

  15. Oh my gosh Thelma - enough eye candy to keep a person busy for quite some time! I wish you great success!
    I think I will take up your idea of eliminating some of my email junk mail.

  16. I, too, have spent the last week unsubscribing from some annoying emails. I still get too many but maybe some day it will be manageable. My only goal for this year is to finish everything I start and only do it if I want to do it. I did a really good job of actually using some of my favorite fabric last year and I want to continue to do that in 2015. Good luck with your list!

  17. Snapshots = on my list
    Mini Norway = on my list

    plus a few others. I've already started my first 2015 project that I've been dying to make. I bought the yardage for it months ago and I forced myself NOT to touch it until 2015. Your list sounds pretty do-able. Can't wait to see your finishes throughout the year.

  18. I just pulled one of Edyta's pattern out that I want to make this year. I love her quilts but have never done one before. I'll be watching your progress.


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