Tuesday, March 24, 2015

X's and O's - A Finish

First - if you've not seen Messy Jessy's Snapshots tea kettle block take a minute and to check it out, it's very original and adorable.  The link is in my Favorite Blogs list.

Next, I've finished my X's and O's project,

the pattern by Xen Chic.

I made this top for my favorite daughter's new apartment.  She plans on hanging it on the wall between her dining area and her living area.  That space is only 61 inches wide so I needed to change the size of the pattern a bit to fit. 

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 152
It finished at 58" x 70"
The pattern is X's and O's by Zen Chic
I just pulled the the fabric from my stash
It has approximately 584 pieces.

I still struggle with choosing the right combinations of fabric and here are 4 blocks that didn't make it into the quilt; top left, center pieces sort of melt into outer pieces, top right, I didn't care for the dark black center, bottom left, this was the first block I pieced, and I loved it, but when it was mixed in with the other blocks it was too bold, my eyes were always drawn right to that block, and finally, bottom right, I thought the center fabric did't have enough color.

I've been getting some spring cleaning and organizing done the last couple of weeks, which feels great but has cut into my sewing time.   Next up, a baby quit, out of the 152 quilts I've finished, only one was for a baby, I'm eager to make my second one.


  1. Lucky daughter! It's beautiful, Thelma!

  2. Love this quilt top... very modern looking.
    Baby quilts are so fun and quick... enjoy!

  3. Perfection! I love everything about this one, Thelma. The fabrics are perfect for this pattern.

  4. Perfection! I love everything about this one, Thelma. The fabrics are perfect for this pattern.

  5. Love the quilt! You could use the leftover blocks on the backing or make a lable for the quilt with them.

  6. I think those the four reject blocks look good together and would make a nice pillow for your daughter's sofa.

  7. It's beautiful. Was is hard to do?

    I always end up making extra blocks for a quilt because I'm kind of picky and want everything just so. I think it's just fine. :) It's just that I don't know what to do with that big pile of extra blocks in the container in the closet!

  8. Absolutly love the quilt! The leftover blocks would make a great mini quilt too. The blocks all play well together.

  9. It's gorgeous! Love Zen Chic designs and this looks fantastic in your resized version! Will be lovely and bright as a wall hanging


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