Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Gathering Pieces Update

Remember when I blogged about my summer hand work project, Gathering Pieces? (click here)

Well this is what I've accomplished over the last month.  Not as much as I expected, 

but I'm still having fun.  I can't believe how different my version looks from the pattern, I think it's the organge, that I still really like and intend to stick with.  Someone on Instagram thought the blue blossom looked like cupcakes, I now agree, and crave Sprinkles Cupcakes every time I look at it.  Luckily for me I am 200 miles from the closest Sprinkles Cupcakery.

After some trial and error I have learned that needles and thread make a huge difference in the ease of connecting the pieces and the look of the connected pieces.  I'm using Superior silk thread and Clover Black Gold Needles #12.  

It's not too late to think about or start what you want to do with your summer sewing time, just make sure it's fun!

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  1. Thanks for the needle tip. I do a lot of EPP while traveling and am forever searching for the perfect needle. I'll give it a try.

  2. Always love your projects and this is just adorable. Great hand sewing project and the orange is just right! Can't wait to see where you go with this......

  3. Yes, thanks for the needle tip. I looked them up and there are different types of Clover Black Gold #12s. Did you use sharps, applique, quilting, what? Thanks!!

  4. Wondering if you bought the kit Thelma...I went to web site and couldn't find just the pattern???

  5. So wonderful! I am clapping over here... love this summer project!

  6. How wonderful. Hand work is so relaxing but it is never quick with me. Have a great time sewing on this one. Congrats on your win at Paducah again!

  7. It's so great to hear from you more often again. Love the colors. I used to do mammography, and those blue ones remind me of something other than cupcakes!! LOL!!


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