Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Seeing Orange . . . .

Remember when I blogged about these Simply Color books by Vanessa Christenson?

And how I loved this pattern from the Orange book?

I decided to make it!

I'm making my Cheese Crackers smaller, but going with the same number of hsts per block.  I have a place where I'll want to hang this quilt so smaller works better for me.  I love making hsts and enjoyed making every one of them.  I used V and Co Orange Simply fabric plus a couple of orange prints by Carolyn Friedlander.   Making the hsts was easy, arranging them in a random yet eye pleasing setting was something else!  I spent an entire afternoon rearranging the first block.  Eye pleasing random is harder than you think.  

I expect the rest of the quilt to go together very easily and quickly!


  1. I just purchased several orange fat quarters last weekend. They would be perfect for this pattern.

  2. This looks great. Just don't put it in the bedroom it might glow in the dark LOL!!!!

  3. Love this!! What is your trick to perfect hsts??

  4. I love these blocks, Thelma. I want to make an orange one ivory quilt, but I'm thinking an older, dustier orange. Its still only a concept in my head, but maybe in a feathered star pattern. ???

    1. that was supposed to read orange and ivory quilt

  5. Your blocks look great but why is it always so hard to make the perfect arrangement? I swear I sometimes spend more time to find the perfect arrangement then with sewing.

  6. Oh my! How striking will this quilt be...and so unique from all your others. I have to smile because my Kelly's favorite color was orange:-D


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