Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Christmas in July, in June

Usually, every July, blogs and quilt shops have Christmas in July promos, sew alongs, and gift projects.  I always enjoy following along but in my mind I'm saying, " I sew with Christmas fabric in December, nice try but I'm not biting".  Well that's going to change this year.  I  made a goal to piece several Christmas quilts for gifts this year, the year is half over and I've only pieced two, I need at least two more, four more would be better.  So I'm getting organized now to be all in and ready to finish some quilts this July.  Here is where I stand now.

I have this bundle of Winterberry by Kate & Birdie for Moda that I would like to do something with.  I'm a little iffy on the green, it's a different green, sort of a mint green but not quite.  But I'm sure it will make a lovely quilt that someone would enjoy.  I just need a good pattern.  All I have is this bundle so I would need a pattern with a pieced border or no border.  Do  you have any suggestions?  I googled Winterberry Quilts but only found one hit.  It's a nice pattern by the Fat Quarter Shop, uses fat quarters, but only uses the reds and greens.  I could maybe modify it to add the grays.   It has a Christmas feel but I think I can do better, or I hope you can come up with a suggestion that's better.

I'm having the same problem with this bundle of Holly's Tree Farm by Sweetwater for Moda.  Most of the patterns I saw online were tree farms, I think we can do better.

This pattern is a sure bet.

I've got my background fabric and my bundle of Juniper Berry, I'm just waiting on a bloc_loc ruler to help me with the triangle in a square blocks.  This may be a tough quilt to give away.  The pattern is available here and the fabric is in shops everywhere.

I love this book by Cindy Lammon, available here.

December 2014 I made this quilt from Cindy's book, Garden Lattice.

I used Kate Spain Christmas fabric, of which I have plenty.  I think I will cut and piece a couple of these quilts.  I love mine and have no intention of giving it away, but making two more should be a breeze.

So that's where I stand, not much sewing, more planning, but it will pay off in July,  I hope.  I thought maybe you would want to get some Christmas gifts off your To Do List, if so let me know so I can link to your blog.  If you don't have a blog I would be happy to post your pictures.

If I use a pattern you suggest for Winterberry or Holly's Tree Farm I'll pass along a token of my appreciation.

I plan to start sewing on July 5th, I'm going to have a hard enough time sewing with Christmas fabric in July, so I need through the fourth to do something that's red, and also white and blue.

Sorry about the gap in vacation posts, I plan to blog about Florence on Friday.


  1. Hi Thelma,
    You are so sweet to give so many quilts for Christmas gifts! I recently saw the Felicity pattern by Kate Spain and loved it! Solstice, In From the Cold and Flurry and also great patterns by Kate and as a bonus, they are free!! Choosing patterns and pairing with the perfect fabric is one of the hardest parts of quilting for me! Good Luck!

  2. Thelma, have you seen the Felicity quilt by Kate Spain? It's available on her website -- I thought of you the 1st time I saw it.

  3. I'm thinking of making Merry Christmas Darling ( or Christmas Stars ( by Cotton Way. Might work for either of your bundles.

  4. I've been looking at "Baubles" by Kelly Young as it reminds me of some Christmas ornaments my mom loved, but they've been broken. It is designed for fat quarters. She has a few others that might inspire as well. ( I always enjoy seeing what you're up to.

  5. I ordered Holly's Tree Farm fabric in a jolly bar and received the"Tree Lined Street" pattern for free from Fat Quarter Shop. It was a quick and easy pattern, I just don't think I will be giving it away. Now I just have to wait for colder temps so I can wrap up in it.

  6. Last summer Hyacinth made a modified version of the Fat Quarter Shop's Sparklettes pattern that I'm in love with. I figured out her changes and I will use Holly Farm by Sweetwater to make it a Christmas quilt. I am struggling with the directional pieces in the bundle but I think I'm ready to just suck it up and move on it.

    1. Here is the link:

  7. Have you thought about Camille's 'Summerville' pattern? With your fabrics you could easily turn it into a 'Winterville'.

  8. What about Kate Spain's "In From the Cold" pattern? I think that would look fantastic with the Winterberry fabric. There is a border, but you could either leave off, modify, or find a coordinating winter fabric to make it work. And the pattern is free! :) I made it last year and had so much fun making it. Also love the Sparkle pattern and the Garden Lattice quilt!

  9. I know you've already made Starry Eyed. Last year I used that pattern with Holly's Tree Farm for a quilt for my oldest grandson, Seth. It's one to consider.

    Good luck!

    I sent these in a comment the last time you requested ideas for Christmas quilts. I love them! You might too.

  11. P.S. I forgot to add this one...kind of a fun design for trees without giving half your life to the making of it...

  12. One of the Holly's Tree Farm is Christmas Ribbon. It is a lap quilt. I found a pattern here. I like it's look.

  13. How about BOURBON STREET by Sassafras Lane? I have it in my sights for a holiday quilt - it might be excellent for one of your bundles.

  14. Here is my second idea, it is a pattern that would be great. The Little Ruby Quilt along pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop. It would look like peppermint candy.

  15. How about or I think the eighth grade quilt or cover quilt from this book would be great for your fabric

  16. I have some Christmas fabric set aside for Camille Roskelley's Round and Round. Not a hard quilt, but great eye appeal. Check out that one. It might work well for Winterberry and/or Holly's Tree farm. Have fun!

  17. I love Miss Rosie's Sparkle pattern and I can't believe that I haven't seen that pattern ever. I thought that I knew all of her patterns!! LOL I might be a bit addicted to her patterns. I am no where near Christmas sewing and I've never made a Christmas quilt, but when I do, its gonna be a Kansas Troubles log cabin quilt....someday! Have a fabulous weekend, Thelma. Thanks for all the Italy pics.

  18. Two quilts did come to mind:
    Ruby Strings by Film in the Fridge
    Carnival by GE Designs
    I'll email you both pics.


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