Friday, October 21, 2016

Halloween Blooms Update . . . .

The bloom blocks are all pieced and the sashing attached for my Halloween Blooms project.

I went with a scrappy background for my blocks, a change of pace for me.  I don't mind a background with a design, but several in one project is usually too busy for my taste, but I think this scrappy background worked fine.

The hard part, once I decided I could live with  a scrappy background, was deciding on the sashing fabric.

I didn't want the sashing to stand out, but at the same time, I didn't want the sashing to blend in, shockingly I found this sashing fabric in my stash that I think does the job.    It's from the line Bungle in the Jungle, an animal print themed line of fabric.

I just need to add three rows of border fabric and this top will be done.

Halloween Blooms is going so well I'm thinking I'll have time to squeeze in a pumpkin project while it's still pumpkin season,  hurrah!!

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  1. Brilliant! It was such a delightful surprise to scroll down to reveal the 'big picture'! Well done! ~karen

  2. That is the perfect sashing fabric!! Loving the finished quilt!!

  3. I'm in lvoe with your quilt and the sashing fabric is perfect!

  4. I think you're choice of sashing fabric is perfect!

  5. Halloween Blooms has turned out so well. It is a lovely quilt. I like your mixed backgrounds. The sashing is perfect. I hear you on the pumpkin quilt. I bought 2 pumpkin patterns and have corralled all my orange fabric but have not made a start yet. I really want to though. Let's go for it and enjoy the season while it lasts!

  6. LOVE a great find on the shelf... and guess what.. you have until Nov 30 to do pumpkins.. woohoo!


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