Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I was very curious about the blocks in this Sunkissed pattern by Margot Languedoc Designs for the Pattern Basket.  I had never seen this pieced block before, I was so curious I immediately bought the pattern to see how these blocks were pieced.  Then I pieced one.

And once I pieced one, I couldn't stop.

The pattern calls for 10 rows of 6 blocks, I went with 11 rows of 8 blocks.

This is my favorite block, 

one of those happy accidents. 

These blocks are a breeze to piece and go really fast.  They are also very forgiving with no seams to line up or match.

So once I got the center of the quilt finished it was time to add the outer border.  I rarely add a plain outer border to my quilts, sometimes I go with a pieced border but normally I just call it quits when the blocks are pieced.

I picked out my two favorite prints then decided that I liked the bold orange best and chose that for my outer border.

And ended up with this.  Which just did not suit me, and I can't even explain why.  I left it on my design wall overnight, and still didn't like it the next day.

So I trimmed it down and added a plain outer border, to get this, which I do like, a lot.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 202
It finished at 56" x 58"
The fabric is a mix of Desert Bloom and Creekside, both by Sherri and Chelsi for Moda
It has 645 pieces.

I'm not sure what to start next. . . . . .  . . but I'm sure I'll think of something.

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  1. I love the border you ended up with! Just right!!!

  2. Will you bind with the red also?

    1. No, I was leaning towards the green, what do you think of that?

    2. Oh, I think that would be perfect! You have a great eye for color.

  3. The perfect border solution. I was not liking the wide border. This is perfect. I am going to have to get this pattern.

  4. A perfect border mix and like this effect very much....looks like a fun pattern but can't start mine till I make some serious progress on "Lucy"!!!

  5. Loved your quilt both ways, with red border and reduced red border. Admire your nerves of steel in cutting down a border already applied. Have several patterns from The Pattern Basket, at least one in the works,and one more on my get-to list. Stephani in N. TX (

  6. Thanks for a better look at this pattern. I follow The Pattern Basket on Instagram and had interest in this design.

  7. Based on your comments and seeing the progress on your blocks, I purchased the pattern and hope to cut fabric this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration, Thelma.

  8. Love your border choice! As I was reading, I was thinking what I would do and that was to do a smaller, more solid caramel border followed by the orange (it looks red on my computer) larger border, but I think I like your idea better, Thelma. Have a great day. Its overcast and very chilly here today, perfect to work on Blockhead blocks!

  9. Love your quilt top and the smaller innerborder with the white outer border is perfect!

  10. What a beautiful quilt! I like your change to the border, as well.

  11. I love it! Perfect border choice. Did you use a layer cake? I would like the size you did also. Deborah

  12. Looks much better - the red took your eyes away from the centre. As for green binding - my favourite colour so I'll say yes! But then I think any colour matching the centre would be a good finish as it won't detract from the rest of the quilt. Beautiful and I love the colours. :D

  13. I just love all these different quilts that you are making and how you do something different in each one to make it your own!!!


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