Monday, June 5, 2017

Happy to have gone, happy to be home

Every year I am fortunate enough to get to go on vacation with my daughter, last year we visited Italy for the first time and we fell in love with everything, the food, the history, the people.  We had such a wonderful trip we decided to go back.  This year we visited Rome and Florence, as we had last year, but instead of Venice we went to Milan and Lake Como.

We visited some sites again, but mainly visited new ones.

We toured The Vatican at night, which was a wonderful change of pace, the crowd was easily 1/3 the size we dealt with last year during our day tour.

We also saw the Trevi Fountain at night, I could sit and stare at the fountain day or night, there's not a bad time to visit.

Since our last trip to Italy was so amazing, our attitude for this trip was that anything we did was just icing on the cake.  We did have two main goals, to eat more gelato and drink more espresso.

And we did.

Since we were more comfortable with our surroundings we did a better job of getting out more on our own and walking everywhere.

We visited St Peter's first thing in the morning and had the place to ourselves.  Here's a great picture of me in front of one of the alters, it gives you a good sense of the magnitude of this building.

In Milan we were lucky enough to get to see the Last Supper.

Only 1,000 visitors are allowed in per day, and in small groups of 30, and also for a limited time.  It was bigger than I expected but the colors were less vibrant, I was in awe all the same.

At one restaurant we asked for our serving utensils and were instructed to open the drawer under the table at our seats, what a clever idea!

When I'm at home I pretty much eat the same thing every day, but I do enjoy trying new food, we were very adventurous on this trip, and I was never disappointed that I tried different food.

We usually went with the tasting menu which would give us a small portion of 6 to 8 different items.

I saw quilts everywhere we visited.

I sometimes think I was looking more down at the tiled floors than up at all the amazing things around me.

As is always the case, the best part of my vacation was getting to spend time with my favorite daughter.  She is the best traveling partner, we pretty much enjoy the same things which makes planning and enjoying a trip so easy.

I've been home a week, I'm finally caught up on my sleep, laundry and mail and am back in my sewing room.

While I was on vacation I found out I needed to make a baby girl quilt for a very special mother to be, I've been hoarding this Ladybug Hug kit since 2009!  It think it's the perfect project  to help me get back in the swing of sewing and a great quilt for a sweet new baby.

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