Monday, April 9, 2018

Spa Day Finish

I did not instantly fall in love with Piece N Quilt's line of fabric called Thrive.  It wasn't until I saw the fabric in person that I did fall in love, the colors and prints made me feel like I was walking into a day spa, so soothing and peaceful.  

I decided to use the free pattern Authentic Etc. Ocean Waves, a Moda pattern for Cake Mix Recipe 4.

I normally don't use the low volume prints included in a family of fabric.  I have a stack of these type of prints that I've pulled from families of fabric that are currently collecting dust on my shelves.  But I like the low volume prints in this family and decided to use them all, scrappy background, defiantly a change of pace for me.

Once I started playing around with the hsts I decided I liked the look of a smaller hst and went with 3" instead of the 4 1/4" blocks in the pattern.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 224
I've named it Spa Day
It finished at 60" x 60"
The pattern is Authentic Etc Ocean Waves by Moda (click here for free pattern)
The fabric is Thrive by Quilt N Piece for Moda
It has approximately 972 pieces

Next up, I'm playing with that bright and happy Harmony fabric by Sweetwater.   I've narrowed my Harmony project down to two patterns,  but am thinking if I use my fabric wisely maybe I can piece them both.  It is still dreary and cold here and we have a chance for snow again this week, I've given up on thinking Spring will ever arrive, accept in my sewing room.

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  1. Great finish and have to say this fabric line in person is really nice. I have some just waiting for the right pattern. Love your top and a very perfect name for it...relaxing!

  2. Wonderful! I recently purchased a cake mix but haven't used it yet....too many other items to finish!! I like the colors in this line of fabric.

  3. Love your quilt. I also really like Sweetwater fabrics, but need to try out Cake Mix yet. We too are impatiently waiting for spring up here in the frigid north. Love your blog, and I am a faithful reader, not so with commenting though. Thanks for showing us all the beautiful quilts you sew and giving us a glimpse into your life.

  4. Beautiful quilt I love the subtle effect the low volumes fabrics give to it.
    Spring finally arrived last week here and I send it your way too if I can.

  5. Another beautiful finish, Thelma.

  6. Gorgeous quilt top, Thelma! Now I'm ready to book a spa appointment ;-)

  7. That is A LOT of HST sewing in that quilt! Well done!
    It's funny how we sometimes have to see fabrics to really understand them. I guess that's why I don't shop on line much... I like to see the fabrics and touch them before I want them!
    I'm pretty sure though that I will love those Sweetwater fabrics without seeing them in real life first!

  8. Beautiful, and I can't even imagine 972 pieces!


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