Friday, June 29, 2018

Blocks of the Month

I don't have much of a history with Block of the Month programs.  Out of my 220 some finishes 5 were block of the month programs.  My last BOM was the 2015 Fat Quarter Shop's Snapshot quilt, a fundraiser for St Jude Children's Hospital.  The blocks were super cute and fun to make, I stayed on track and made each block each month, and the FQS sent so much fabric for each block that I made another project just using the leftover scraps.  It was a great experience. My worst experience was my 2012 Northern Lights BOM.  I signed up for the program based on the quilt shop website picture.  The shop did specify that the fabric in their program wouldn't be an exact replica of the fabric used in the pictured quilt, but would be very close.  In actuality it was not, I basically paid $25 a month for a pattern because I threw their fabric away and substituted my own.   I did love the pattern and still have that quilt.

There are pros and cons to BOM programs but a lot of it just comes down to personal preference.  After a history of just a few block of the month quilts over the last 14 years I have somehow managed to sign up for 3 this year.  I've spent the majority of this month getting caught up on them.

First up is the Red and Cream project by Fig Tree Quilts.

This is a repeat of a program they offered last year.  I loved the look of the finished quilts I saw online  and was thrilled to be able to sign up for it this year.  The blocks finish at 10".  This is the first 6 months worth of blocks. I tend to let the monthly packets stack up then do them in a batch.  I'm all caught up for now, 6 more months yet to come.  I swapped around a few of the fabrics and replaced one of the patterns and could not be happier with the look.

When I was signing up for the red and cream quilt another project also caught my eye, Fig Tree's Autumn Splendor Mystery BOM.  

As a rule I don't like surprises, this is my first mystery BOM.  Every year I piece a quilt for a raffle for my hometown library.  Fig Tree quilts are so pretty and seem to have a huge appeal, I thought this BOM would make a nice raffle quilt.   I've really enjoyed piecing the blocks and love all the different sizes.  I prepped the fabric for 6 months worth of blocks all at once, so my fabric combos aren't exactly as called for in the patterns, but I'm liking the looks of things.  I'm very eager to see what's ahead and how these blocks are going to be arranged.  This may be a hard quilt to give up.

And finally, while I was in Oklahoma City for my Jen Kingwell classes at the Oklahoma City Quiltworks shop, they were just offering a Kaffe Fassett mystery BOM that caught my eye.  I love Kaffe Fassett fabric but am continually stumped on how to use it.  I've made one Kaffe Fassett quilt that I love, but I used a family of fabric, which is a little bit like cheating. I thought this would be a great opportunity to piece another Kaffe Fassett quilt without any of the fabric stress.

I've received the first three months, it's all very organized and the fabric looks yummy, but the mystery part is still worrying me a little, I plan to wait until I get at least 6 months worth of blocks before I start working on it.

Are you a BOM fan?  When you calculate the entire cost they are sometimes on the pricey side, but I've finished quilts that I love that I never would have made had it not been for signing up for the programs.  

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  1. I just love your work. You are always my inspiration to focus and stretch myself!
    It looks like you have a great design board. It makes such a difference. Could you share the size and the material etc?
    Again - thank you for sharing your beatiful quilting.

  2. I did a BOM many, many years ago that had plaid fabrics...they were mostly horrible and I ended up replacing most of them. Then I decided, a few years later, to do a Fat Quarter Shop Mystery - loved it. I like their projects because you know in advance what the fabric line is and the basic theme. In addition, they are incredibly generous with fabric, so you can switch stuff around. One year I didn't care for the pattern, but I had enough fabric (which I loved) to make a completely different quilt. I gave the patterns to a friend as a gift. Win-win. Now I watch the info the shop gives. If they have an "oops" package that they sell, I back away quickly because that means they are barely giving you enough fabric in the first place. I have cut myself off for now because I have way too many projects sitting in bins waiting to be made! Love your work. Can't wait to see what you do with the Kaffe project!

  3. when I get a BOM I get the pattern only and use my fabric from the stash and I never keep up with the month by month process - I tried to do that and I fail and now if I do a BOM I rarely even start when everyone else would be but months later.

  4. I used to love BOMs and have a whole closet full of them. Since I retired last year am slowly working on finishing things up. Obviously I didn’t keep up month by month.

  5. I think I found your blog because of BOM Rehab.
    I signed up for the Kaffe Fasset BOM through a shop but then when the whole FreeSpirit closing thing happened they backed out. I was disappointed but totally understood why they did it.

  6. I did a block of the month 20 years ago and never liked the quilt. And it was very expensive. About 5 years ago I did a free half square triangle quilt along, and love the quilt (used my own fabric). And I'm too picky to let someone else pick out the fabric and pattern for me a.k.a. mystery quilt. That said, you can't go wrong with a Fig Tree sampler! Both your quilts will be beautiful!

  7. The only BOMs I've participated in are on-line ones. I did one last year and did the first Moda Blockheads. I'm also doing a fall mystery quilt through an on-line club. I have the 6" version complete for the BOM and am still making setting blocks for the 12" version. The Mode Blockhead is basted and ready to be quilted. I'm behind by two months on the mystery BOM. So I told myself not to start anymore until these are finished, but Blockheads II and the new Splendid Sampler have been very tempting!

  8. Your BOM's are looking fabulous! You are so much further ahead on the Autumn Splendor one that I am! lol! I had resolved to only stitch from stash this year....but, Fig Tree and Laundry Basket Quilts weakened that resolve! :-) I signed on for the Sew In Love (pieced) with Laundry Baskets.....and also the Fig Tree Autumn Splendor and was also intrigued by the Fig Tree Wilderness one too.... And yes, I was tempted by the Kaffe BOM too, but resisted. So, with 3 active BOM's....I think I should turn off this computer and get to stitching! :-)

  9. I love all these BOM projects! I love mysteries and BOMs of all types... the mystery part is my favourite. I have a few that aren't going to be great quilt, but those will be donation quilts. I prefer making many different blocks versus 100 of the same block and sampler quilts are my favourite, so I always have a few on the go!

  10. I did a block of the month many, many years ago and enjoyed it but don't care for mystery BOM as I am cautious of putting so much work into a quilt that I might not like. Isn't it wonderful that we have so many choices today? I love what you are showing us but not sure about the Kaffe BOM. You force me to stretch my imagination!

  11. Hi Thelma! I love your blog and Instagram pictures. You are so inspirational. I have done lots of BOMs and generally like them. I've been burned a few times by too little fabric or substitutions that I didn't like. So now I only do BOMs from Fat Quarter Shop or Fig Tree. I usually don't start the BOM until I have several months accumulated so I guess it's time I start my Autumn Splendor.


  12. I love BOMs but only if they're from the Fat Quarter Shop. I had a really bad experience from another shop and pledged myself to FQS from that point forward. I probably have a dozen that all the blocks are done and only need assembling. I have a few that are applique and I got too busy before I retired to keep up with them and finally just put them away. I haven't done any for along time except for Portage Lake by Minick & Simpson that I recently finished, only it took me 14 months instead of 12. I caved and signed up for the Peppermint Lane BOM and am awaiting the third month of that. I don't like mysteries ....

  13. The only BOMs I’ve done are ones where I use my own fabric, oh except one time when I did a Thangles BOM through a local quilt shop. I generally start off well, then get sidetracked and put the blocks away. I have enjoyed them when I can learn new skills or work on precision piecing, but I generally don’t sign up for many either.


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