Friday, March 27, 2020

HST Palooza . . . .

I have to admit to being a little pleasantly surprised by this finish.  I had no vision, pattern or even much direction when I started piecing this quilt top.  I just knew I was in the mood to make blocks made up of 16 half square triangles using only two pieces of fabric, I started with large blocks first.  Size didn't really matter, in the beginning, I just made pleasing looking blocks and threw them on my design wall.  As I progressed I had to adjust sizes to fit the holes.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 287
I've named it Only HSTs Need Apply
It finished at 72" x 72", my favorite size
The vast majority of the fabric is by Sherri and Chelsi for Moda
It has approximately 2,338 pieces.
The largest block is 18", the smallest is 4", there are 72 sixteen hst blocks. 

My goal was to fill the top with nothing but 16 hst block squares, and I did get close, but I refused to make hsts with measurements smaller than 1/4" or blocks smaller than 4", so I did need to fill in 5 places with just a row of hsts.  Now that it's done I think maybe the top would have been more interesting if I had added more random hsts to the mix, maybe next time.

Out of the 72 blocks I pieced 4 did not make the cut, not a bad average.  The block in the upper left annoyed me the entire time it was on my design wall.  I like the pattern and the fabric combo but in the end I think it's the granny roses in that print that did not appeal to me.  I'm a very picky floral person, it's a shame because when I was piecing it I was focussing on the butterflies, which I liked,  but after it was pieced all I saw were those blooms.  Upper right just didn't pop, the green was too muted, I like the fabric and the pattern but it just got lost with the other colors when it was on my design wall.  Lower left, I like the fabric but not the fabric combo and lower right, that block is 4 1/2" and I just couldn't live with the lack of cohesiveness with the fabric, it just doesn't match up well, looks sloppy.

I have not been able to concentrate while in my sewing room these last two weeks.  That's a very unusual occurrence for me, my sewing room is my happy place and I did enjoy piecing all these blocks, but some days I was lucky to piece just one block.  My husband is working from home, and does have his own office, but it still throws off the rhythm of the house and my routine.  I'm hoping next week will be better, or he'll go back to the office, either works for me.  SANTY NOW, please.

My heart breaks daily with all the sad news being reported, my thoughts are with the healthcare workers and other folks doing their jobs to keep us fed and safe, and of course prayers to all the people infected with the virus.  I'm cutting myself some slack on my lack of productivity, being kind to others starts with me.  Please be kind to yourself too, and be safe.


  1. Well aren't you the clever one....I just had to stop and look at this top for a bit and really say it is quite intriguing. Who knew that half square triangles could be so interesting? Love how they came together and make for a cheery top, love it !

  2. Beautiful quilt Thelma! I love it!

  3. You have inspired me, again. What a great way to use up any odd leftover pieces of fabric....anything can be an HST! Love it!

  4. I think it looks cheerful and I like the name - clever! I'm also having difficulty concentrating, have been making face masks to send to a relative who is a pharmacist in a hospital and does not have enough, but plan to get back to quilting after that.

  5. I really like this quilt, Thelma! It is just scrappy enough for me and love all those hst's. Great job!

  6. This is magnificent, Thelma! A personal challenge well executed. Stay well!

  7. What a fantabulous quilt! I LOVE it!
    And what a huge puzzle challenge to fit all those blocks together!
    I am also feeling aimless in the sewing room... I believe it's a collective state of shock that we are all experiencing and it will pass.

  8. Wow! Love it! Kinds looks like fireworks!

  9. Now you have me searching for the filler HST! Beautiful, fun quilt! Love the mix of sizes.

  10. How creative! Your quilt is phenomenal and so amazing because you did it all without a specific plan other than "blocks made with HST" rule. Love it! Sandy at


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