Friday, March 26, 2021

A Heart

When I saw the Exploding Heart pattern by Slice of Pi Quilts I thought it looked like a broken heart, and since I was broken hearted it appealed to me.  Funny thing, by the time I was done I thought it looked like a hopeful heart, jut like mine.  

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 298
The pattern is Exploding Heart by Slice of Pi Quilts. (click here)
It finished at 54" x 54", I made my blocks 1" smaller than the pattern to get this size. 
The fabric is an assortment from my stash
It has approximately 758 pieces

I may be starting to get sewing mojo back, it's been gone a long time, fingers crossed. 


  1. A perfect quilt to start a perfect path to sewing bliss I think and sweet! I am crossing my fingers my friend and hope to hear of sewing bliss there for you. Love this one and will be a special one!

  2. Let's hope your sewing enthusiasm is returning! This one seems to have gone together pretty quickly. I look forward to seeing what you do for #299 and especially #300.

  3. I need to add this quilt to my to do list and hopefully the pattern is offered digitally. Thelma not quilting is just not right!! lol. Have a great day!

  4. It's gorgeous, Thelma!! Thank you for sharing your story behind your quilt. I hope the quilt continues to bring you joy as you use it!

  5. Love this quilt on my list for a scrap buster. Yours works perfectly as always

  6. It’s beautiful, Thelma! I hope you find your joy in life and quilting rekindled.

  7. It's lovely Thelma. I hope you are getting your hope and joy back. It's been a bleak year filled with many challenges, but life is getting better! Can't wait to see what your amazing creativity comes up with! Colleen C.

  8. It's beautiful Thelma. Just what you needed. xoxo


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