Friday, November 13, 2009

It's No Picnic . . . . .

Here's the pattern for November for the Year of Schnibbles challenge, "Picnic".

I was so excited when I saw the pattern that Sinta and Sherri had selected. As I've mentioned before, I'm fairly new to quilting , so I have a long list of first quilts that I want to make. My first basket quilt is on that list.

While I loved the fabric used for this pattern, I was not in the mood to work with what seemed more like summer colors, but that's OK, I thought maybe I could switch things up by going with a "Christmas baskets in the snow" type theme.

Well you know me and Schnibbles, we don't see eye to eye on size. Schnibbles are very clever patterns that use charm packs to their biggest advantage. The patterns seem to run in the neighborhood of 33 inches square, give or take. I like to supersize my Schnibbles to more of a lap size.

So as soon as my pattern arrived in the mail I did this to it. True the quilt was now more of a size that appealed to me, but as a basket quilt I thought I could do better.

Then I ran across this, Miss Rosie also has this pattern called MoJo. It finishes at 76" x 76", a size I like. I liked this pattern better than my super sized Schnibbles pattern. Then it dawned on me that if I made this pattern, it would not qualify for the Year of Schnibbles Challenge, which made me rethink the whole basket concept. One thing that popped into my mind was that I really like the baskets with handles. While Miss Rosie's baskets are as cute as can be, I was missing the handle.

So I was off to find the best basket pattern for me when I found this.....

This pattern is called "Gathering Baskets" and is by Primitive Pieces by Lynda . This pattern is so me, the red, the black, the flower, THE HANDLES on the baskets. It's a nice mix of modern and traditional and is 80" X 86". So I've decided that this will be my first basket quilt.

So I'll be eagerly awaiting the Picnic Parade on the 1st of December, sadly I won't have an entry, but I will have a basket quilt in my future!


  1. I love your basket quilt, very chic. Is the Family sized Picnic finished or a EQ? If it's finished it still counts, even though it's giganto.

  2. No sense in putting a lot of effort into a quilt if it's not what you really want! I think your choice for a first basket quilt is adorable!

  3. That black and red one is really cute. I too, like the handles. We'll miss you during December's parade of Schnibbles. You always put a nice spin on the pattern.

  4. I agree with Lisa. You do put so much time, effort and thought (not to mention expense) in making a quilt, there is no sense in making one you do not like.

    What do you mean you are fairly new to quilting? You could have fooled me!

  5. I am like Rene' you could have fooled me! I think you are an experT!
    I looked at Hancocks of Paducah - it is so overwhelming! I was amazed the 1st time I walked in and I went back later and made a few purchases. I looked for green to go with your reds - they were grouped with grays. I think an olive green would look good with the fabric.

  6. You need to check out Pat Sloan's blog and her store. She has a great basket quilt pattern called Be Thankful along with so many other baskets and vases of flowers patterns. Bonnie in So. Texas

  7. I'm also looking for the perfect basket pattern that speaks to me. That's a great one you found.
    happy schnibbling!


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