Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Progress . . . .

Things are progressing at my house......I got some of my Christmas Village Houses set up....


And After.......(typical November at my house, Christmas decorations mixing with the fall decorations (placemats).)
And a few more over here.....22 houses unpacked, plugged in and ready for Christmas, 40 more to go.

I'm also making progress on my Red Snowball Challenge, or as I'm calling my quilt, "He knows when you are sleeping". I've got all the blocks made! If you follow the pressing instructions they really go together easily. I hope the rows go together as easily.

As I mentioned Monday, I'm throwing a few Santas in the mix with my cream snowballs. I've decided on 9, here's the random pattern I'm going with.

The Santa faces are so appealing, this one looks like he's deep in thought.....probably wondering if Thelma's been naughty or nice . . .

Here's one Santa with another Santa sneaking in......

I think this Santa looks tired but he's got a great beard......I love each little rosie cheek.

Nicole, at Sisters Choice, had a blog yesterday about shoes, which made me remember of funny shoe story of my own.

I'm not really a shoe person, it's just not in my blood. The first year after I retired my primary shoes of choice were tennis shoes. Summer, winter, fall, spring, I was in tennis shoes, and loving it!

One day my husband mentioned that maybe I could wear some shoes besides tennis shoes. I'm guessing he had some shoes in mind like the ones above. Which are beautiful shoes, but they have a better shot of being a decoration in my living room than getting on my feet. So being the dutiful wife that I am, I went out and bought new shoes.....

these...they're Rocket Dogs!! My husband laughed when he saw them, but they are all me!!

I do have one favorite pair of shoes that aren't tennis shoes.....

Santa Shoes!!!


  1. I ADORE the Santa shoes!! And the houses!!
    The quilt is coming along very nicely. It is going to wonderful.

  2. Great kitchen!!! Your houses look great on top of your cabinets. I absolutely love the santas in your snowball challenge quilt. They are way too cute. As for shoes....I have to wear shoes that allow my toes to stick out. Sounds weird but my toes get claustrophobic. Basically I wear flip flops, sandals, etc...I especially love anything I can slip on. Good thing I'm in Florida. In winter time in Montana I skip the open toe shoes ;-)) The only time I wear tennis shoes is when I run...which I haven't done in a while. Have a great day.

  3. Those Christmas village houses are amazing! What a perfect place you have to display them! I must not let my husband see your blog, it will be one more Christmas thing for him to start collecting. He loves to collect anything related to Christmas.
    I can't believe the progress you are making with the red and white snowball quilt! Love the name you gave it too. Those random little Santas are adorable.

  4. Your santa snowballs are just as cute as can be! I love how you display your village houses - great idea! I have a pair of rocketdog shoes too - so comfy!!

  5. I'm loving your snowball quilt.
    If men had to wear shoes that that high heeled one, but never suggest that anybody wear them. I'm with you. Tennies or clogs for me.

  6. Throw the Santa shoes away and buy those beautiful Loubutains!

  7. Your kitchen is beautiful both before and after the village went up, but the Village looks delightful. Your snowball quilt Santa centers are adorable. Last but not at all least, your choice of are a woman after my own heart. As for the lovely red and black shoes, first, I'd break my leg if I wore them, second, I couldn't get the big toe of my least swollen foot in them. But *sigh* there was a day, long ago when my 5'9 1/2" long legged body would have done justice to them, I think...I don't know it's been so long ago I'm not really sure. **wink**

  8. Those red and black heels are to die for. SEXY! *fans face*

    The santa snowballs are adorable and I love every single one of them. Your quilt is going to be perfectly charming.

    The houses....what a great way to display them. You say they light up? Oh, I'll bet that makes the kitchen so warm and cozy with them glowing up there.

  9. Those little Santas in the snowballs are a real hoot! I love them! And your houses are adorable - what an amazing village you will have when they're all set up - I would have to buy a new house to have room for all of them!

  10. I love the idea of a Santa in the middle of the cream snowball! Why didn't I think of that? I love everything Santa! I think I'm going to shamelessly copy that idea. I have some Norman Rockwell santas that will look great in the red snowball! Hope you don't mind!! I love your village too! I moved to a smaller house and can't set them up this year.....oh well....they will stay in the garage until I move again!

  11. Love the village, a lot of work, but it's christmas! And the shoes...well, they have left me speechless. I've never seen Santa shoes, but I would have bought them too! Came over to your blog from Nicoles post today

  12. Love your Santa snowballs but your Santa shoes are FABULOUS!!!


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