Friday, March 26, 2010

Nuttin' Much to Report . . . .

I've finished up all the HSTs for my Jacob's Ladder.....

320 pressed and trimmed pieces.
Half Square Triangles are my favorite block. They always come out so perfect.

Hopefully I"ll get some blocks assembled this weekend and feel like I'm making progress on this project.

Here's another reason things have been going slowly,

when Cooper doesn't get his daily walk, he's a pistol. And lately, it's just been too wet to get out. He sits and cries when I don't pay enough attention to him, and we have different definitions of "enough". He goes through dog toys so fast I've started buying his toys from the clearance aisle at Walmart. I figure if it's safe for an infant, it's safe for Cooper. I'm not sure what this was in a prior life, but Cooper sure enjoyed removing it's stuffing.

That's it......that's all I've got!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. wow so many blocks to trim, sounds like lots of time, cant wait to see your growing blocks.
    cooper is really sweet, i dont have a dog, but my little daughter loves to destroy things too, *g*

    hugs Cornelia

  2. OMG it looks like my Zack has been at your house...that's what he does with every stuffed toy...You're going to zip right along now with your blocks...I love HST's

  3. He may be a pistol but he sure is a cutie! I'm glad you HSTs are done. I can't say they're my favorite block with all the trimming but it's nice to have a method where they come out right.

  4. Wow...I must be doing something wrong because mine are always slightly wonky! Yours look fantastic!

  5. Congrats on getting all your HSTs done. It can become tedious when you need so many.

    Our dog has to eviserate every stuffed toy he gets his teeth on, too. He is now allowed to play with only under "supervision."

  6. Poor Cooper. Poor Mommy who has to clean up all the stuffing!LOL Can't wait to see more of the Jacob's ladder and you're making great progress on it!

  7. How much attention it "enough"! Thanks for the smile!
    Cutie little Cooper!

  8. You have been busy. Maybe with all that "fluff" Cooper likes to dig out, you should think about making pillows :) You have to watch those toys from WalMart...some of them have those little beanie things in the hands and feet. We have a Jack Russell who destroys them all too...and cleaning up little beanies one time was enough for me. I'm sure they think I'm nuts in the WalMart aisle feeling up all the stuffed animals!!

  9. Oh man, that's a great picture. The look of satisfaction on his face for a job well done, with a little "that'll teach YOU for not taking me for a walk" thrown in for good measure. I am so impressed you keep your white carpets so clean with a dog. I get nervous just seeing the pictures. Especially when you mentioned rain, which means MUD. Have a great weekend. We got a foot of snow here a couple days days ago, so it's sloshy and gross outside. Perfect for staying inside with the sewing machine.

  10. Oh my gosh that is a great picture! He looks like he's very proud to display his mess! Just love, love those half-square triangles.

  11. oh my gosh guess your vacuuming a lot more lately!
    love those hst!!!!
    can't wait to see this quilt together.

  12. Great job on your half square triangles! They look perfect. Poor Cooper! Poor you for having to clean up the fluff ;-) Cute picture! Enjoy your weekend.

  13. Love all of those half square triangles! They are one of my favorite quilt units as well.

    Cooper looks like he's bringing you a nice present after getting rid of all of that pesky stuffing. And what a good job he did of that! But you gotta love him :-).


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