Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Giveaway Day . . . . .

Good Morning!!

So here are a few items I'm eager to mail to a new home, they have no chance of becoming a finished project in my house, I hope they fare better with you!

Just a few rules, only one item person, the first person to leave a comment claiming that item gets it, I need to be able to contact you to send you your selection. Don't leave your address in your comment.

Everything has been spoken for, Thanks to all!!

Number 1 - 36" X 36" blanket and book - Taken, this is going to Leta!

Number 2 - This is a kit, aida cloth, thread and pattern are all included. I was initially drawn to the old Singer Sewing Machine and cat in this project, but could never talk myself into stitching that mess! Taken - Going to Sasha in Australia!

Number 3 - This is a kit to make five Amish quilts, black aida cloth, thread, patterns and hangers included. Taken, going to Christy!

Number 4- This is a kit to make five Country Quilts, cream aida cloth, thread, patterns and hangers included. Taken, going to the Happy Cottage Quilter!

Number 5 - Hocuspocusville - pattern only - Taken, Going to Mary at Neat and Tidy

Number 6 - 4 Victorian House Patterns. Taken, this is going to Sherri!!

Number 7 - Good Neighbors Quilt Pattern - Taken, going to Cara at Cara Quilts in Canada!

Number 8 - French Braid Quilt Book - Taken, going to Lesly at Pickle Dish in Canada.

Number 9 - Block Explosion Quilt Book - Taken, going to Pam.

That's all I've got, I hope you found something you would like to try.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Thelma! Is it too much to send no. 2 to Australia? I love it and I think I could handle the mess!!

  2. Thelma, I'd like Hocuspocusville. Thanks!

  3. Oh thank you!!! I read your blog all the time and I look forward to it. Thank you so much Thelma! Woo hoo! This is so generous of you!

  4. I'd love the French Braid quilt book,Thelma!

  5. Thelma - your blog is one of my favorites. And your generosity is wonderful. I'd love the Block Explosion book if it's still available... Pam

  6. I'd love the block explosion book! I think you have my email, but, if not, it's on my website!

  7. I'd love Good Neighbours! A scene I've always loved and wanted...either in r/l or in art ;)

  8. Oh, oh oh.... I'd love the Amish Quilts project to try. Hope I'm not too late. :)

  9. If someone has not already claimed #4, I would like to ask for it.

  10. I would like # 1 if it hasn't been claimed?

  11. I would love # 6 if it isn't claimed yet.

  12. Thelma, what a fun way to share items you no longer love. I'm sure they will be enjoyed at their new homes. Have a great Wednesday!

  13. Congratulations to all the lucky early birds!

  14. How generous of you to pass these along!

  15. You are so smart......I may have to do that too.
    Pass along projects I know I'll never get to :0).....sorry I missed out but do I really need more projects???...oh but that French braid book looks so nice.........oh well.....
    Congrats to all of you winners :0)

    Happy sewing

  16. Love that cat and sewing machine piece, but like you, I would have never gotten around to actually stitching it. Glad it's going to a good home where maybe it will get done.

    Hmmm, you may be on to something with these giveaways of your stitching stuff. Maybe I will have to consider that to downsize that stash a bit.

  17. I would like # 3 if it hasn't been claimed?


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