Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Clean Slate...or Design Wall . . . . . .

Awhile back, I read on someone's blog, where a quilting instructor talked about cleaning your sewing room when you finished one quilt and before starting the next. She equated it to cleaning your kitchen after baking a cake, you just don't let the mixing bowls and measuring cups set around, you clean things up.

That's just the way I am, in my sewing room and my kitchen.

So as soon as I had the border on on Jake, and took my pictures, I was ready to move on to my next project. I put all my leftovers in a ziploc baggie and threw them in the big rubbermaid tub full of leftovers in ziploc bags from my other projects.

Everything came down from the design wall,

and I used a lint brush to remove all the threads.

I put up all my sewing tools, the rulers, tweezers, scissors and dusted my table.

I dusted my shelves

and laid my Stars and Coxcombs out, everything's ready for Wild Goos Chase.
There's nothing like a fresh start!!

Isn't this just the saddest face you've ever seen,

I had just broken the news to Cooper, no doggy daycare for a couple of weeks. He didn't take the news well.

Nothing in his toy box seemed to hold his attention,

So I bought a few new things....

anything to keep him entertained.

As you can see, Cooper really needs more toys.

But yesterday, when I was walking Cooper, a neighbor invited us over for a play date. My neighbor has a 4 year old setter of some kind AND a one acre fenced in back yard! The dogs got along great this morning so we're going back for more tomorrow.

A few updates.....

So far so good with the water pearls.....


I'm liking the Sketchers, they provide great support to my knees....the last time I sneaked a quick peek at my backside I noticed no change.....I may settle for a 40 year old butt instead of the 20....Demi Moore is in her 40s, right?


  1. What a great idea, clean your sewing room after finishing a project. I have the same sewing machine that you have. Where did you get the table you have your machine in? It is just what I am looking for.

  2. Yes, I am with you, I like to clean in between projects! You kind of get reinvigorated! I like that, plus the fact that I always feel better when I am organized. Cooper looks like such a sweetie pie!

  3. You are so tidy and organized, Thelma. You would shriek and faint if you saw my situation! Cooper knows just how to twist you around his little...paw, doesn't he?!

  4. Love your sewing table! Can you tell me who makes it? I never thought about the lint remover thing. What a great idea. My wall is made from batting so I can't just throw it in the washer but the lint brush idea might work. Thanks!

  5. I try and tidy up a little bit after each sewing session. It's so easy for things to get out of control and I like it when I can find things. I need to get a design wall....that will be the next project for the sewing room. I do need to spend some time in the closet in the sewing room. Things are quite right in there!

  6. Your sewing room looks great! I'm so glad Cooper was able to score some playdates. We don't want him looking so sad! Our dogs have a box of "toys" too...only they are dried out soup bones. Sigh. Those are the only "toys" they like. That and sticks. And the cats. Just kidding about the cats!!!

  7. Look at poor Cooper's face...bless his heart...I'll send Howie and Zack over to play...LOL! Your sewing room looks wonderful...all ready for the next project.

  8. I too have to keep my sewing area tidy after each project, or it can just get overwhelming.
    your dog is adorable.

  9. I used to be so good about cleaning up my sewing area after each project and then the wheels fell off - LOL I spent Sunday afternoon cleaning and I'm almost there - need to kick those bad habits and get back to what I prefer. Your sewing room is wonderful - love the big window in front of your sewing machine - PERFECT!

    Oh no Cooper does look sad but having a few play dates will put the bounce back in his step. LOL

  10. Oh, to be so organized! Like the pictures of your quilt room....gave me some ideas for mine!

  11. Your room looks wonderful! But I'm still giggling over your Sketcher comment! ;-))

  12. Oh boy, how would you like to come over and clean up my sewing room? I'm in process of cleaning it up so it can be a "guest room" soon.

    I bought the Sketchers about a month ago, like them, feel like they improve my posture. No miracles yet, though!

  13. Clean as a whistle -- you look ready to chase all those Wild Geese into submission!

    Lucky boy, Cooper. There's nothing better than a pickup playdate with the neighbor's pup! My (canine) niece is a 2-year-old labradoodle who lives a block from a public park with a large off-leash area where she can romp and 'rastle like crazy. My small sighthounds can't be trusted off leash in unfenced areas, so we have to work a little harder to find safe places to play.

  14. Can you adopt me??? Or can you move here??? I would love to have a "clean finish". I just can't seem to work on only one thing at a time and if you were here, or I was there, maybe some of that would rub off of you onto me!!!
    And thanks, too for the shoe update - keep us posted, please!

  15. I want to be more like you...that's my goal. I know I would be happier working in a fresh, clean, well organized space.
    I feel like a bad pet owner seeing how well you take care of Cooper! I don't think my dog has had that many toys over her lifetime!

  16. i WOULD use Auntia as an excuse for not being able to walk into the magick shoppe like a normal person - i have to suck in my gut and then my butt and do the twist and the electric slide to get to my sewing machine - but it isn't her fault ... it is (mostly) ME ... i don't WANT to be such a slob and it really doesn't work for either of us ... i could be cleaning and tidying and organizing right now ... sigh


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