Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting into the Spirit . . . .

I hope you had a great week, mine could not have been nicer.

Nothing beats spending time with family.

We cooked, ate, played, shopped and went to movies. The house seems so empty today, having my daughter home just brings this house to life. Cooper's been wandering around the house all day, wondering where those 4 extra hands went that petted him all weekend long.

We played a new game, Farkle.

It's fast paced and a nice combination of luck and strategy. The rules are easy with next to no learning curve. If you're looking for a new family game, give this one a try.

I had a list a mile long of things to do around the house today, but after not being in my sewing room for what seemed like forever, I decided I had earned a few hours and I took them.

I was wanting to feel like I accomplished something and am feeling the Christmas spirit, so I decided to work on a Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery Block of the Month block. I had 3 to choose from.

Block Five - Peppermint Pinwheels, by Carrie Nelson called my name.

This block went together perfectly, the directions could not have been any simpler. Thanks Carrie! If you are waffling on joining this BOM, don't let your piecing skills be the reason you don't join. So far, all the blocks have been super easy to assemble, and I think cute as can be.

I'm trying to avoid putting any of the blue fabric from this project into my blocks.

Here are the fabrics that came with the kit, I like the fa la la fabric, but not the blue so much, so I made a few substitutions.

Ta da, 4 down, 2 blocks waiting their turn, and one probably in the mail as I type this blog. I hope to be all up to date on my blocks before the first of the year. What better month than December to work on a Christmas quilt.

We did a little shopping while my daughter was home,

and I picked up this pillow at Pottery Barn. I like to buy one new Christmas decoration each year. I usually try to get something after the holidays, on sale, but I saw this and thought it was a perfect match for my sofa.

I had seen this pillow in the Pottery Barn catalog, but it looks much better in person than in print. I didn't even notice the jingle bells on the pillow until I saw it in the store.

I'm not sure what type of needlework this is, but the detail is amazing.

It's nothing but decorating and sewing for me this week, I'm hoping for a happy drive down that Mocha Trail.


  1. I love the pillow Thelma! The red is just perfect and I can see why you couldn't leave it until after Christmas! Good buy! :)

  2. Your blocks look so pretty. I kind of wish I would have joined that BOM, but too many things going on. Love that pillow! You're right it looks even prettier than it did in the catalog!

  3. That pillow's terrific, Thelma! My Mocha Trail pic is finally up on my blog.

  4. Love those Christmas blocks! I really wanted to make that mystery quilt but was able to summon some self control and am making myself finish the two other BOM's that I have on the go :(

  5. I do believe you had a fabulous week end! Time with loved ones is the best.

    Love the pillow and glad you're enjoying the FQ Mystery blocks. I'm all caught up and looking forward to the December block.

    Enjoy the Mocha Trail.

  6. That picture of your family on the couch is precious. Doesn't Cooper look like he is just sure they will be staying on forever?
    Great PB pillow! I really am wanting to get a couple of their lighted garlands for my mantels. And did you see the pretty candles with the musical notes on them? My mind is whirling with ideas of little vignettes for using them!
    I won't get to sew until I get home from work this afternoon, but I plan to get into the sewing room too.

  7. Your FQS blocks are looking sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family as well!

  8. Thelma, it sounds like your Thanksgiving was as delightful as mine! A wonderful family time! Your BOM blocks are wonderful, I think I would have substituted for the blue also. The blue is nice but it just didn't seem in keeping with the block. I don't know about this BOM but I bought last years FQS's Mystery BOM and have only completed one block. I love it and plan to finish it but life keeps getting in the way of sewing right now. Thing is, I had enough fabric in the kit left over to make another entire block. They were so generous with the fabric and that totally delights me. There is nothing worse than trying to do a block from a kit and making one tiny mistake which causes you to purchase yardage or an entire fat quarter (if you can find the fabric) in order to finish your block, so big Kudos to the Fat Quarter Shop for the generous fabric in their BOM kits. I have read others saying the same thing about all the kits they have purchased from the FQS. As for your beautiful Christmas pillow, I am amazed at the detail, it is beautiful and it looks like a type of crochet that my mom used to do...though I'm not certain, but I magnified it on my screen and it truly does look just like it. It's lovely. Hugs...

  9. What a great family photo! I love the character in Cooper's face!
    The pillow looks fabulous - I adore red and white. Suits your sofa perfectly!

  10. Nice blocks! I have 3 waiting to be done myself. I'm just going to hold off until my Christmas break. If I have time, I may cut the fabric so that I'm ready to piece but we'll see. That pillow is very pretty!

  11. Ah! I've been eyeing that same exact pillow! This is a sign...I must buy it! It's gorgeous.

  12. Love the family picture...Cooper is loving having his big sister can just tell by the look on his face. Glad you had such a great holiday. The new pillow is awesome!

  13. What a sweet, sweet picture of your family!

  14. So glad your daughter was able to join you for the holidays!!! My oldest couldn't make it to the airport due to the icy roads ;-( Love your Christmas mystery quilt project. I have seen and admired it on several blogs. I have two charm packs of Kate Spain's fabric but have only cut into a square or two. My sister is a HUGE Farkle fan...obsessed she is ;- )

  15. Your blocks are coming along great!! I love your new Christmas pillow. Looks amazing on your couch!

  16. I collect Santas and would love to find the pillow you got from PB. I have checked the catalogs and our store and can not find it. Would you be so generous to share the item number so I can do a store search. I would be very grateful. Love all your work.....marilyn


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