Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm in Love . . . .

I'm in love with mugs.....

I sort of have a collection of different mugs, sort of because I'm rough on mugs, I buy them, I use them and I sometimes break them.....

I picked up this mug at Starbuck's the other day, and I'm in love with my love mug,

because it's red, and because it holds 12 ounces of coffee and 2 tablespoons of fat free french vanilla creamer perfectly, what's not to love. I just hope it makes it to Valentines Day.

I'm also loving Belle Meade, not much to show in the way of progress, it's been a busy week, but what little time I've spent on that project has been pure joy.

I'm also lov'n a new project, a new challenge, a new little skill in my repertoire of quilting skills,

I've started working on a hand applique quilt from this wonderful book by Blackbird Designs, Country Inn. It's been ages since I've been this excited about trying something new, but so far, it's been nothing but fun, and I hope to be able to share my first completed block in the next week or two.

Several folks wondered how I got Myths of Avalon to hang so wonderfully in my living room,

I'm using just a normal run of the mill Home Depot drapery rod, nothing fancy or quilt specific.

I'm using these clips to hang off the rod,

nothing fancy, just run of the mill Home Depot drapery clips.

I use several clips, probably twice as many as is really required.

I just wanted to make sure I had enough clips so that any one clip wasn't holding on to more of the weight of the quilt than it should.

There's nothing in the quilt or behind the quilt, it's just those rings and clips....

I did take a piece of wire and wrap it around the last ring on each end, and each bracket, to keep the quilt centered in the middle of the rod.

That's it, no magic or secrets,

I suspect the quilting job has a lot to do with how well it hangs, it's evenly distributed and a nice amount, not too much or too little.

I'll probably hang another quilt up there in a month or two, but so far I've been lucky enough to have two quilts that have hung perfectly, I hope I have better luck hanging quilts than keeping mugs.

I'm loving that today is Friday and looking forward to loving the weekend, I hope you're working on something that's giving you that lov'n feeling!


  1. Love the idea of those little wires to hold those edges apart. I think that really would make a difference. I use those clips for my drapes at home and they can do alot of moving but with those wires, it ain't moving anywhere. Thanks for the tip.
    I have a bit of an obsession with glass (see through) mugs. BIG ones. I need 12+ oz sizes. I drink tea, so the glass mug allows me to see when it reaches the perfect brew. I love the ones that are double glass which makes the mug almost thermal in nature. I have about 4 of them in different sizes. I love the etchings some put on them.
    As to your new applique project... I too am starting an applique project! I was at a retreat over the weekend and was so inspired by those girls that I got home to pull out books that might have the perfect project. I am deciding between a Lori Smith pattern I bought 5 years ago or... A Black Bird Design quilt in their When the Cold Wind Blows book. I bought the book over the holidays because I loved the holly quilt but after I got home this weekend I actually 'saw' that the book has some other great patterns.
    I am going to a quilt class this weekend but I took Thursday and Friday of next week and plan on cutting the pieces to whichever quilt I decide on. I don't know how it will go but I need to at least try! Happy to hear I will have company on this adventure.

  2. We have a common passion for red. I love your love mug too.
    Have fun with the applique. It's always fun to start/try something new.

  3. What a great idea. It looks lovely there.

  4. Thanks for the info on the rod and rings--so you don't lean over that balcony to put the quilt up, but have a ladder or something?

    I, too, seem to be on an applique kick. I'm going today to Road to California quilt show and am headed to the Superior Thread both to pick up some silk thread for my applique. I learned that trick when I lived in Virginia from all those hand-appliquers. Or. . . will you be doing machine applique? I'd like to learn how to do that as well.

    P.S. Your header on your blog looks great!

  5. Gorgeous quilt, and it looks fantastic hanging there. I also LOVE red!

  6. Looks really good hanging there. Excellent idea, Thelma! Great choice to keep a quilt there!

  7. I am looking forward to a day of sewing! Got to make some more of those Belle Meade blocks.
    You are so lucky you have such a nice tall wall for hanging your quilts. Now your quilts can be a part of your decorating scheme. And I love how you can see the entire thing.


  9. I just love that quilt. I have had the pattern written down next to my computer for over a year now. I need to order it. If it wasn't for your beautiful inspiration, well it would have been a bad year. I love looking at all your quilts. Thanks for sharing. Take care...

  10. I love Barb and Alma's quilts, and this book is one of the nicest. If you have a minute to respond to this, are you using a line of fabric for the applique or just odds and ends from your scraps. I'm sure this quilt will be another winner. Thelma, thanks for always being so inspiring!

  11. That IS a super cute mug! Be nice to it. :)

  12. Love your mug...what a great size. Thanks for sharing how you hang the quilt...that's wonderful!

  13. As far as I am concerned, red is the only color. Love your love mug. Your quitl si beautiful

  14. I love your love mug too. Very warm to look at and to hold.
    I like how you used lots of rings to hold the quilt. It looks wonderful where you have it displayed. Now I am inspired to go hang a bunch of quilts.

  15. What a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL red/white quilt! I love it and how perfect it is for your space in your stairwell. That is the same rod and hooks that I used to hang my curtains in the den and I put them on either end then the middle and then kept finding the middle again and again until they looked even. :)

    Love from Texas! ~Bonnie

  16. I have found that these curtain rods and hangers are the perfect thing for quilts.


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