Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lifetime Quilt # 9 . . .

First, just let me say, I was thrilled by the number of folks who stopped by and left their opinion on my block placement for Belle Meade! The overwhelming favorite was option number two, where I alternated the blocks. Then it was pretty even for support for Red Row Blue Row versus Totally Random. I have decided to throw out option one, Red Row Blue Row, because I want more blue in the quilt (aren't you shocked, knowing me and blue, I think I may be growing as a quilter!). Option one would give me 16 blue blocks and 25 red blocks. I think the red over powers the blue, so I think more blue blocks will help with that.

In addition to enjoying all the comments as they came in, I was so impressed that you're able to not only say which option you like, but explain why! Right now I only know what I like and what I don't, I just can't put my finger on the why, it was a wonderful learning experience for me to read how you came up with your decision. That's something I think I'll work a little harder on in the future, to stop and think about the "whys" of my likes and dislikes.

So here's my plan, I need to finish my blocks, then I'm going to see if I can go totally random, hey, it's a new year and I'm feeling artistic! If totally random drives me totally insane, then I'll go with alternating the blocks. But like you all said, with this fabric and this pattern, I can't make a bad choice. My goal is to finish my blocks and placement over the weekend, then we get to think about our setting triangles...that should be Monday's post, so stop back by!

While I'm finishing up Belle Meade, I thought I would share another quilt for my Lifetime Quilt List. One of the goals when I started my blog was to have at least one post for every quilt I've ever made, and I'm getting closer to that goal. When I was visiting my daughter after Christmas I was able to snap a few pictures of Lifetime Quilt #9!

My ninth quilt, I've made 56 quilts since I made this one, where does time go!

Anyway, it's just a simple Double Irish Chain using that same Santa fabric I used in my Red and White Snowball Challenge quilt that I gave to my Dad (Lifetime Quilt #53) this year.

This quilt is around 60 X 80 and has approximately 433 pieces.

I can still remember when I started on this quilt how I just loved all those Santa faces smiling at me, but by the time I had it all pieced, I was tired of those Santas staring back at me, and didn't want to look them in the eye anymore! Which is why my daughter has this quilt. I've not seen it in years, since she only has it out for Christmas and I'm not usually in her home around the holidays. But the Santas look happy to me again and it felt great to see this quilt, like seeing an old friend.

I used Nancy J Smith and Lynda S Milligan, The Possibilities girls, Time for a Chain book for this quilt.

They now have a newer version of that book, Time for a Chain II. This is a great book, particularly for a beginner, the instructions are wonderful and they provide multiple block size and finished size options for each quilt, be it single, double or triple Irish chain.


  1. Just to add one more monkey wrench- I think you are right about option one in that the red overpowers the blue. But what if you started with a blue row (since you want more blue)? I keep thinking about Carrie's post on giving your quilt an artistic voice. That is definitely what you do. I enjoy looking at your artistic quilts.

  2. Gosh I remember that quilt! ANd you used that fabric in something else too didn't you?
    I haven't been able to comment a lot recently but you are always one of my happy places to visit!

    You're just exploding with productivity and creativity!

  3. that is exactly how i am feeling about wolves' eyes ... how long did it take to see DISC as an old friend? and am i gonna hafta banish it (IBWY) to Auntia's room in the meantime?

  4. I know your Belle Meade quilt will be beautiful, Thelma and I hope you don't overthink your design decision. :-)

    Santa in Chains (sorry couldn't resist) is lovely.

  5. I am still laughing at Darlene's reference to Santa in Chains. I think that quilt has a new name...

  6. Santa would give me nightmares, staring back at me all night long. But it's a great quilt!

  7. One of my favorite quilts I ever made is a triple chain. In reds. I gave it to my daughter and sometimes just go to her house to look at it.

  8. I'm cheering on your Random Belle your Santa quilt...Love it!

  9. I started an Irish chain early in my quilt but got so confused I quit. Maybe I need to revisit it again. I really love the look and yours is/was great.

  10. think irish chains are the go the santa one Thelma..and only 56 since that one!!!! have a go will you? rofl....seriously..great!


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