Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Still Picking . . .

I'm half way through my Door County Cherry Basket blocks! All the basket blocks have been pieced and all the black baskets have their red corner triangles attached.

These aren't in any particular order, I just threw a block on my design wall as I finished it. But I think it's a good sign that they look good, with no thought to the correct, perfect and final placement of each block. (remember, I have that no two like fabrics may touch syndrome)

These blocks are a breeze to square up because I'm using the Fit to be Square ruler by Open Gate Quilts.

This ruler is always easy to use, but since my blocks are 9 1/2 inches,
and the ruler is 9 1/2 inches, it's been super easy to square up the basket blocks.

Over the weekend, when I wasn't working away in my sewing room, I was doing a little decorating for Halloween.

I usually keep my mantle fairly clutter free. . . . .

.....a few more knick knacks in my kitchen.
I also hung a Halloween quilt on my rack in the living room but it was such a dreary day I couldn't get a good picture. I'll try again another day.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love your basket quilt. Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. it's coming along beautifully, Thelma!

  3. Thelma, I have a question for you - do you always make your blocks and HST larger and cut them down to size? Your work always looks very neat and precise.

  4. Love that red! I have the same syndrome and darn it, I always wind up with same fabrics touching no matter how hard I try - LOL! I need to decorate a little too - yours looks so cute!


  5. WOW!! Love this quilt!! I think a lot of us have THAT syndrome!! haha

  6. Love it! It's so perfect in every way :)

  7. So pretty! You are the fastest piecer I know.

  8. Oh Thelma ! I really love your basket quilt ! Just gorgeous!

    Your home looks wonderful with your Halloween decorations !

  9. Looking good, great mix of reds!

  10. ooo!!! i LIKE that ruler ... i think i'll show it to Sa(u)nt(i)a and see if it finds its way under the solstice tree...

    p.s. - i love your baskets, too!

  11. always amazed at what you get accomplished. Once the silent auction i am organizing is finished i hope to get back to some sewing.

  12. Oh Thelma... I can't believe how much progress you have made on that quilt! I love your baskets! I have no comment on your syndrome... but I do know that there are people who will notice that no two pieces touch! (NTPT is the official name of that syndrome.... common among quilters)

  13. Thelma, your baskets are popping off the page! Brilliant use of color...they look just perfect!

  14. oh wow your blocks look wonderful!!!!! wow.
    what is it about RED I just love it!
    ok I need one of those rulers, love all those lines on there to get the block really squared up.
    now I want to start making red baskets, thanks!


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