Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Swooning Over Swoon . . . .

It took no time at all for me to get going on my Baby Swoon project for my baby girl.

Swoon is a very clever pattern designed by Camille Roskelly for Thimble Blossoms.

I thought you might enjoy watching me work on my first block, the process I use to piece a block, and how I use the space on my work table. I could be wrong, you might not enjoy it at all, but I always thought it would be neat to be a fly on someone's sewing room table while they worked, so for today, you're the fly.

This is what I started with, the hardest part of the whole project.

The fabric is Nine Dots by Carrie Nelson for Henry Glass. (a couple of folks asked where to get this family of fabric, I found some online at Quilt Town.) I decided to go with 4 Swoon blocks for my project, so from the bundle of fabric I had to choose 8 fabrics, and only 8!!!

But I did it.

So this is pretty much how my workspace, that's to the left of my sewing machine on my Horn Multi-Lift table, looks for each project I'm working on.Here are my initial fabric choices for my Swoon blocks, the fabric on the top is the center fabric for the block and the fabric underneath it is the fabric for the outer portion of the block.

That plastic bin in the upper left corner, I picked that up at an office supply store. It holds the pattern, any rulers that I'm going to use, and my notes about the pattern.

I like to keep my workspace neat and as clutter free as possible.

So after deciding on my print fabric I was ready to cut the background fabric.

I cut all the background pieces for all the blocks at once.

Then I cut all the print pieces for just one block. I decided to work on one block at a time, so I wouldn't get the pieces mixed up.

Then I made my flying geese blocks. I used my Fit to be Geese ruler by Open Gate Quilts.

Here they are, all ready to be trimmed.

I also trim the fabric down the back of each block so I don't have any of the print fabric peeking through the white fabric. Sometimes you don't think you have any shadowing when you finish your block, but when it's quilted, it becomes noticeable, so I just trim as I go, so I can forget about the whole shadowing issue.

Once my parts are finished I lay then out in the correct order.

All ready to go.

Ta Da!

One Swoon block done, 3 more to go.

I'm making my blocks 8 inches smaller than the pattern.

On an entirely different subject, I've not adjusted to the time change yet, yesterday I woke up an hour earlier than I needed to and was really dragging by 7 pm. I like getting the extra hour, but I think it takes my body longer to adjust to this time change than the one in the spring, are you the same way? I'll be glad when I'm in sync with the time.

I hope you can stop back by later this week to see my Baby Swoon all done!


  1. I love the fabrics you chose for this pattern -- they look like they'll work perfectly!

  2. Just beautiful!! A neat space is wonderful to work in too. Love the block!

  3. Thelma, Thanks so much, I loved being a 'fly on your wall'. It is always fun to see another quilters process from start to finish. I was surprised how similar my process is to yours, except I press most of my seams open. It cuts down on some of the bulky spots and, for me, makes it easier to match intersections and points. I do find I work lots better if I stay organized and keep my work space as neat as possible. I must admit it gets away from me sometimes though.
    I love the Nine Dots fabric and the eight you picked for your blocks are perfect. I can't wait to see your finished quilt. Thanks again. Hugs...

  4. Your work area is so neat and no clutter! Wish I would keep mine like that. LOL!! Thanks for showing us your process.

  5. This is going to be beautiful, Thelma. And, yes, the time adjustment this time around is hard for me! On Sunday night I went to bed at 8:30 -- I haven't done that since I was 9, I think. Last night I made it to 9:30 (my regular bedtime is 10:30), so perhaps I'm on my way.

  6. How do you make the block smaller? I love the pattern but have been hesitant about the size of the blocks. I'll be watching. You do such great commonsense quilting!

  7. ooooo, so pretty!! Love the block :-) I really don't like the time change at all. I miss the longer days of summer, but they will come again ;-D

  8. Very fun to see your work space. It's nice to see that block broken into steps. It looks much more complicated than it is.

  9. Loved seeing how you work and the block is stunning!

  10. Just wondering about the Fit to be Geese ruler. I have the Fons and Porter flying geese ruler. Would you know if the Open Gate ruler is that much better that it warrants replacing mine? (You've seen Stars for a new Day!!) Did you know that we don't have a time change here in Saskatchewan, but the sun goes down now at 5:45 and gets a bit worse to around almost 5:00. Beautiful blocks, Thelma.

  11. It's beautiful Thelma. I kind of like this time change better than spring's. I feel like I get an extra hour...and I can always use more time.

  12. This first block is very sweet - can't wait to see the rest. Your 'baby' is going to love Baby Swoon. :-)

    I haven't had to adjust to a time change in over 16 years but I can remember sometimes it was difficult.

  13. Time change kills me as well. This one in particular!
    I love that pattern but, like you, found the size of the block a bit much. With the reduced size, how big will the four block quilt be? I have a baby quilt that i'm thinking about making and maybe this reduction might be what I'm looking for.
    I love that Horn table. I want that Horn table. I need that Horn table. I'm considering selling a kidney to get that Horn table... LOL!
    with much affection, Jealous in Tx.

  14. I'm working on Swoon now too. I love your fabric choice. You mentioned making the pattern 6 inches smaller. How did you calculate the change in piece size to come up with the finished block at 6 inches smaller? I'm terrible at math and would love to know so I can make a smaller version too. Thanks!

  15. Just beautiful Thelma! I love seeing your process. I try to be neat but sometimes it just goes by the wayside. I'd be really interested in seeing your process in downsizing your blocks.

  16. Love this 9 Dots version! I've been wanting to make a smaller sized Swoon, too...I just haven't had time to sit down and do the math! Sinta is also making a 9 Dots version!

  17. Just love swoon and your fabric choice could not be more perfect. I like to keep organized too when working on a quilt. Thanks for sharing your process . Your daughter is going to love this quilt . Can't wait to see the finish !

  18. You are the Queen of organization! I really think it's a good thing! I think we can go faster when everything is neet and straight forward. But I have to tell you, I am ready to leave work sick today... so I can go get out my Nine Dots and play along too! Cough, cough!

  19. Thelma,
    I have got to hurry to clean my sewing room :) You have inspired me with all your organization!
    I love the pattern and the fabric you are using to make Swoon. I loved being a fly on the wall!
    It takes me days to adjust to the time change.
    Can't wait to see the quilt completed!

  20. I love seeing your process. I'll be "Ms Fly" anytime you want to share more photos like this! Your work space is so organized and clean. But it has a green tint to it....wait, that's my eyes turning green with jealousy!
    Your baby Swoon will be fabulous and I can hardly wait to see it finished.
    *sillysally* aka choc chip addict

  21. I like being a 'fly on the wall'. That will help me in the future. As for the time change, I don't really have to worry about it since I'm no longer working. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Love your block~ and your work space is wonderful! Have fun!

  23. Thelma, I have to make this quilt....you are so inspiring...the block is beautiful and your pictures are so well organized...just like your work space! Ok, I'm going to go clean up now!

  24. Cindy T from TulsaNovember 8, 2011 at 5:15 PM

    Thelma, I think it is wonderful for you to show us the beginning of a project step by teeny step.

    Being new at this I want to start off on the right foot and not develop bad habits.

    Your quilts are always exceptional and I love how you teach...I learn so much from you.

    Many, many thanks, Cindy

  25. When you use the Fit to be Geese ruler, are the pieces cut larger to begin with and then trimmed down to size? I love the fabrics you chose for your Swoon quilt. I'm anxious to see it when it's finished. The time change....I LOVE it in the Fall and HATE it in the spring. I don't have any trouble adjusting to the Fall time change but the Spring time change kicks my butt.

  26. Thelma -- I enjoyed your post about your cutting process. I love how organized you are ... makes me want to go straighten my sewing room! Love your block and can't wait to see the rest. I agree about the time change; it is harder this time of year. I am so tired!

  27. Thelma...thanks for letting us be a "fly on the wall"..always good to see how other people work and organisation is the key...I have the "swoon" pattern but have to finish a few other projects before I start on it....now I don't think I can wait.....I am a bit maths challenged, how do you resize a block? without it going all wonky...LOL..loooking forward to seeing your finished baby swoon quilt...hugs LindaB Australia

  28. Love the Swoon block. Up close, it has lots of charm and will make a good 4-block baby quilt. I chuckled to note that you were re-sizing the block: The Thelma touch. Enjoyed seeing your work area and your neat work habits. Your finished quilts are just the best. Stephani in TX (Tomazec@aol.com)

  29. Oh my gosh!!! that is beautiful!

  30. Wow Thelma, I didn't recognize your blog when I dropped in tonight. I love your new look! Hugs...

  31. I was already a SWOON enthusiast, so thanks for letting us see a SWOON in the making. What a wonderful block! It's going to help me think my way through my version, which is swirling around in my head at the moment. Can't wait to see the finish.
    Love your new red & white look. Great way to showcase your beautiful quilt!
    Debbie R.

  32. Oh how fun! I love that pattern...I'm going to look for it.

  33. I loved being the fly on the wall! I just got this pattern in and I was excited to try it soon! I loved seeing your process - thank you for the invite into your sewing room! I do love your new look, too! :O) I have the open gate rulers, both of them. So glad they work for this quilt! :O) Have a great day! Bari Jo

  34. Just 'found' your blog thru Camille's blog when she mentioned your mini 'SWOON'! Enjoyed reading about your sewing process, and how you set up and plan your sewing. Organizing is not one of my stronger traits and this will be very helpful to me, especially when I start my SWOON blocks. I like how you made them a little smaller, although I plan to do a 'test' block in Christmas fabrics for a pillow before starting a full quilt! Thank you again and look forward to following your blog!


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