Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh No . . HaHaHa . . . Aaaaaah

Several very observant, kind and thoughtful bloggers noticed a little problem with my February Memories of Provence block . . . .

See that piece in the lower right hand column......OH NO, it's not right!! I can't believe I didn't notice that!

I'm not sure I ever would have noticed, thanks goodness you folks pointed it out before it was in the middle of the top, all done and quilted.

As soon as I read the comments about his block I immediately fixed it! All is right with the world now! What a difference that makes!

Not only do I appreciate the comments about the problem with my block, I really appreciate how nice you were when you pointed it out, like you were almost sorry to tell me! Thank you also much!

On another note, did you happen to catch Nicole at Sister's Choice posts regarding mail order fabric?

If not, go read them, and the comments, it's a nice discussion. Click here and here.

I thought I would share a package I recently received from Country Sampler quilt shop in Spring Green, Wisconsin. I was needing 22 quarter yard cuts of some medium toned background fabric so I called the shop and asked if they could send what I needed. Not only were they happy to do my shopping for me, this is how they folded my order.



The downside, I can't bear to untie that bow and use that fabric, oh well, I've got other patterns I can work on.

Tomorrow I'll have a Leap Year Superior Thread Giveaway, stop back by!


  1. Your block is so beautiful, with or without that little turn, but so glad you were able to correct it. I often take a quick picture of a block when I lay it out to piece, and will notice a piece that needs to be turned on the picture, before I notice it on the real thing. Wierd, I guess. And I am all about presentation when I receive an order. I love it when an online order arrives with a hand written note of thanks!

  2. glad you fixed the block I know your like me it would have bugged me later on to find it!
    I LOVE your fabric bundle I need one of those.

  3. Oh how beautiful! The downside to the pretty packaging is you just want to admire it and you don't want to sew with it! LOL!

  4. What a pretty bundle! When I get something that is nicely packaged, I just want to set and look at it. Can't wait to see what you do with fabrics! Thanks for sharing your beautiful package!

  5. What gorgeous packaging! I just *love* it when shops send things so creatively.

  6. It's so easy to overlook a wayward block sometimes. I just did the same thing, but fortunately found it when I was laying out the blocks to take a picture of them. I did have a wayward block in a quilt once and it wasn't discovered until the quilter got hold of it. I told her to leave it, and luckily it's on the side of the quilt that I don't see when it's on the bed, but it still bothers me.

    Wonderful bundle, I may just have to have them do some shopping for me sometime. They put together a great package.

  7. Thelma, I missed the issue with your block and I looked at it for a long time because I though it was so lovely. I'll blame it on my quirky eyes, LOL. I take medication for Peripheral Neuropathy that messes with my vision so I'll just use that as an excuse *wink*. I'm glad others caught it for you, before it got all the way to the quilter. Now to that gorgeous fat quarter bundle from Country Sampler...Nicole and I had a nice conversation about the packaging of our online fabric orders. I am one of those who agrees the little bit of time and effort it takes to package our purchases neatly and attractively speaks of good customer service and shows that they care about their business image and really appreciate our business. It also generates word of mouth business...just like your beautiful bundle from Country Sampler. I will certainly be checking them out very soon. Shabby Fabrics, Bunny Hill and Country Sampler are just a few that make our purchases look like a lovely gift. It can create problems though, as you have pointed out, they make them so pretty we don't want to open them LOL. Then too, when I go to brick and mortar shop, I expect my purchases to be neatly bagged or packaged. I went to one adorable little quilt shop in Wyoming a couple of years ago. The ladies were delightful and helpful and it was just a really nice little shop. I picked up some yardage and a few fat quarters, then was stunned when they didn't even fold the yardage, they just waded it up and pushed it into a bag that was too small to hold it all. I picked it up and went over to the cutting table, dumped the bag out and folded my own fabric, asked for a bigger bag and then asked if I could get the shop owners phone number...the lady that did the 'bagging' was the owner!!! I was speechless! (which doesn't happen often, LOL) Hugs...

  8. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everything is life came wrapped that way :) Love your latest projects Thelmas!

  9. Hi, this is my first visit to your blog and I'm loving everything I see. Love that you discuss the different fabrics that you use for a pattern and show closeups of the quilting. Joe from ThimbleCreek gave you a mention in his latest newsletter and I'm so glad I followed through and checked out your blog.
    From another Illinois quilter.

  10. Your block was so beautiful that I didn't even notice the turned piece! I was so stunned by the fussy-cut center and how lovely it made the whole thing work.

    Your bundle is gift-wrapped so beautifully! Hard to have to take it apart.

    I took your advice, took the day off work tomorrow so that I can sew on my "extra day" for this year!! Fun! :)

  11. Looks like you did one of my mistakes Thelma! Nice to have other sets of eyes to help out! It's all about team work! I love your little bundle of fabric... I recently got a package with a beautiful bow... I wanted to see the gift but I just couldn't open it. I decided if I cut the bow on the bottom I could open the box from there and see the gift and then put it back together and tape the ribbon like it had never been disturbed!

  12. Good thing someone noticed the block before you put the quilt together! I did that one time on a quilt, had quilted it and didn't notice a booboo until I took a pic and was looking at it! Made me so mad at myself! I wasn't about to take the entire quilt apart but wanted too! My hubby talked me out of it!
    Love how your fabrics are packaged! I wouldn't want to untie it either! I am with Nicole ... I like to open up a pretty package :}

  13. Thank goodness people mentioned it!! I love your gorgeously presented bundle, it makes such a difference!!

  14. I can't say enough about Country Sampler! This is my first go to place to shop. Simply love that place!

  15. Love that bundle.............what a warm presentation.
    Joe of Thimblecreek sent me to your blog. I'm glad he did.

  16. I love the Country Sampler bundle, I want some of my own to contemplate opening :) Oh and Joe from ThimbleCreek sends his love...his place is awesome too! Keep inspiring!

  17. Thelma, I had to look twice to see the mistake!! Our brains automatically 'fix' things for us! Glad someone noticed.


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