Friday, January 18, 2013

Swoon Block

So what do these blocks make?

A Swoon Block!  

Which several of you correctly guessed.  Technically this block is a Star of Bethlehem, Bethlehem Star, Jewels in a Frame or Star of Magi block.  Camille's pattern is Swoon, but never in the pattern does she refer to the block by name, or call it a Swoon block.  Oh well, it will always be a Swoon block to me.

A Swoon block is very close to a Carpenters Star block, if the colored rectangles in the Swoon block were geese, you would have a Carpenters Star.  Several folks guess that.

So this is what I did with those pieces, I made this center, it's 28 inches square.

It doesn't exactly look like I thought it would, I'm hoping it all comes together with the next row of blocks, which should be more Swoon-like.

The winner of the pattern of her choice is Heather, and she chose the Thimbleblossom pattern "On a Whim".    Thanks to all for guessing and for the congratulations and wonderful anniversary stories.


  1. Thanks again for an exciting win. I am already thinking about what fabrics to use for my new pattern!

  2. I made Swoon last year and it is one of my favorite quilts ever. I am thinking yours is going to be very different than mine though.

  3. Well, your center block piqued my interest! I am wondering what you have planned for this, but whatever it is, it will be uniquely Thelma! Looking forward to more.

  4. Wow, Thelma. How very "free-form" of you to make that the center! I'm looking forward to how you will design the rest of the quilt. I have an idea in my head, so will be anxious to see if that's the same direction you are going to take!

  5. Holy Moly!! Thelma, you are off to a free spirited year - how very interesting and can't wait to hear the thought process for coming up with this. It looks like it will be pretty modern with a twist of tradition. Neat, neat, neat........ does anyone say that word any more?

  6. What a great idea! Very creative and inspiring :-D

  7. Hmmm, I'm completely stumped. I have no idea what you're going to do. I'll definitely be checking back daily to see what the heck is up with that!


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