Monday, April 15, 2013

A Weekend's Work . . .

I worked on a few stem blocks over the weekend, they are sloooooow going.

I've got a ways to go before these blocks look like these blocks.

And it's going to take even longer because starting today I'm going to put Carolina on the back burner and get going on this month's Schnibbles project, Hat Trick.  Sometimes, in prior month's Schnibbles sew-alongs, I would wait too long, not giving myself enough time to finish my project (or even start it) and miss out on the fun and the parade.   That's not going to happen this month.

I'm thinking it should go pretty fast, twenty 9 patches, some setting blocks, a pieced border, but only on two ends, and I'm done.

It  may take longer to pick out my fabric for Hat Trick than to actually piece Hat Trick.    I'm not going with any family of fabric, I'm going to pick my fabric from my happy Summer fabric bin.  I was originally thinking of going scrappy greens and pinks, but I don't have enough pink. 

Whatever I decide it's going to be bright, light, and springy, something to set on my table this time next year.

How are you doing on your Hat Trick?  Don't make the same mistake I've made and wait too long and miss out on the fun.  For more information on Sinta and Sherri's Another Year of Schnibbles sew-along click here.


  1. I've got the fabric and the pattern -- a gift from my MIL for Christmas...but you've almost talked me out of this project. I'm SOOOOO not this detailed and skilled. I would definitely leave the handles off--- how about you?

  2. Well done with all those stems - it is a big project but will look stunning!

  3. Would love to join in but so many of the links won't let you comment because you have to have a blog or some kind of link. Makes it hard for those of us who don't know all that computer garble. Will try to find the pattern on line if possible. Laura

  4. Your stems look perfect ! Alot of work but so worth it :-D

  5. I got started on Hat Trick this past week and have about half of the 9 patches done. This will be my first submission to AYOS - very excited!! I had a question about your Clover bias tape. I was trying to find it online - where did you get yours?

  6. Oh....those stems look great and know it will be worth all the extra work....I will be right behind you with those lilys. :O
    Can't wait to see what you decide for colors for your schnibble....

  7. Oh Thelma, I would take a break from those stems also! A nice little Hat Trick will be a perfect project! I can't wait to see what happy fabrics you use for it!

  8. The stems look like little chicken feet! Tee hee! Have fun with your Hat trick!!

  9. Hi! I have a question on today's installment of Carolina how do you go. Do you find that by adding the stems after you cut the triangle there is alot of stretch on that exposed bias?
    I have been playing with the idea of stitching mine as a square and then cutting on the diagonal after... I would think I could still use your template by drawing the cutting line and using it as a guide, but if you don't see much stretch, why add the step of drawing the line?
    I FINALLY found that Schnibbles I mentioned in my early email. It was buried in a suitcase from my retreat in January. I like the Hat Trick quilt but I think I will need to skip this month. I sure hope I can participate next month.

  10. I am so-o-o ready to do some sewing. We have been on the road for two months and hope to be home by the 26th of this month. Sure hope I have time to fit in a Schnibbles for this month.
    Looks like pretty tedious work doing all those stems, but going to be oh so worth it!

  11. Your Hat Trick is going to be so spring-y! I'm working on getting my binding finished on my own Hat Trick. It's only been quilted and waiting for a binding for oh... over a year now. :)


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